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Best Damn Idea - NOV 25

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Trouble at Mike's house, Ray has to find Christa

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"Michael Allen, get in here right now."
Mike cringed when he heard his father's tone. Shit, here we go, he thought. He knew his old man was gonna go ape shit when he heard about the restraining order that had been delivered to the house earlier. So far his mother hadn't said a word other than that they would discuss it when his father got home. Slowly he walked into his Dad's study. He saw that his mom was already seated by the desk.
"What the hell is the meaning of this?"
Mike took a seat by his mom. "I don't know, Dad. Really I don't."
"This says that you have physically and mentally abused Kelly Knight."
"It's all a lie. I've told you what happened. Her sister must have talked her into doing this. I've never hurt Kelly." He lowered his head putting on one of his best performances. "I still care about her so much." Beside him, his mom but her hand on his arm.
"Look I had to pull quite a few strings to get you back into school. Now because of this, you are out again. Do you have any idea how something like this can effect your chances in college. Even with all my pull, do you really think my old fraternity will admit you?"
"Dad, it's not my fault. I didn't do anything wrong." He looked at his mom so she could see the upset look on his face.
"John, it's obvious the girl is lying." Mike's mom Holly said. "I think you should call Sam and ask him how we can handle this."
"I've already put a call into our lawyer, Holly. Did you really think I wouldn't have thought of that?" His tone was condescending.
John came around the desk. "I need to know the truth, Mike. Did you hurt this girl like this papers allege?'
Mike swallowed his fear. Shit, his old man could scare the crap out of him sometimes. "I didn't hurt her,” he said in a low voice. For good measure he looked at his mom. "You gotta believe me. I thought Kelly and I were really happy until this happened. The night I let her drive home cause I was sick it was because I trusted her so much." he forced his voice to waver, "I thought she really cared about me."
"Hon, I told you I didn't think she was right for you. Just look at the family she comes from. Her mom lives with that singer she isn't married to. Her sister who is still in high school is married to another musician." Holly shook her head, "Just not the right kind of people."
"But Mom" Mike said pouring it on. "Kelly was always so nice to me."
"Of course she was Mike. You are the star quarterback. You are popular. Why wouldn’t she want you as her boyfriend?"
Mike lowered his head, "I guess you're right. Some of the guys tried to warn me about her but I wouldn't listen."
"Warn you about her?" Holly was interested, "What did they say?"
The wheels in Mike's mind were turning, "Just stuff" he muttered.
"What kind of stuff, Michael?" This time his father asked.
"Some of the guys said she had come on to them before I asked her out, stuff like that." He frowned.
"So the girl is easy, is that what you're saying?"
"Dad, don't say that about her." Mike was really enjoying this.
John walked back around his desk and sat down. He pulled out a cigar and lit it. "We need to get this mess straightened out pronto."
"The sooner the better." Holly said looking over at her son and smiling.
Mike gave her a weak smile, "I just want this straightened out. I need to get back in school. This is my senior year and I don't want to miss out on anything."
"You won't" his father said. He picked up his phone. "I'll make some calls and see what can be done."
Mike nodded, "Thanks, Dad." He smiled at his mom, "Thanks, Mom."
Inwardly he was laughing. This was one of his finest performances.

Ray came off the stage and immediately noticed that Christa wasn't in her usual spot. Why the hell was she so mad at him? He knew she had taken his comment, about having girlfriends along on tours. all wrong. Still she shouldn't have gotten that upset about it. He spotted Worm.
"Dude, where's Christa?" He asked him.
"She took off right after you guys went back on for the Revenge set."
Ray handed him his guitar not wanting to waste time looking for the guitar tech. "I've got to find her." He explained quickly.
"Yeah, she seemed pretty upset."
A quick glance around the back stage lounge confirmed his fears, she wasn't here.
Mikey and Frank walked into the lounge and saw Ray. "What's wrong?" Frank asked noting the look on Ray's face.
"Christa isn't here."
"Where did she go?" Mikey asked confused, "She was here earlier."
"Shit, I said something stupid when we were watching the video of that fucking group. I said that the band members don't interact with each other cause of all the fucking drama going on cause of their girlfriends."
"Okay, so I still don't understand." Mikey said grabbing a bottle of water.
"She took it the wrong way. Like I thought that having her along was causing trouble."
"She hasn't caused any trouble." Frank said, "Well except you've been late a couple of times but that's no big deal."
"Gerard made it a big deal." Ray reminded him.
Mikey stuck up for his brother, "He never blamed Christa."
Frank looked over at him, "Well he kinda implied it."
"Shit, I've got to get back to the hotel." Ray told them.
"Gerard already left with Bob. Come on we'll take the other van. Soon the three of them were on the way back to the hotel. Ray confided in them.
"Look, I think Christa feels sort of like she's in the way. I don't think you guys have warmed up to her like I had hoped."
"Ray, I like Christa but be honest since this leg of the tour started you've pretty much kept her to yourself. Fuck, we don't see much of either one of you." Frank told him.
This bit of information surprised Ray. He had never realized that he had indeed kept Christa to himself and in essence away from the guys. "I've just liked having her with me so much."
"Yeah, we know but come on dude the two of you need to come up for air some time." Frank joked.
"Hey, look tomorrow why don't well all hang together when we get to Portland instead of just you and Christa taking off on your own." Mikey suggested. "Stop hiding the woman from us."
They had arrived at the hotel. Ray told them before getting out of the van, "Now I just gotta make sure she don't try to go home cause I got a bad feeling that's what she's planning."
"Just tie her up." Frank laughed.
Mikey shook his head, "Fuck, don't tell him to do that or we'll never see him again."
Ray was out of breath we he reached their hotel door. He saw that Christa was packing her stuff when he walked in. "Babe, why did you take off before the concert ended?"
Christa kept putting her things in her bag without looking up. "I had a headache and figured I'd get an early start on getting this ready for the morning."
Walking over to the bed, Ray looked down into her bag. He had never seen Christa pack so neatly and he hated it. "Christa we need to talk."
"I'm going home tomorrow, Ray. It was sweet of you to bring me along but it wasn't right."
"That's a load of shit." He picked up her duffle and dumped out its contents. Christa stared at him.
'What the hell was that all about?"
"It was too neat. Not at all like the Christa I love."
She turned away. "Ray, it's not like this is goodbye. I'll be at home waiting for you."
"No, you won't. You won't be at home. You will be with me." He grabbed her arm and spun her around. "I can't be without you."
Christa blinked. "Ray, calm down."
"Calm down? Are you crazy woman? You are threatening to leave me alone and you think I'm acting crazy?" He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply.
She finally pulled away, "Look I know I've caused some problems. I don't ever want to cause trouble between you and the other guys."
"You haven't caused any problems."
"Do you remember how mad Gerard was when we were late?"
"Fuck, Gerard." Ray ground out. "None of us said anything when Monica came along on tour. We didn't say anything cause we knew how important it was to him to have her along. Well it's important to me to have you with me. The guys understand that. Besides Frank and Mikey pointed out part of the problem is that I've been keeping you all to myself. We haven't spent much time with the guys."
"That's really what they said?" Christa asked hopefully.
"Yeah, Babe. That's what they said. Tomorrow we're gonna hang with the guys" He hugged her tightly, "Guess I gotta share you."
Christa kissed his neck "Love you"
Ray started laughing. Christa pulled back slightly, "What?"
"Oh I was just thinking about what else Frank said"
Christa gave him a confused look, "What did Frank say?"
Ray gave her a sexy smile, "When I told him I was afraid you were gonna leave he said I should just tie you up."
"Really?" Christa said smiling.
Ray pulled her towards the bed stopping briefly to pick up a scarf that had fallen out of her bag. "Best damn idea the man has ever had."
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