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Still a little crazy all the time

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who is Dan?

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Toro pulled out feeling his body ache slightly. He rolled to his side pulling the blanket to his hip and to Emma's shoulder.

"Don't feel bad," Emma whispered leaning in and kissing his warm skin.

Toro looked down to Emma's eyes the fire slowly calming as her body began to regain feeling. She pulled into a hug with Ray and he bite her ear playfully earning a gasp from her mouth.

"Please," Emma continued taking a light bite of his skin.

"Don't feel bad," Toro muttered, "Emma I-"

"You didn't mean to cum before me, it happens. Don't feel bad, it still felt really good," her voice rawr, she softened her voice, "isn't that what we want?"

Toro drew circles and then whispered,

"yeah, so you can get pregnant."

Emma buried her face into his chest,

"I hope they don't come in."

With that Emma slipped into sleep, faster than a child. The change in her breathing indicated to Toro clearly. He slowly sat up swinging his legs to the side of the bed. His head racing with questions, his heart full of ache. He dressed quickly and left the hospital room to find his friends napping on the floor.

"Gerard, Mikey, Bob, Frank," he called one be one.

They slowly woke; stretching their sore bodies upon the sight of Toro. He sat in a chair across from them and buried his face in his hands.

"Dude whats up?" Frank asked.

Toro shook his head.

"Toro," Mikey spoke softly, "Is it about Emma?"

Toro nodded in his hands, and a sob escaped. He tried to cover it up but his band mates were around him quickly.

"Just one guy after the other with her," Toro jetted.

"What do you mean?" Frank mumbled trying to sound concerning.

"Rodger, Jordan and now Dan!"

"Who the fuck is Dan?"

Toro looked at Frank, his eyes bloodshot.

"I don't fucking know, I don't fucking know anything."
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