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feed back?

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Who plays who!?!?!?

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Author's Note:
I know it's weird right?
Don't worry i have an exciting
Chapter ahead.

Lets just have a little break
and get to know the characters.
I have Photo's! and Fun Facts(ish)!
are you ready, you have to be
I'm putting a firm face on peoples!


First off
Gerard Way
So this is the Gerard I love best
Clean cut and Shaven...or something like that.
Fun Facts(ish)
He's married
He's 30
My Gay friend got a hug from him by shouting "Gerard I am so totally Gay!"
He loves his brother like i love mine, a lot! It's the cutest thing ever.

Next we have...
Mikey Way!
This is the Mikey I hope everyone
pictures in the story. It's him at his most maturest
Fun Facts(ish)
He's also married
he's only 27
I saw him trip onto his bus.
He shares the same middle name as my Brother.

And now for
Bob Bryar
I love this guy so much holey fuck'n jesus! This is him the best mood ever.
Fun Facts(ish)
He's 27 soon to be 28
He's in a relationship as far as I know
I saw him in a van drinking water and he looked at me and waved
Bob got hurt at the show i saw him in and could say hi to me

Frank Iero!
Sweet mother he is a looker. Anyways
he's really the kid of the story, and i love him for that.
Fun Facts(ish)
he's 26
Youngest member of the band!
Is or isn't yet married, this guy is hard to track.
I met him, and he was wasted out of his face. Stared at my chest for most of the convo and then tripped while saying goodbye.

Ray Toro
I was going to bring in a cuter sweeter Toro. But with the squeal
i find Ray to be a bit darker, and fuck you have to agree this photo
is fucking hot hot hot.
Fun Facts(ish)
He's 30
He has a girlfriend, and they're still together as far as i know
He was also in the Van with Bob who started the waving and past it on to Ray.

dun dun
I normally wouldn't do this, especially in a fanfic but
Emma Toro
She's quite smiley in real life
but she asked me to tone her down
and make her more affectonate in the story, that and more of an open book.
Fun Facts(ish)
She's really only 17, not 25 like her character.
She's not dating, nor is she looking.
She's been hugged by Toro.
I've been jealous ever since.
She's also an amazing writer.

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