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Brook had stopped crying when the first rays of sunlight touched her face. Kakashi had uncrossed his legs so she sat on the ground and she folded her own legs underneath her. She looked up into his face and saw only concern there.

"I'm sorry. You shouldn't have had to see me cry like that." She said, not breaking his eye contact.

"I don't want you to cry at all."

"Me neither." They laughed then, the tension disappearing. Brook scooted closer to him, her hands moving up to his face. He willingly let her pull down his mask and kiss him, she laughed while she did so.

She sat up on her knees, pulling herself closer to him and taking complete control, which Kakashi was happy to give her.

He pulled away from her and pulled his mask up. She was about to protest when Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto walked through the trees to where they sat and Brook gave Kakashi a smirk.

"Let's get training, Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto yelled, already ona slight high from the sleep he had gotten.

"Jeez, you're annoying." Brook said standing up and brushed herself off.

"Well! You! Shut up!" He retaliated.

Brook yawned and looked at Kakashi, sleep in her eyes. She saw the tiredness in his eye too.

"I'm kind of tired today. You guys don't really need me to train anyway." Kakashi said lazily.

"But Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto Whined. Sasuke and Sakura were already walking away.

"Naruto. Go train with Jiraiya or something." Brook said.

Naruto glared at her, then left. Brook looked at Kakashi and they laughed quietly, then walked to the house together.

Brook immediately took the shower, leaving Kakashi to his kitchen, which needed to be cleaned. He got bored of that quickly. Just then Brook got out of the shower and he got in. He let the hot water run over his body and soothe his tired muscles. The steam calmed his mind.

When he got out of the bathroom, wearing just black sweat pants and his mask. Brook was in his room, looking at the pictures on his bedstand.

Kakashi walked past her and she looked up as he pulled the blinds so it was dark in the room.

"Rin was so pretty..." She said, more to herself than to him.

Kakashi's heart wrenched in pain at the sound of her name.

Brook saw the expression on his face. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Let's just try and sleep a little. You've had a rough night."

"Sounds good." She smiled at him and sat on the bed.

Kakashi walked around to the other side of the bed and climbed under the blankets, Brook crawled under them beside him. They layed on their sides with Kakashi's arm around her waist.

When Brook moved beside him, Kakashi took his arm off of her so she could move. He thought she was going to move away from him in her sleep, but when she turned towards him, her eyes were open and a dull blue. She pressed herself against his chest, inhaling his scent and memorizing it. She pressed her face on his chest, snuggling into him. His arms closed tight around her, keeping her close to him.

"I like sleeping this way better." She mumbled as she drifted off to a dreamless sleep.
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