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Some More Explaing....

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[u]Drew’s POV[/u]

“You are what?” Ray asked me with a smile not believing me. I looked at both of my guys.

“It’s true the three of us are a couple.” Frank replied backing me up. The two of them looked at each other then at us.

“So how exactly does that work?” Erica gave me a half smile, and raised her eyebrows.

“Well just like a regular couple it just three of us.” I smiled back.

“Do you two….you know?” Ray asked looking at Gerard and Frank.

“No, no sex with each other just her.” Gerard replied quickly.

“Damn whore, couldn’t make up your mind huh?” Erica laughed as she playful pushed me. We all laughed.

“Well Congrats…I guess. If you three are happy that way then we are happy for you.” Ray smiled.

“Thanks, I knew you guys would understand.” I smiled as we walked down the hall and into the living room.

“Hey baby? I don’t suppose you have any other friends of yours that we could try this out with?” Ray chuckled as we sat down.

“Your are not funny.” Erica threw a pillow at him. I am glad that I have Erica’s support and I am sure that Frank and Gee are glad for Ray’s. Even though that we do what we want it still helps for the understanding.
We ended up watching a movie with them by the time that was over we where all starving. So the three of us said good bye and head on our way.
“What are you two in the mood for?” Frank asked.

“I would kill for some pasta right about now.” I sighed and looked over at Gerard.

“That sounds good, what do you think?” Gerard asked Frank through the rear view mirror.

“Fine with me. “ The voice in the back replied. Gerard pulled into our favorite Italian restaurant and parked. They both escorted me into the building, giggling.
We where sitting at the table waiting for our food. Frank and I where coloring on the kids menu and Gerard just watched us.

“Tell me why they only give you two colors like red and blue when there are like tress and all to color.” I sighed.

“I guess they really want you to use your imagination.” Frank answered as he colored red tree. His tongue slightly hanging out of his lips. He looked so cute. I looked over at Gerard he was watching me, when I caught his stare he smiled.

“I never thought that two twenty five year olds coloring would be so cute.” He sighed.
We both smiled and laughed.
Our food arrived and we ate in silence for a while.

“I have a question, Frank are you going to actually sleep in your room or with us?” I asked breaking the silence.

“I don’t know really I guess we can just see how it goes.” Frank replied before he took a bite of spaghetti. We spent the rest of the dinner talking about random things work, the possibility of getting a pet. That night we pulled out the couch and all feel asleep watching movies. The first month flew by, the three of us still a little awkward around each other.

[u]Gerard’s POV[/u]

It was Saturday night and we had several friends over as a late house warming party since it was bout two months ago when Drew and I moved in then Frankie came along. The guest were mostly our close friends, Ray and Erica of course. Then there was Mikey, my younger brother, and his live in girl friend Hope. Also another friend of Drew and Frank’s from college Tristan who Drew mentioned to me would be perfect with her cousin that lived in Illinois. Her other cousin, the one she couldn’t stand, was also there she was staying in the city and Drew was some what obligated to invite her and have her spend time with us.

Drew was forced to explain our situation to her, she knew she wouldn’t understand it but Drew seemed to find a way to get her too and keep the secret. I have noticed that she has had her eye on me though. Which made me uncomfortable. They all new our little “secret” and supported us… completely although Mikey just heisted a bit since he was afraid that I would get hurt. He even warned me when I started dating Drew, he likes her and they get along but he just worries. Ray was also very protective of Drew, was also weary about her getting hurt. But they supported us when we explained it completely to them.

I walked back into the living room after getting more drink for Erica. Frank come up behind me and put his arm around my waist then planted a kiss on my cheek. I couldn’t help but tense up, I cared about him and our relationship but I was still not use to the idea of showing it in front of anyone besides Drew. Frankie notice and gave me a hurt look before removing his arm. I didn’t have time to say an apology because Drew bounced in between us apparently she had already had a bit to drink. She kissed both of us on the lips before starting a conversation with Erica about some show called Big Love that the watched religiously.

The party went great we where cleaning up a bit. Well Frankie and I where Drew was trying but couldn’t stop giggling.

“Are you faking this?” Frank asked out of nowhere.

“Excuse me, what?” I asked confused, I could see he was getting really upset.

“Us, me and you, I know you care about Drew but do you really care about me the same way?” he said not hiding the hurt. Drew stopped and watched us.

“Frank what are you talking about, of course I care about you.” I explained honestly.

“Then why don’t you show it in front of others, All couples kiss around there friends, why can’t you kiss me or just hug me?”

“Frank…. I don’t know its not something I do on purpose, I am still getting used to the fact that I can finally act on my feelings for you its still new to me.” I replied as I crossed the room to him taking his face in my hands. Drew looked back and forth at us, I couldn’t read the expression on her face.

“What are you feeling for me now then?” he breathed inches from my face. I couldn’t help but get excited at his voice and words. I pulled him into a kiss, pushing my tongue roughly into his mouth, and our bodies smashed together. I could feel that he was also hard. I nibbled at his lip before pulling away. He pushed his hips into mine and mouthed I want you against my lips. We both looked over at Drew at that moment and she was just smiling and then started giggling again.

“You have no idea how hot that is….” She smiled as she got up from the couch and stumbled her way to the bed room. Frank and I kissed our way to the bedroom taking turns pushing the other against the wall with kisses and removing clothes. We joined Drew in the bedroom giggling as much as her, which were soon replaced by moans and heavy breathing.
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