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Visions of the past.

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As Kakashi and Brook kissed on the green grass, Kakashi had never been more alert of everything around him. Brook was barely even there. She didn't care what was going on around them. She was perfectly content.

Kakashi pulled away from her to catch his breath, and she looked up at him, studying his smile. His headband still sat over his left eye, obscuring her ablity to touch his forehead.

She put her hands behind his head, reaching for the knot of his headband. He smiled down at her and kissed her as she struggled with the knot.

When she finally got the knot loose, Kakashi grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head.

"I love your eye," She said breathlessly, trying to free her hands. His barely moved an inch.

"Something could happen." He said, exerting to much energy to keep her hands down.

"No it won't."

"I could slip."

"No, you can't."

"I can. I have."

"Then kiss me."

He smiled at her and rolled so she layed on top of him.

Suddenly, her eyes were closed in concentration and she stood up.

"Brook, what's wrong?" Kakashi asked standing up next to her.

"Leave." She told him in a voice that was scared beyond belief.

"Why? Who's here?"

"Just go!" She shrieked.

"But, Broo-"

"Trust me. Just GO!" She shoved him away from her.

He left.

Brook stood facing the direction of the chakra that was way too familiar. That was too powerful. That could kill her easily and without regret.

As the person got closer, she realized she was shaking. She felt like she was about to puke.

But, at the same time, she was excited. She hadn't fought in so long, the high was threatening to take her over. Soon, she would walk to her own death if she wasn't careful.

IT was another minute before her sharp ears could hear him. thirty seconds until she could see the dark sillhouette of the person.

"It's been far too long, Brook." The voice said, velvet flowing through the trees.

"Maybe it has." She replied, trying to sound calm, but her voice cracked.

He laughed, the sound vibrating in her head, bringing back memories she didn't want to see. Black filled her head.

She took a deep breath and saw that he was closer now, not close enough to make out the features on the face she already knew.

She turned quick to her left, hearing the footsteps from there. Behind her and to her right as well. She was surrounded by extremely powerful chakra on all sides.

The firgures stepped out of the trees one by one, Itachi Uchiha first. His onyx eyes bore into her, making her remember too much.

The next was a man who had blue skin and gills. Brook recognized him from the BINGO book as Kisame Hoshigaki, a rougue ninja from the land of waves.

Next was a man with red hair. Sasori, rougue from the Sand Village.

Brook turned and saw a beautiful women with blue hair and a flower in it. Konan.

All of these ninja were S Class criminals, and extremely dangerous. Brook didn't stand a chance.

"Why are you here?" Brook asked, turning to Itachi.

"To bring dear Brook home."

"I am home."

"Nowhere near it." Konan said behind her. Brook whirled and heard ripping fabric. The women was right behind her, holding a shred of her shirt in her hand.

She was launched back into Itachi before she could blink. Konan had hit her in the stomach.

Itachi's hands brought with them a wave of memories she couldn't handle. Itachi picking her up when she fell. Playing with her when she was a child. Her first kiss, five years back. When he had come for Naruto.

He was making certain memories stand out in her mind, picking at her wounds.

"Stop..." She pleaded. She didn't stand a chance, so she didn't fight his arms.

"Never," He whispered in her ear, his voice was perfect, the source of her comfort for so many years.

"Why are you here?" She asked again.

"To bring you home."

"I a-"

"You sure you want to have that discussion again?" Konan said, cracking her knuckles.

"What home? Last time I checked, I was brought up here."

"You were, but you met your father a few days ago. Where he is is your home."

"Why is everyone so bent on taking me away from here?"

"We're here only as last resorts. In the even that your father couldn't bring you home nicely, we would bring you back by force."

Itachi's arms took a different hold on her, one she remembered all to well. He had held her like this the first time she had gone to the Akatsuki. When he had 'loved' her.

Now she did struggle against him, the memories to much for her. His hold tightened and a small cry came from her throat as it became painful.

"Force. Got it." She said through gritted teeth. His grip lessed slightly.

"So? Will you come with us or will we get to knock you out cold?" Konan said, adjusting the flower in her hair.

"I will never betray my village." Brook snapped at her.

Itachi suddenly had her in a full-nelson, the result being her crying out in pain. It wasn't quiet this time, on the account that with a flinch, Itachi could dislocate both of her shoulders.

"Could you say that again? I don't think I Heard you," Itachi said to her.

"Can you make this a fair fight by letting me go?"

"It's her dying wish. Why not just let her have it?" Kisame said in a voice that almost hurt Brook's ears.

Itachi nodded behind Brook and let her go, trying to push her to her knees on the ground. She landed on her hands and jumped over Konan's head.

She landed perfectly in her stance, and Konan did a flash-step to get behind her.

Kisame drew his weapon and Sasori and Konan took thier stances. Itachi merely stood and watched her cuirously.

Brook knew she couldn't win, but she had been down this road before and didn't like where it led.
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