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Chelsea and Brendon find out whats abnormal about them.

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‘Hi I have an appointment at 11:30.’ Chelsea said softly at the office window.

‘Alright Chelsea if you’ll have a seat right over there, I’ll let the doctor know you’re here.’ The woman said with a softly smile. Chelsea turned around and walked over to the chairs to sit down feeling a little nervous about the following appointment.

‘Chelsea Urie.’ A nurse called. Chelsea stood up and followed her back into an examination room, ‘The doctor will see you soon.’

‘Thank you.’ She smiled as the nurse shut the door. Chelsea changed out of her clothes and put on the gown.

‘Good morning Chelsea, how are you?’ Dr. Beam asked walking into the room ten minutes later.

‘I’m good, how are you?’ she smiled as she hugged him.

‘Doing well. Where is Brendon?’

‘He’s at home with Thomas this morning.’

‘Going like a week I suspect.’

‘Yes sir, he’ll be one in two weeks.’

‘I can not get over that.’

‘I know neither can Brendon.’

‘So what seems to be the problem today?’ Dr. Beam asked as he sat down on the stool.

‘I’m pregnant but something doesn’t feel right.’

‘How so?’

‘I’ve been so sick lately; I can’t do anything because I throw up all the time. I know that I had morning sickness with Thomas but this is worse, I’ve lost seven pounds. I’m starting to show as well and I can’t be more than two, two and a half months along.’

‘Alright well let’s just run some tests and get an ultra sound.’ Dr. Beam said as he pulled out his blood pressure cuff.

‘Chelsea you’re blood pressure is dangerously high.’ Dr. Beam said as he took the cuff off and rolled the ultra sound machine over.

‘Dr. Beam, what is wrong?’ Chelsea asked as she saw the look of concern on his face as he did her ultra sound.

‘Chelsea, I think that you need to call Brendon and have him come down.’ Dr. Beam said as he turned off the machine.

‘Is there something wrong?’

‘Just call Brendon and I’ll be back in a few minutes.’ He said with a soft smile, one that Chelsea saw right through.

Chelsea pulled her cell phone out of her purse and dialed Brendon’s number, ‘Hey baby how’d it go?’

‘Brendon, Dr. Beam told me to call you and have you come down. There is something wrong.’

‘What is it?’

‘I don’t know, he wants to wait until you’re here.’

‘Alright I’ll be there soon. I’ll get Holly to come stay here with Thomas and I’ll be there.’

‘Alright bye Bren.’

‘bye baby.’

‘How long did Brendon say it was going to be?’ Dr. Beam asked half an hour later.

‘He should be here soon. He had to call Holly to have her come over to stay with Thomas but that shouldn’t have taken too long.’ She said as the door opened and Brendon walked in with a concerned look on his face.

‘What is going on Dr. Beam?’ Brendon asked as he kissed Chelsea’s cheek and sat down on the table with her.

‘Chelsea I wanted to wait until Brendon got here to tell you this because it’s going to be a joint decision.’

‘What is?’

‘Chelsea you are pregnant but you aren’t having a baby.’

‘I don’t understand.’ Chelsea said looking to Brendon and back to the doctor.

‘Chelsea it seems as though you have a partial Molar pregnancy.’

‘A what?’ I’ve never even heard of that.’ Brendon said.

‘It’s because it’s very rare. But it tends to happen when women have been under a lot of stress which throws off their cycle and paring that with elevated levels of sex or more than one partner. A mass of tissue is formed when two sperms fertilize an egg. The egg may or may not have genetic information inside it but instead of the egg cells multiplying the sperm cells multiply so the egg ends up with double the chromosomal make up.’

‘I’m sorry, I’m not following.’ Brendon interrupted.

‘Basically our baby isn’t a baby it’s a mass of tissue that may or may not have human like features but it’s not a baby because the egg was empty.’


‘So two sperms had to fertilize the egg, I thought that’s how twins were born.’

‘Under normal circumstances it is. Two sperms from the same father fertilize an egg and that’s how we end up with twins but in abnormal pregnancies when two sperms fertilize the egg, the sperms come from different donors.’

‘So let me get this straight, Chelsea is pregnant but we aren’t having a baby because two different sperm donors fertilized the egg?’

‘Pretty much, which explains her sever nausea and vaginal bleeding, also the high blood pressure and the reason that it looks like she is showing so early, Chelsea is only at 11 weeks.’

‘Okay so what do we do?’

‘Well since these type of pregnancies are so dangers I’m going to recommend the same procedure that one would have when they had an abortion.’


‘Chelsea, you aren’t having an abortion, there is no fetus there is no baby. It’s just the same procedure.’

‘I’m sorry Doctor what does this entail?’

‘It’s a same day procedure where we go in and use a vacuum like tube to extract the tissue. The side effects are that like pms, cramps, bloating, and bleeding.’

‘Is that the only option?’

‘These types of pregnancies have a high rate of cancer forming if it’s not taken care of.’

‘So that is the only option.’ Brendon asked.


‘When can we do it?’ Brendon asked.

‘We need to do it as soon as possible.’

‘Can we schedule it for tomorrow?’ Brendon asked.

‘I can do tomorrow morning as soon as eight.’

‘Alright we’ll be here.’ Brendon said as Chelsea had tears rolling down her eyes.

‘I’ll get the room free tomorrow morning. It was good to see you two again.’ Dr. Beam said as he walked out of the room.

Brendon turned around and looked at Chelsea with tears in his eyes, ‘How could you do this to me?’

‘What are you talking about?’ Chelsea asked.

‘Two different guys Chelsea, Me and who else, who is he?’


‘Why would you do this? We have a baby Chelsea, karma is a bitch huh?’


‘Was it Rob? The roadie from tour? I bet it was him. You’re hot for him aren’t you?’

‘Are you serious?’ she asked.

‘You two are always laughing and hanging out when I’m not around. How long have you been fucking him behind my back?’ he asked as Chelsea chuckled, ‘What are you laughing at?’

‘Rob is gay Brendon.’

‘Oh yeah I’m sure.’

‘He’s gay Brendon, I found out while we were in New York that was the first time that I’d met him. He has a boyfriend; he’s the only person on tour besides the guys that are civic to me.’


‘I haven’t slept with anyone else besides you. Rob is gay I haven’t had sex with him and the only other male that I spend any time around is your one year old son. Did you happen to forget what happened about ten weeks ago that would explain this?’ Brendon sat down in the chair next to the bed and dropped his head into his hands.

‘I don’t know what to say?’

‘Let’s go home.’

‘Okay.’ Brendon whispered as he stood up and picked up Chelsea’s bag.

‘So you haven’t been with anyone else?’ Brendon said as they walked out to their cars.

‘Brendon,’ Chelsea began pushing him against his car, ‘When I told you that I loved you and that you are the only man that I ever want to be with I was telling the truth. I love you; I had a baby with you. I’m not willing to throw that away for some fling.’

‘Okay, if you say you didn’t then I’m going to believe that you didn’t. I’m going to trust you because I love you.’

‘Thank you. I need you right now; I don’t think that I can do this with out you.’

‘I’m right here baby, I’m not going to let you do this on your own.’ Brendon said pulling her into a hug as he kissed the side of her head.
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