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This Time It's Real

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Gerard recieves shocking news that he feels changes everything, but Sara can fix it.

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I watched as she mimicked Ray, plucking each string delicately with her long fingers. I enjoyed the look of pleasure on her face when she knew she had played the right note. It made my day to see something make her happy, when in the past month, hardly anything seemed to please her.

The tour had started out good, but that was before it started happening. Everywhere we went, there would always be someone who knew who she was, and follow us, or her if she was alone, and call her nasty names. I tried to comfort her, but that only worked for a little while.

Her moods started to deteriorate, but I could tell that she was trying her hardest to stay up beat for the rest of the guys. But as soon as it was just the two of us, it would change. She wouldn't talk to me about her feelings, and she was retreating back to the stage of not letting me touch her, which was hard considering the guys had agreed to let her and I have the only bed, even though Alicia was pregnant.

Alicia's pregnancy was also not helping the situation. I could tell that Alicia was careful when discussing the topic, but it still affected Sara. It hurt me too, because it made me think about the little boy that I could have raised. But I had to stay strong for both of us because I needed this marriage to last. I needed something in my life that would keep me grounded and I knew that she could do just that.

My phone buzzed loudly in my pocket, and I went to the front of the bus to answer it.


"Hello. I am looking for a Mr. Gerard Way or a Ms. Sara Klassen."

"I'm Gerard. What do you want?"

"Yes, I am calling from Smith's Law Firm in Toronto. We have records that show that you got married at 'Legend Wedding Chapel' a couple of months ago, is this correct?"

My heart was racing and my palms felt as if they were getting sweaty. I gripped the phone tighter.

"Yes, it is."

"Mr. Way. I regret to inform you, that after an investigation, the 'Legend Wedding Chapel' has indeed been proved fraudulent; therefore, any wedding that has occurred at the chapel was not real."

My mouth had gone dry, and I felt as if someone had delivered a hard punch to my stomach. I looked to the back of the bus, where Sara was still trying to learn the guitar. My eyes started watering and my lips were trembling. I went and locked myself in the washroom before I remembered the phone was still pressed to my ear.

"Mr. Way!?"

"Yes. I'm here, sorry."

"We have numerous clients who also got married there. They have decided to press charges. We understand that you may already have a lawyer, but we need to know if you plan on filing a law suit."

I pushed my hair back and leaned against the door.

"No. That won't be necessary."

"Are you sure, because-"

"That won’t be necessary!" I said more forcefully. "But thank you for informing me." I hung up and stuffed the phone into my pocket. I resisted the urge to punch the wall has hard as I could, and instead I grabbed two fistfuls of hair, and pulled. When that didn't work, I clenched my hands into fists as hard as I could, until the point where I drew blood from the crescent shaped cuts I had made. I cleaned up the blood and looked up into the mirror; that's when I realized I was crying, and I started to cry even harder. I tried to cry without making a sound, but the sobs would get caught in my throat, and then come out in sudden bursts.

On the other side of the door, there was a loud bang and Mikey's voice.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I choked out, but he didn't listen and yanked the door open.

"Shit Gerard, what happened?" he asked when he saw my palms.

"Nothing. Just leave me alone!"

"Stop acting like a child!" He grabbed my shoulders and shook me. "Just tell me what happened."

It was as if the shaking had calmed me down, because I managed to stop crying, and say clearly, "Our marriage isn't real."

"What do you mean?"

I crouched down and rested my head in my palms. "I just got a call from a law firm in Toronto. The place we got married was running a scam and we aren't actually married." I didn't want Sara to see me like this, but it was too late. I looked up, and she was standing right behind Mikey.

"Mike," she said, and he took one more look at me and then left. I drew myself to my feet and wiped my face. The small washroom was cramped as it was, but Sara stepped in and shut the door behind her. She placed her soft hands on my face and pressed her forehead to mine. She gently pressed her lips to mine and pressed her body to mine. Right away, I felt myself grow slightly stiff. That could do it to a man who hasn't had sex in awhile.

I kissed back, wanting to take advantage of the situation. Before long, I was ripping her clothes off, to the best of my ability, as we were in a small space, and she was grabbing at mine. When we were naked, I only took a moment to admire her body because my hunger for it overwhelmed me. I took her breasts in my hands and massaged them, while my mouth roamed from her face to neck, and then down to her chest.

She grabbed at my hair and made small noises, only increasing my need to feel myself inside her. I finally tore my mouth away from her breasts and grabbed her by the waist. I picked her up, placed her on the small sink, and pushed her legs apart. I lined myself up and without warning I thrust myself in. She made a surprised noise, but I ignored it and kept pushing.

Her hands clawed at my back as I thrust into her, her teeth biting her bottom lip. Just the look on her face made me go faster, only making her bite her bottom lip even harder.

"Fu-fuck" she stuttered, and then brought her mouth to my neck. She bit my neck hard, making me crazy. She really knew how to turn me on.

I bit her ear lobe, and she bit my neck even harder. The harder she bit, the harder and faster I thrust myself into her.

''Am I hurting you?" I managed to spit out, but instead of answering, she threw her head back and moaned so loudly, it filled the bathroom with an echo. I knew that she had hit her peak, and moments later I hit mine. Finally, I pulled myself out of her, panting, and she pulled me towards her.

"Legally, I'm not your wife," she whispered. "But a piece of paper doesn't mean anything. I'm always yours. But if a piece of paper is what you want, then you can have it."

After we had cleaned ourselves up, and put our clothes back on, we exited the small bathroom. Everyone looked up from what they were doing, and I gave them a sheepish grin. They all remained silent until Ray said, "Finally. I have to piss like a race horse." He pushed past us and slammed the door behind him. Frank gave me an awkward grin before he returned to his book.

I looked over to Sara and she smiled at me.

"We should get working on that wedding."

"Then, by the power vested in me by the state of Illinois, I now pronounce you, truly, husband and wife."

Everyone around us clapped and hooted loudly, but I ignored it and kissed Sara. This time, it was real. It didn't matter that we were backstage after finishing one of our concerts. It didn't matter that the only minister we could find was a seventy year old man who could barely stand on his own. The only thing that mattered that night was that I knew for certain that it was real.
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