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Chapter 6

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Back to the real world

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To everyone in America, happy day after Thanksgiving. To everyone else, Happy Friday! I, like everyone else in the country, am going shopping.

Haley and Pete walked into the hotel restaurant the next morning hand-in-hand. “I love you…” he said, nuzzling her neck. Her eyes scanned the room. They were meeting the guys from Panic! At the Disco here for breakfast, and Kimmy had already gone down to meet them.
“There they are.” She pointed to a large round table in the corner and dragged Pete over.
“Hey guys.” Pete waved as they approached the table and sat down in the two empty seats, between Kimmy and Spencer.
“So, how was your night?” Kimmy smiled, and everyone else stifled giggles.
“Um, fine. Why?” Haley wrinkled her eyebrows.
“It sounded like a little more than fine from next door.” Jon snorted.
“Oh, god. You could hear that? I’m so sorry.” Haley hid her face in her hands, as it turned bright red.
“What can I say? Can you blame me? You’ve seen the video. And the Victoria’s Secret catalog.” Pete laughed.
“And the fashion show.” Kimmy nudged Haley with her elbow.
“AND the fashion show.” He grinned, Haley slapped him in the chest.
“You’re not helping. That’s SO embarrassing. Please don’t tell Bill.” She looked, pleadingly at Jon.
“Tell him what? That I got to listen to his friend boning his sister all night? That is NOT a subject that I want to bring up.” He shook his head.
“We all just ordered, if you want to find the waitress.” Ryan said to Pete, trying to change the topic to something less awkward.
“I’ll be right back, I’ll just go grab us some menus.” He got up and headed back towards the entrance.
“So, what happened to you guys last night? I thought you were going to meet us at the casino. Only this one showed up.” Haley asked, waving her hand at Brendon.
“Oh, and I’m not good enough?” Brendon huffed, pretending to be hurt.
“You’re always good enough. But more would be better.” Haley smiled.
“I already had plans with a friend.” Ryan shrugged.
“Oh. A girl friend?” Kimmy raised her eyebrows.
“Yes, with my girlfriend. Her name’s Keltie.”
“Why didn’t she come with you?” Haley asked.
“She’s…in New York.”
“He had ‘phone plans’” Spencer said, using finger quotes.
“Oh. THOSE kind of plans.” Haley nudged Kimmy, and they both giggled. “So, what’s your excuse?” she looked at Spencer and Jon.
“I had to stay home and watch my sisters.” Spencer said.
“Not as good as his reason.” Kimmy nodded at Ryan, making him blush.
“Yeah, I was a little freaked out to be in that close range of Pete.” Jon said.
“What? Why?”
“You didn’t see the way he glared at me when you told him we made out that one time. I didn’t want him to beat the crap out of me because I looked at you for too long, or something.”
“He’s not that bad.” Haley smiled.
“He’s kind of scarily possessive of you.” Ryan said, and everyone nodded in agreement.
“I think it’s adorable.” Kimmy chimed in.

Haley stepped off the elevator and into the office. Things looked pretty quiet. Everyone was at their desks, checking their email or reading magazines, not doing much of anything. She heard a shriek and saw Tim bolt across the large room directly towards her. “You’re back! How was Vegas?”
“It was fine, I guess…” she answered, confused.
“Kimmy said you had big news. So, what’s the big news? I want big news!” he squealed, hopping up and down.
“We finished all the sketches for the collection!” she smiled.
“Oh.” His face fell. “I thought you had a big Vegas wedding or something.”
“What? No. Why would you think that?”
“Why else would your boyfriend want to take you to Vegas?”
“His friends live there. He wanted me to meet them.”
“That’s lame.” He scoffed.
“Are you just jealous you didn’t get to come?” she placed her hands on her hips
“…Maybe just a little.”
“Well, I got you a shirt from Celine Dion.” She pulled it out of her purse and held it up. “It’s got rhinestones.”
“You know how I love me a rhinestone!” he grabbed it and skipped off. Haley made the rounds of the office, saying hi to everyone before dropping her stuff in her office and sitting down at her desk. She was just about to check her email when Tim knocked on the wall, coming around the corner. He was already wearing his Celine Dion shirt underneath his turquoise velvet blazer. “I have your phone messages.” He held up a stack of paper.
“All of those?” Haley eyed the stack.
“Oh, no, this is just my pad. Most of these are blank. First of all, your car is due for an oil change. Here’s a couple that aren’t very urgent, you can just call them back.” He handed her a couple sheets of paper. “Vogue wants to interview you about the new line. It’s just a sort of profile, not very long. You can schedule that for some time next week. Someone named The Butcher called, and said to tell you ‘Santi’. You have strange friends. And then Victoria’s Secret called begging you to do the fashion show again this year.” Haley sighed at the mention of the fashion show.
“No.” she shook her head.
“Come on, it’ll be fun.”
I don’t know…” she whined.
“Do it for the wings.” Tim begged.
“I’m out of shape, it’s not that far away.”
“If you’re out of shape, then I’m obese.”
“Did they say when I have to get back to them?”
“The end of the week.”
“I’ll think about it.” Tim jumped for joy and scampered off.

Haley was half lying on her desk, her head resting on her folded arms, with her hood pulled as far over her face as she could get it. She felt something sharp poke her in the back of the head. “Ow!” she whined, her voice muffled.
“What are you doing?” she recognized Kimmy’s voice.
“I’m sleeping.” She sat up, blinking, and smoothed out her hair. “What’s up?”
“I need you to sign off on the final drafts of the sketches so I can send them out.” She held up a stack of drawings.
“Awesome.” Haley grabbed a pen and began signing the corners.
“So what’s Tim been going on about wings all day for?”
“Victoria’s Secret wants me to do their fashion show.”
“I thought you didn’t do that any more.” Kimmy said, straightening the stack of signed sketches.
“I don’t. But I like their show. It’s always so fun and over the top.” She shrugged. “I’m kind of tempted.”
“Whatever you want to do. We’re all going out tonight to celebrate the line and all of us NOT losing our jobs, if you want to come.”
“Sounds like fun.”
“You can bring Pete if you want. Tara’s bringing her boyfriend.”
“He’s busy. They’re getting ready to go into the studio, so he has all kinds of meetings with producers and stuff.”

“Wow! I’ve never sat in the VIP section before!” Ali sighed, plopping down on the couch between Haley and Tim, who had changed into his ‘club wear’, consisting of a shiny shirt and overpriced sunglasses.
“Hang with me, and you’ll always be VIP.” Haley laughed and downed her shot.
“Hey, aren’t you an alcoholic?” Ali asked, her voice slightly slurred.
“This is a party.” Haley looked around. Tara was making out with her boyfriend in the corner, Kyle was trying to hit on the waitress and Kimmy went to get drinks and never came back. From where they were sitting, she could see out over the entire dance floor, and spotted Kimmy in the middle grinding against some guy with way too many highlights and a fake tan. “Somebody dance with me.” She stood up, slightly wobbily and held her hands out to Ali and Tim. The three of them stepped down the short flight of stairs that separated the VIP section, and pushed their way onto the dance floor. Before any of them realized, it was almost 10:00, and Haley decided it was probably time to head home. “I think I should get a cab.” She giggled as she stumbled up the stairs to grab her purse.
“That’s probably a good idea.” Tim said from behind her.
“Are you going to be ok getting home? We’re pretty far from the Valley.” She turned and looked at Ali.
“You can stay with me. Slumber party!” Tim threw his hands in the air.
“Ok.” Ali threw her hands up too.
“I say, no one has to be at work until noon. Spread the word, Timmy.” Haley clapped him on the shoulder. “See you at noon. I’ll be the one that looks like this.” She pointed at her head.

Pete heard a car pull into the driveway and the door slam shut. When he saw the lights turn around and head away from the house, he went to the door to investigate and was greeted by Haley rummaging through her purse on the front step. “That works.” She shrugged and stepped into the house. “I couldn’t find my keys. Did you get my message?”
“Yeah. Did you have fun?” he shut the door and reached out to give her a kiss. She tasted and smelled like alcohol. She nodded and turned to go into the kitchen. “Are you drunk again?” he asked, concerned.
“What? No. I only had, like, two. I’m just a little buzzed; I haven’t eaten anything, that’s all.” She opened the fridge and took out a leftover Chinese food container and popped it in the microwave.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure! Why is everyone always overreacting!?” she yelled, slamming her hand on the counter.
“I’m not overreacting. You were starting to get better, and I just don’t want you to wind up right back to where you were before.” The microwave shut off and Haley grabbed her container and took a giant forkful of rice. She headed into the living room and flopped down on the couch, turning on the TV. Pete sighed and sat down next to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.
“So…” she said in between bites, “Victoria’s Secret wants me to be in their fashion show.”
“Really?” he turned his head to look at her.
“Yeah. I was surprised they’d want me after the video and all the bad publicity I’ve gotten this year, but they called when we were in Vegas.”
“That’s cool. Are you going to accept?”
“I haven’t decided yet. What do you think?”
“I think it’d be hot. I’ve never gone out with a Victoria’s Secret model.” He smiled.
“Then ok. Maybe I’ll do it. You have to help me get back in shape though.”
“You’re not out of shape. You look good.”
“I look good, but not underwear on national TV good.”
“You want some?” she held her fork out for him to take a bite. The more she ate, the more she sobered up and before long, they were quietly sitting watching some movie. Haley was resting her head against Pete’s chest. He looked down to find her sound asleep. Sliding out from underneath her, he carefully picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, placing her on the bed. He slipped of her shoes and clothes, leaving her in her underwear. As she groaned, and rolled over, he stripped down to his boxers and got into bed next to her, pulling the blankets up around them and wrapping his arm around her.

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