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Under Her Spell - DEC 1

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Monica has some bad new for Gee. Donna is worried.

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Hey Gee. Catch you at a bad time?" Monica sat down on the sofa dreading this conversation. She knew how much he loved Kara's car. This wasn't gonna be pretty.
"No, just getting ready to head for the airport. What's up?" He took a break from packing to sit down.
"Kara's car got vandalized last night." There that was direct and to the point.
"Someone vandalized her car." Monica repeated slowly.
His voice was angry. "How bad?"
"Bad. All four tires were slashed. Lots of ugly words scratched into the paint. It was also sprayed with black paint. They broke the drivers window out and trashed the inside. Cut up the upholstery." She paused "and they messed with the engine. It won't even start."
"Son of a bitch" Gerard ground out. "I'm assuming this has something to do with Mike?"
"That would be my guess. The police came out and made a report. I talked to the officers about the situation with Kelly and the restraining order. They said they would question Mike."
'Fuck. That little shit." Gerard looked up when Bob walked in. Bob gave him a nod letting him know he already knew.
"Where was the car parked?" Gerard asked.
"On the street right out front."
"This had to fucking stop."
"Kelly is really upset about it. She feels like all of this is somehow her fault. Her friend Sarah told her yesterday that she had heard how angry Mike was when he got served the restraining order on Thursday night."
Frank poked his head in the door to see if they were ready. Bob lifted his tote and looked towards Gerard.
"Hon, I gotta go. I'll call you later on."
"I'm sorry Gee. I know how much you liked the car."
He laughed lightly. "Yeah, well it's only a car. I'm more worried about the anger that's been displayed." He didn’t want Monica to worry. "Anyway, we don't have to worry about it. Kara's husband will buy her a new car. Tell her I think she'd look great in a Corvette."
Bob shot him an angry look.
Monica tried to laugh; "I'll talk to you later. Love you."
“Love you too." He disconnected the shoved the rest of his clothes in his bag. "This fucking sucks." he said looking over at Bob who was waiting for him by the door.
Bob nodded, "Yeah, that boy has a lot of anger."

"Michael could you come down here a minute?" Holly stood at the foot of the stairs waiting for her son to appear. Mike who had looked out the window and saw the police car parked out front answered in his best polite voice.
"Yeah, Mom. What is it?" He walked down the steps giving the police a surprised look.
"These officers have a few questions they'd like to ask you." She reached out and touched her son's arm.
"Sure." Mike smiled. "What about?"
The older officer took a stop foreword. "We need to know where you were last night."
"Last night?" Mike asked innocently.
"Yes, last night after 9:00 PM."
"I was here." Mike said with a smile. His mother flinched slightly.
The officer turned to her. "Can you vouch for this?"
Holly looked at her son, "Of course. Mike was here all night. I was up late watching a movie. Mike was in his room."
"How do you know he was in his room?" The second officer asked.
"He went up after dinner. I spoke to him several times during the evening."
Mike smiled, "I spend a lot of time in my room playing video games."
"When was the last time you spoke to your son?" The younger officer asked Holly.
Holly paused as if thinking. "Lets see. It was way after midnight. I checked in on him before going to my own room. He was asleep."
Both officers exchanged a glance. "Was there anyone else here that would have seen him here?"
Holly frowned, "You aren't calling me a liar, are you?"
"No ma’am. I'm just doing my job."
"What’s this all about?"
"The sister of the girl who has a restraining order against your son had her car vandalized last night."
Holly's eyes grew large. "I think I should call my lawyer. You are accusing my son."
"No he's not been accused of anything. We just need to establish his whereabouts."
“Well you have and I would like you to leave now." Holly walked towards the door. The officers followed her. The thanked her before leaving. Holly shut the door and spun around. "Michael, tell me you had nothing to do with this."
Mike lowed his head "Mom, I didn't. I swear to you."
"Well I don't like lying for you. Where were you last night?"
Mike was surprised by her anger. "Mom, Dylan and I just hung around his house. We watched some TV and played video games."
"Maybe we should have told the police the truth." Holly fretted.
"No, Dylan’s parents weren't home so they wouldn't have believed us."
Holly sighed, "What are we going to tell your father? We will have to tell him when he gets home on Sunday."
Mike put his hand on her arm, "Mom, just tell him I was here last night. I know it's lying but I don't want Dad to be any angrier with me." He took a deep breath, "You know how much I disappoint him." As he expected Holly moved to hug him.
"That's not true Mike. He's not disappointed in you." Mike noticed that she couldn't even make that sound true.
"Thanks Mom." Mike whispered. He needed to call Dylan and let him know what was going on.

Donna called after lunch. She was shocked to hear about Kara's car. She told Don who was seated next to her what had happened. He sounded as upset as Gerard had been.
"I called to invite you girls over tomorrow. I haven't seen any of you for weeks." Donna said explaining the reason for her call.
Monica smiled. Gerard was gone and she was getting the guilt treatment from his mom. "That would be nice. I'm sure both Kelly and Kara would love to come."
Donna cleared her throat. "Uh, is there anyway you could bring Elle? Don wants to meet her."
"I'm sorry but I don't have any way to call Liv." Monica explained sadly.
"She still hasn't given you a number?" Donna sounded angry.
"No she hasn't. I'm still not sure where they are living either. Gerard was pretty upset about it too. When Elle fell and hurt her lip he pointed out to me later that had it been something really serious we wouldn't have been able to let Liv know."
There was silence on the other end. Finally Donna spoke. "When were you and Gerard with Elle at McDonalds?"
Monica cringed. Oh hell, Donna did know Gerard had just been in town. For that matter she didn't know what was going on with Kelly. Monica realized that when she had told her about the car she must have thought it was a random incident. "Uh, Donna there's been a lot of things happening I haven't told you about. I really want to sit down and have a long talk tomorrow if that's okay with you?"
"Monica, you know that's okay. I've missed you and the girls. Just tell me though was my son back in town?"
"Kelly has had some problems and he came back to offer his support. We got to spend the day with Elle on Wednesday."
Donna asked immediately, "Is Kelly okay?"
"She is. We’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. It’s kinda complicated.”
"So how did Gerard and Elle get along?" She asked softly.
Monica smiled and thought back to the night she and Gerard had laid in bed with Elle between them. "He loves her and she loves him. She calls him Dadgee."
Donna smiled over at Don. "I'm so glad." Don got up and moved to sit next to her on the sofa. He leaned to press a kiss on her cheek.
They made plans for tomorrows visit before saying goodbye. Donna replaced the receiver. "I hope none of this hurts Monica."
Don looked surprised, "Why would it?"
"Because of that she-devil Liv. I know she wants Gerard back."
"Our son is in love with Monica." Don said firmly.
"But think how much he loved Liv. And they have a child." Donna sat back in Don's arms. She prayed that her son didn't fall under Liv's spell once again.
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