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When Kakashi tried to get up later that night, Brook groaned against him, so he stayed with her. She didn't sleep anymore.

When Brook's warm lips pressed against his chest, he almost died. It felt so good. She kissed him a few more times, working her way up to his mouth. When she got there, his mask was already off, laying on the bedstand behind him. She kissed him gently, right underneath his lips, teasing him. He surprised her by grabbing her shoulders and rolling on top of her, hovering above her. He smiled down at her amused expression.

"You act like you're in control here," She told him, trying to reach her lips to his.

He held her down, keeping his lips and inch from hers. "I am."

"Please?" She pleaded, not able to stand it.

He smiled down at her and kissed her. Gentle at first, but getting more passionate as time went on. She eventually moved him so she was lying on him, but he would never tell her that he let her. A quiet knock on the front door brought them out of their trance, Brook groaning and rolling off of him.

"Who is it?" Kakashi asked, reeping the benefits of Brook's ability to distinguish someone's unique chakra.

She concentrated for a moment, then said, "Hinata. She wants to talk to me."

"How do you know that?"

"She wouldn't come to talk to you. Duh."

She smiled and kissed him lightly. When she answered the door, Kakashi was just steps behind her and Hinata blushed something fierce at the fact that he wore no shirt.

"Yes?" Brook asked.

"Uh, um... It's Sasuke." Brook and Kakashi stole a worried glance. "He collapsed in the woods and Sakura sent me to come get you."

She said the words quietly and looked at the ground while she did so. Kakashi was beside Brook in a second, dressed and ready to go.

"Where are they?" He demanded of her.

"F-follow me." Hinata stammered. She then went in the direction Kakashi and Brook had come from hours ago.

When they got to a clearing in the woods, Brook was the first to see Sakura and Sasuke across the way. Sasuke leaning against a tree, catching his breath.

Sakura looked up at the sound of her footsteps, and told Hinata thank you and that she could leave.

"What happened?" Kakashi asked as he walked over. Sakura waited until Hinata was out of earshot, then Sasuke stood up, looking down at Brook and cracking a smile.

"We know what you two were doing today." He said to her, taking a step back to look at both of them.

"Sleeping?" She said back.

"Only in the same bed." Sakura said, her green eyes drilling into Kakashi.

"I'm sorry?" Kakashi said. Brook thought that it was the best lie she had ever heard.

"We followed you." Sasuke explained, leaning back against his tree, "After we 'left' we just waited for you two to go back to the house, because it was suspicious that you two were there at the crack of dawn, considering that Brook usually doesn't wake up until noon. So we followed you back to the house and I used my Sharingan to watch you two crawl into bed together. Sadly, that's all I saw." He smiled then a smile that they both knew they couldn't lie to.

"So? It's not like we had sex or something." Brook said, looking at the ground, obviously blushing.

"That's true," Sasuke said. Here comes the blackmail, Brook thought. "But there are rules."

"What do you want?" Kakashi asked.

"Special training." Sakura said. "So I can become a Jounin."

"Are you serious? That's it?" Brook said.

"Yeah. Kakashi had been telling me I needed a mentor, but that he was training you." Sakura spat at her.

"Fine. I'll do it. And in return, you don't tell."

"Got it." Sasuke and Sakura said in unison.

"Okay... Let's go train!" Brook said turning to Kakashi.

"Alright. Let's go."

"Hold on." Brook said. Then, with an evil smile, She took Kakashi's hand, making Sakura roll her eyes.

"Well, I would kiss him, but I like being the only one that knows what his face looks like." Kakashi laughed beside her, tugging her away from them.

When he was sure they were awhile away from them, he picked her up with one arm underneath her knees and the other under her shoulders. She smiled under him and linked her hands behind his neck.

"Will you kiss me now?" She asked him.

"Not yet. I want to take you somewhere."She looked doubtful as she bit her lip.

"Do you trust me?" He asked.

"Only with everything."

"Then hold on."She smiled as he jumped into the trees and wound through the forest. He had done this many times before, but the other times she had been hurt badly and needed a medic.

Now, they went just to be together. Brook pulled herself against him, keeping the wind out of her eyes.

Too soon, Kakashi had stopped and was just walking. He still held her, this moment to perfect to ruin.

"Where are we going?" She asked him. "Wait. I-Is this where you kill me?" They laughed as Brook reached for his mask.

"Not yet." He said, still chuckling.

She crossed her arms across her chest and pouted up at him. He laughed at her."We're almost there. Quit pouting."

"Hurry up." She whined.

"Close your eyes, I want to do this
right." He said as he sat her down. She closed her eyes and he led her forward a ways.

"Okay, open your eyes."

When Brook opened her eyes, she saw a small pond with tiny waterfalls filling it. The small waterfalls cast rainbows into the air. The pond was in a small clearing in the woods, maybe thirty feet across. The grass screamed green at her, the sky a perfect blue.

She turned and looked at him, wonder in her eyes.

"What is this?" She said as he walked towards her.

He took Brook's face in his hands. "I found it a long time ago when Gai and I were training. He hit me and I got launched back here."

Brook pulled his mask down, and he kissed her forehead, her cheek, and her nose. He made the rotation three times until he hesitated above her lips.

"I think this is a visual aid that is the closest thing to telling you how I really feel."

"Mmmm..." She responded.

"I love you, Brook. I really do."

She looked up and her eyes looked like she was dreaming. "I love you, Kakashi."

He finally kissed her lips then. And it scared Brook. It was too urgent. It sent her the message that he thought this could their last kiss. Just then, Kakashi's kiss lost the sense of urgency, and in it's place was passion. Raw and unprotected passion.

They loved each other, and they knew it.

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