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Wake Me Up - DEC 2

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“When he got into his hotel room in Sacramento Gerard called home. “Have the police questioned Mike?” was his first question.
Monica dried off her hands then threw down the dishtowel. “I haven’t heard anything. Where are you?” She was surprised by his call. She hadn’t been expecting him to call until after the concert.
“I’m at the hotel. We had some problems getting here. I’ve got to head over to the arena in a few but I wanted to check in. You know I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened to Kara’s car and I’m worried. That kid is out of control.”
Monica sat down at the kitchen table. “I suppose we shouldn’t assume Mike vandalized her car without proof.”
“Come on, you and I both know it was him.”
“Yeah, I agree but I’m just saying…”
Gerard took out a cigarette and lit it, “God, when I think about Kelly dating him it turns my stomach. How is she doing?”
“She’s pretty good. In a way she still blames herself for this mess but talking with that counselor seems to have helped her a lot. She and Kara are upstairs looking at cars on the Internet.” Monica added with a smile.
Gerard laughed, “Did you tell her I thought she should get a Corvette?”
“Yeah, she said to tell you she totally agrees.”
“Man, I wish I was home.” His voice was full of longing.
“If you were home right now you’d be helping me clean the kitchen. Now what sound more fun? Performing in front of thousands of adoring fans or cleaning out the fridge?”
He laughed, “Well when you put it that way.” He lowered his voice, “Actually I’d rather be at home in bed.”
“Down, Mr. Way. I know that voice and I know where your thoughts are going.”
“For sure. I didn’t even get my last night of lovin’ when I was home.”
Monica remembered Elle snuggled up between them. “Hey, the life of a parent. What can I say?”
“You can say that you are looking foreword to Denver as much as I am.”
“I am looking foreword to Denver. The place hold some pretty damn fond memories for me.”
Gerard smiled, “Yeah, me too. God it seems like ages ago. I was so fucking scared you were gonna say no.”
“I miss you.” Monica said softly.
“Miss you too. Want me to give you a call after the concert? I know I’ll wake you up if I do.”
“Wake me up, Mr. Way.” Monica said smiling. “Wake me up.”

“Alicia?” Jamia said lowering the sound on the TV. She wondered where she had disappeared to.
“Be right there.” Alicia yelled from the bathroom. She leaned against the sink and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Damn she looked bad. Almost as bad as she felt. Stupid doctor, stupid tests. She wanted to know what was wrong with her right now. If the doctor’s office didn’t have the test results on Monday she was going to have to make another appointment. She couldn’t ever remember feeling this bad. Hiding it from Jamia was getting harder and harder. She ran some cold water over her face then headed out to the living room.
“I didn’t mean to bug you I was just worried. You’ve been gone a long time.” Jamia said looking at Alicia closely. “You feeling bad?”
Alicia forced a smile. “I’m fine. Stop worrying.”
“Frank called earlier when you were at the grocery store. He was telling me how the guys bonded with Christa today.”
“Yeah, I talked to Mikey and he told me the same thing. Poor Christa.” She teased.
“I wish I could trade places with her.” Alicia said suddenly. “I wish I was with Mikey.”
Jamia gave her a strange look. “You miss him or do you need him?”
“What?” The question caught her off guard. “Both. I miss him and need him.”
“That’s not what I meant. It’s one thing to miss him. Shit, I miss Frank with all my heart. But if something is wrong and you need to be with Mikey you should totally fly out and be with him.”
There was nothing in the world Alicia wanted to do more than go to Mikey but she couldn’t. Until she knew what was wrong with her it would only make things worse. Besides she didn’t think she could fly taking into consideration how badly she felt right now. She decided to get Jamia off track. “What and leave you? Can’t do it, you and those kids are my responsibility.” She teased, “It’s a nasty job but someone has to do it.”
Jamia smiled, “I would understand” she said softly.
Unexpectedly Alicia walked over and gave her a hug, “I know you would. But really I’m not going anywhere. Now how about a snack?”
“After all the pizza we ate for dinner?” Jamia was still feeling stuffed.
Alicia shrugged, “I’m still kinda hungry.”
“What for?”
“I’m not sure. I’m gonna go look in the kitchen, maybe something will grab my attention.” She walked into the kitchen and started to look in the cabinets. A sudden pain in her side made her almost double over. Tears sprung to her eyes. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” she whispered.

Mikey looked at the clock disgustedly. He only had a few minutes before the band would hit the stage. Sitting down in the backstage lounge he pulled out his cell phone from his bag and dialed Alicia's number anyway. He needed to hear her voice.
"Hey, shouldn't you be on stage?" She asked
"That's a nice greeting." He laughed. "Thanks."
Alicia sat down at the kitchen table. "Just sayin' dude. What's up?"
Mikey laughed, "Not a fuckin' thing. Just waiting to play."
"Well I hope you don't think this quick phone call means you don't have to call me after the concert." She teased.
"I just wanted to hear your voice." He said suddenly.
"What's wrong, Baby?" She heard something in his voice that was troubling.
Mikey leaned back and closed his eyes, "I miss you."
Alicia sighed, "You gotta know how fucking much I miss you."
"Alicia, is everything okay?"
Alicia closed her eyes too. God, lying to Mikey was hard but she knew it was something she had to do. He would freak if he knew she was sick. "Yeah, for sure. I'm just waitin' for my man to get home." She tried to lighten the mood. "Well I am kinda worried about our babies."
"What's wrong with the cats?"
Alicia laughed, "Well they're petty pissed that I only stop by every other day to take care of them. I'm worried they may kill us in our sleep when you get home. You know how they are."
Mikey's laugh was good to hear, "Oh man, don't piss off cats that's true." He saw the rest of the guys heading towards the stage. "Hey, gotta go. I'll call you later. Love you."
"Love you too. Go kick ass on that stage." She disconnected then lowered her had to the table. Shit, she missed him.

"Michael where are you going?" Holly stood in front of the door blocking her son's exit.
"Just gonna hang with Dylan." Mike was already late for the party at Steve's and he didn't need to have his Mom asking questions. He kissed her cheek, "I'll be home before midnight."
Holly kissed him back, "You said that the last time you went out and I heard you come in at 2:00 am."
Mike controlled his temper. "Mom, really I'm just gonna hang with Dylan."
"Well just remember your father gets back in the morning. He's going to ask me if you've been following the rules he set for you."
Shit, he didn't want his old man to come home ever. He gave his Mom a fake smile. "I know. I've been a good boy."
Holly's eyes narrowed, "He's not going to be happy the police questioned you about that girls car getting vandalized.
"Mom, I told you. I didn't have anything to do with that." He knew Dylan was waiting. Would she ever move?
"Maybe you should stay in tonight."
No fucking way, he thought. "Mom, come on. It's Saturday night. I don't wanna stay at home." He gave her a sad smile, "I'm still feeling bad I don't have a girlfriend to spend it with. Don't make me stay home."
Holly hated to see him unhappy. "You are better off without the girlfriend you had." She relented, "Be home by midnight."
"Will do." Mike said as she moved away from the door.
Holly watched her son head for his car. If only he and his father had a better relationship things would be easier. She sighed and headed towards the TV room. She made up her mind to wait up to make sure her son got home on time.

"Dude, you're fucking late." Dylan said sliding into Mike's car. "Where the fuck we're you?"
Mike took a swig of his beer then placed the empty can under his seat. "Old lady didn't want to let me out of the house."
"She pissed about the police questioning you?"
"Yeah, and I know she's freaking out about how my old man's gonna take the news." He reached behind the seat and grabbed another beer.
Dylan looked over at him. "Man, why not wait until we get to the party? There's gonna be plenty to drink there."
Mike laughed, "You worried about me?" He said in a girly voice.
"Fuck no." Dylan leaned back and grabbed a can for himself. "You only live once, right?"
"Yeah, man. You only fucking live once. Might as well make it a party." He said as they speeded through the night.
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