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Asking Questions - NOV 29

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Ella and Kara spend the day together. Elle wonders about her daddy.

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Frank jumped off the bed and charged out the door as fast as his little feet would carry him. Kara looked up from the book she was reading. Listening she could hear him bouncing down the stairs to the front door. She closed the book in her lap and sighed. Frank was telling her that The Midget had arrived.
She pulled open the door to be greeted by Elle. “Kawa me’s here.”
Kara pushed open the screen door. “So I see.” She said looking down at Elle. She was shocked when she looked back up. Liv looked terrible. “Come in.” She said stepping back.
Liv shook her head. “I gotta go. You’re mom said you wouldn’t mind watching Elle.” She wanted to make sure Monica’s oldest daughter didn’t mind babysitting for a few hours.
“Sure, no prob.” She smiled to Elle. “Hey go into the kitchen and get Frank a treat. You know where they are.”
Elle nodded, “Me’s do.” She threw her arms around her Mom’s waist. Kara saw Liv cringe in pain. “Bye Bye Mommy.”
Liv bent down to give her a kiss. “Be a good girl.”
“Me’s always dood.” Elle informed her before heading towards the kitchen with Frank in hot pursuit.
Kara looked at Liv, “Uh, I could drive you to wherever you need to go. Then pick you up when you’re done.” She offered. Liv looked so bad she wondered how she’d actually gotten to the house.
Liv gave her a surprised look, “No thanks. I’ll be fine.” She turned to leave.
“If you change you mind about me picking you up just call.”
Liv nodded.
“I mean at least let me drive Elle to the bus station when you’re ready for her.”
Kara’s obvious concern was throwing Liv off guard. She didn’t know how to respond.
“Just sayin’ it’s no problem.” Kara said with a shrug.
Once again Liv nodded and continued to leave the porch.
Kara watched her for a moment then closed the door. She had only taken a few steps towards the kitchen when she heard the crash.
“Kawa.” Elle screamed. Frank was barking loudly as if trying to top her scream.
“What happened?” Kara asked running into the kitchen.
Elle was standing by the counter looking at the broken cookie jar at her feet. She had tears in her eyes. “Me’s sowy.”
“Elle what were you doing in the cookie jar?” Kara crossed to the spot then bent down to pick up the large pieces of broken pottery.
“Fwank wanted a tookie.”
Kara looked up at her, “Frank wanted a cookie?”
Elle nodded. She pushed her hands into her jeans pockets and looked at the floor.
“Go get the broom and let’s get this cleaned up. It’s over there in the closet.” Kara pointed and watched as Elle slowly made her way across the kitchen. It was hard not to smile. When Elle returned with the broom dragging the ground behind her Kara said, “Okay, sweep up the cookies.” She reached down and grabbed Frank who had suddenly realized that there was a pile of broken edible treasure on the floor. Kara put him out on the deck. She turned to see Elle attempting to sweep. It was such a cute sight she smiled. In the end the clean up was a joint effort.
“Okay kid. Wanna go out with Frank and play?”
“You’se too?” Elle asked excitedly.
“Yeah, me too.” Kara said. She figured spending some time outside running around would hopefully use of some of Elle energy.

Bert, Kelly and Monica were seated at a table at The Cheesecake Factor waiting for their lunch to arrive.
“So think Gee-Man will like your dress?” Bert asked Monica.
“I’m sure he will.” Monica replied. “It’s beautiful Bert. Thank you so much for taking me to Cleo’s store.”
“Sure.” He said with a shrug.
Kelly studied him from across the table. She and Bert had shared an interesting conversation back at Cleo’s store. She was just beginning to understand Bert. He was really so much deeper than he let on.
“It’s still hard for me to believe Gerard found the perfect woman.” He said after taking a drink of his Coke.
I’m not prefect.” Monica said with a laugh. “Pretty far from it to be honest.”
“You’re perfect for him.” Bert said knowingly, “I’m glad he found someone to love who loves him back just as much.”
“You mean because of what happened with Liv?” Monica asked looking down.
Bert realized Liv was a touchy subject for her. “After what happened with Liv I honestly didn’t think he’d ever fall in love again. You changed all that.”
Monica nodded still looking down.
Bert didn’t know what to say. “Monica” he said softly reaching across the table and taking her hand, “I meant what I said you and Gerard are prefect for each other. He loves you.”
Kelly sighed. “It would be better if Liv would talk to Dad.”
Both Bert and Monica turned to her.
Kelly wished she hadn’t opened her mouth. “I mean cause of Elle.” She said trying to explain.
Monica agreed, “I do think you’re right. They have a child together. They should speak to each other about her.”
“But she’s afraid.” Kelly said softly picking up her glass of water.
“Afraid of what? That we’ll try to take Elle from her?” Monica guessed.
Kelly shook her head slowly, “No, that’s not what she’s afraid of.”
Bert looked at the young girl. Some of the things that they had talked about earlier were still rattling around in his brain.
“She afraid.” Kelly said again thinking back to the last time she spoke to Liv. She still couldn’t forget the things she had suddenly known about Liv’s past.
“I don’t understand Kelly. What is Liv afraid of?” Monica asked.
“Everything” Kelly said sadly, “But mostly she’s afraid about Elle’s future.”
“But why? Gerard and I will make sure Elle never goes without anything she needs.”
Kelly couldn’t talk about this anymore. When she thought of Liv she suddenly felt so sad and helpless. Luckily the food arrived and Bert made sure the conversation was changed.

“Yes” Kara answered looking over at a very sleepy Elle. They had played outside for almost and hour with Frank, came back in and had lunch and were now watching “Sleeping Beauty.”
“You’se me’s sister?”
Wow the kid came up with questions out of nowhere. “Yeah” Kara answered hoping she wouldn’t expect any kind of explanation.
“You’se and Kewee me’s sisters.” She nodded happily to herself.
“Me’s has a mommy.” Elle moved across the sofa settled herself into Kara’s arms.
“Yeah, me too.” Kara said starting to wonder where this was going.
“Mommyca’s you’se mommy.”
“Right.” Kara absently stroked Elle’s hair.
“Kewee has a daddy.” Elle said looking away from the movie and into Kara’s face.
Oh boy, Kara thought. She had a feeling she knew where this was going.
“Dadgee’s kewee’s daddy.”
Kara nodded but offered no comment.
“Me’s gots no daddy.” She said sadly.
Kara looked at her wondering what on earth she was supposed to say. Crap, why her?
Luck was on Kara’s side. Liv called before she had to give Elle some sort of answer.

“Wonder where Kara and Elle are?” Monica said as she and Kelly walked into the kitchen. She had noticed when Bert dropped them out front that Kara’s car was missing.
“Maybe Liv already picked up Elle and Kara decided to go somewhere.” Kelly said. She glanced over and noticed the empty spot on the counter. “Hey, where’d the cookie jar go?”
Monica followed her gaze, “I don’t know.”
“The Midget broke it.” Kara said coming in through the sliding glass deck door. She threw her keys down on the counter and slipped off her shoes.
“Where were you?” Monica asked.
“I just took Elle to the bus station. Liv called and asked me to met her there,”
Monica was surprised. As many times as she had offered Liv had always declined the offer. “Liv asked you to meet her?”
Kara walked over and took a glass out of the cabinet. She filled it with tap water before answering, “Actually I offered. I don’t think Liv could have walked all the way her to get Elle then make it back.”
“What?” Monica asked. “Why?”
“Well cause someone beat the shit out of her.” Kara replied looking at her Mom.
Monica was shocked. “What are you talking about?”
Kelly joined in the conversation, “Yeah, her face was bruised when she came to get Elle on Wednesday.”
“And you didn’t tell me?”
Kelly frowned, “Liv was trying to hide it. I just came right out and asked her about it.”
“What did she say?”
“That she ran into someone she shouldn’t have.” Kelly followed Kara’s lead and got a glass of water too.
Monica was shocked. She didn’t know what to say. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.”
“Why?” Kara asked.
Monica turned to her, “Well because. What if Liv is in some kind of trouble? What if she and Elle aren’t safe where they’re living? This is serious.”
“It’s really not our business.” Kara said setting her glass down in the sink.
“Not our business?” Monica said angrily. “Elle is involved, it is our business.”
Kara shook her head, “Mom, Liv is Elle’s mom. Not you.”
Monica couldn’t hide the hurt look on her face. She turned and walked out of the kitchen.
“Way to go, idiot.” Kelly said to her sister.
“I didn’t mean it like it sounded.” Kara said truly regretting her words. “I just meant that Mom shouldn’t worry about things she can’t change.”
“You hurt her feeling, you know.”
“I didn’t mean to.” Kara said defending her actions, “I understand she’s worried about The Midget but what can she do?”
“Elle is gonna be our sister.” Kelly said
“Yeah, I know. I like the kid. She’s pretty damn smart. She asked me today if I was her sister.”
“What did you say?” Kelly’s eyes narrowed.
“I told her I was. Then she told me she has a mommy but no daddy.”
Kelly frowned, “When do you think they’re gonna tell her the truth?”
Kara shook her head, “I got on idea but eventually she’s gonna start asking more and more questions.”
“Yeah” Kelly said sadly, “She will.”
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