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Would Never Have - NOV 19

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Elle's first night with Monica and Gerard. Liv's first night alone

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"Down Gee, Gee." Elle squirmed in his arms. "Me's wantsta do stairs."
Gerard laughed and set her down by Kelly's bed. "Okay, Bug get in bed."
Monica stood in the doorway watching the scene. Gerard had carried Elle, who had just awakened and found her second wind, up to Kelly's room. Since she was wearing a tee shirt he told her to lift it up so she didn't trip while using the stairs to climb into the bed. Kelly who was already under the covers laughed and said, "Hurry up Bug."
"Me's acummin'" Elle said happily jumping her way up into the bed next to Kelly.
"I think we should put pillows on the floor in case little Miss Happy rolls in her sleep. It's quite a drop." Monica said pushing away from the doorframe and entering the bedroom.
"Yeah", Gerard grabbed all the extra pillows and lined them on the floor by the side of the bed. "Okay Bug, time for bed. No giggling, close those eyes and get to sleep."
"Night Dad." Kelly said.
Gerard rounded the bed and dropped a kiss on her forehead. "Night Kell. Sweet dreams."
Elle smiled as he came around to her side of the bed. "Nite Dadgee."
Gerard froze. Monica gave him a gentle touch on his back. "Uh, night Little Bug." He dropped a kiss on her forehead and turned quickly.
"You girls want a nightlight?" Monica asked. She looked at Kelly who smiled.
"We need a light, Bug?"
Elle looked at Kelly then back to Monica. "Widdle wite?"
Monica nodded, "How about if I leave the hall light on and the door open a crack?" She shut off the overhead light and showed Elle the amount of light that would be let into the room. "How's that?"
"Me's appy." Elle said snuggling down in the blankets.
"Night mom." Kelly said
"Night Mommyca." Elle echoed.
Gerard was waiting in the hall for her. "Threw you for a loop, didn't she?" Monica said putting her arm around his waist.
"Dadgee" he said softly. "When do we tell her I'm really her dad?"
Monica sighed, "You need to discuss that with Liv."
"No, you need to. She won't talk to me." They reached their bedroom door. Suddenly Gerard pulled out of Monica hold and grabbed her hand. He pulled her into the bedroom and closed the door. Without turning on the light he locked the door then engulfed her into a tight hug.
Monica nuzzled his neck. "I love you"
"I love you"
His mouth captured hers urgently. Soon they were both breathless. "I want you so fuckin' much." He ground out.
"Not as much as I want you." She dropped her arms down from his shoulders to his butt.
Gerard groaned and swiftly scooped her into his arms. He carried her to the bed and gently deposited her on the mattress. "I wanted this to be slow but hell, I'm on fire."
Monica reached up and pulled him down on her. "Fuck, slow."
"Oh woman" His hands were pulling at her clothes. He bared her breasts and his mouth went to work on each nipple. Monica moaned softly. She snaked her hands down to cup him through his pajama pants. Her fingers began to rub his stiffening penis through the material.
"Lose these" she pulled at the material.
"Yeah" he lifted himself up slightly.
The knock on the door made him freeze in place.
"Mommyca" Elle voice was trembling, "Mommyca"
"Shit" Gerard jumped up and adjusted his clothing. He waited for Monica to do the same then opened the door. Elle was standing in the hall with Kelly behind her.
"She's scared." Kelly said "Sorry."
Gerard lifted Elle into his arms, "What's wrong, Bug?"
Elle sniffed but didn't answer.
"I'm heading back to bed" Kelly said, "Sorry, but she wanted Mom."
Gerard nodded, "Night Kell." He turned and walked into the bedroom He put Elle down on the bed by Monica.
"Honey, what's wrong? Do you miss your mommy?" Monica asked stroking her head.
Elle nodded.
"Well, you'll see her tomorrow." Gerard said feeling quite useless at the moment.
"Me's skard,” Elle said in between small sobs.
Monica looked up at Gerard. He shook his had and smiled. "How about you sleep with us tonight?"
Elle looked at him, then at Monica. She crawled up the bed and got under the covers. Gerard laughed and got into bed on his side. He looked over at Monica and grinned. "Change of plans, I guess."
Monica laughed, "Welcome to the world of parenting once again."
Gerard rolled on his side to face Elle and Monica. He and Monica clasped hands over Elle. "Love you both" He said.
"Love you both" Monica answered. Her eyes locked with Gerard.
"Me's luws youse too." Elle said with a yawn. She closed her eyes feeling quite safe.

Kara was already in bed by the time Bob wandered in from the bathroom. She smiled, drawing back the blankets. “Hurry up. You’re wasting time…and you’re entirely over-dressed for this gig.”
Bob laughed and dropped the pajama bottoms he wore for modesty’s sake when leaving the bedroom. He quickly crawled in the bed, intertwining his leg with hers and nuzzling her neck.
“Wasn’t Elle cute tonight?” Kara suddenly asked.
“Not particularly.” Bob nibbled Kara’s ear.
“Oh pooh. She was just over-tired. It was so cute when she fell asleep on your lap. Come on – admit it. You loved it.”
“No, I didn’t. Kids are like cats; always bothering people who don’t like them.”
Kara smacked Bob. “Are you kidding me? You don’t like kids? Since when? You said you like them.”
“I do. Deep-fried. Fricasseed. Maybe with a little olive oil and garlic. Ouch! Geez. Stop hitting me. I’m kidding.” He waited a beat before adding. “They’re really too stringy to eat.” He laughed while covering his vitals in an attempt to ward off her coming attack. She managed to pinch him anyway.
They dissolved into a fit of laughter.
Kara stopped laughing. “You really weren’t serious about not liking children, were you?” She had a worried look on her face.
“No, not really.” He played with her hair. “You’re not wanting kids right now are you?” Was that fear she heard in his voice?
“No, not right now. I was thinking ahead. I could see you with a little girl with strawberry blond curls asleep on your lap. I like that picture.” She was lost in thought for a moment. “When should we have kids?”
“I don’t know. I was kinda hoping we could go on a honeymoon first.”
“Very funny. Fine. We’ll discuss it later.”
They lay holding one other, each listening to the other breathing, imagining the future and letting sleep overtake them.
“I think she’ll have chestnut brown hair, just like her mom.”
Kara smiled as she drifted off to sleep, dreaming of twelve kids with strawberry blond hair.

Liv switched off the bedside light and burrowed deeper down into the blankets. She wondered how Elle was doing. This was the first night she and Elle had ever spent apart. Is it as hard for her as it is me, Liv wondered? She tried to picture Elle in her mind safe and snug in Gerard and Monica's house. That house was where Elle belonged. She would have all the things she needed and more.
Rolling over on her side Liv grabbed the pillow next to her and hugged it tightly. The wonderful scent of Elle clung to it. She missed her baby and the life that could have been hers.
When she finally fell asleep she began to dream. She and Gerard were in their apartment in bed. His arms were wrapped around her as they lay in bed. He told her how much he loved her. She raised her head and looked into his eyes. The words began to pour from her lips. She told him the truth about her life. All her secrets were revealed. Gerard stroked her hair as she spoke. Instead of the revulsion and anger she expected he murrmored words of love. Liv had never felt such happiness. A total feeling of content filled her soul. When he asked her to marry him and share his life Liv had given the answer from her heart.
A sudden sharp pain in her side woke her. The dream faded from her mind. Now in the dark Liv cried for all she would never have.
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