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Girls night in.

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girls night in..gossip boy talk the usual

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*so so sorry its been soooooo long but had computer problem and log in problems and ugh just a big mess lolz

Drew’s POV

It had been about a week since the party, and the girls where over one night and we were watching TV. I was sitting on the couch with Erica, and Tirstan and Hope were on the floor in front of us. We where all sharing a bowl of popcorn.

“So when are you going to finally set Tristen up on a date with your cousin?” Hope asked with a smirk.

“I don’t know when ever he finally moves his lazy ass from Chicago.” I replied smiling at Tristian.

“I don’t want you to hook me up with anyone, I can find a man on my own.” Tristen smiled.

“You will love him he is shy just like you, you are perfect for each other.” I gushed.

“The cousin that always looks mad? He never talks how will she get to know him.” Erica replied mouth half full with popcorn.

“I didn’t think that Mikey could smile or even laugh but I have seen it happen believe it or not, but he does talk thank you very much.” I replied shoving more popcorn in my mouth. They laughed as Frank let himself in. He was just getting home from his band practice. He put his guitar down and took off his jacket and the quickly greeted me with a kiss. He smiled at my friends.

“So girls night in huh?” he smiled as he sat on the other side of Erica.

“So what movie are you guys watching tonight?” he asked as he took some popcorn.

“Pretty Woman, a classic chick flick.” Hope smiled.

“So are you going to join us or not?” I smiled at him.

“Nah, I will leave you ladies alone let you do your girly thing, I will just be in my room.” He answered using a high squeaky girly voice. As he got up and walked down the hall to his room.

“He is so cute Drew you know that, you are luck.” Erica laughed.

“Yeah as if that’s not enough for her she has to steal another sweet cute guy too.” Hope added with a sigh and rolling her eyes. I laughed.

“So…..Drew how does that work exactly. Do they just take turns like you spend the night with Frank one night then Gerard the other or what?” Tristen asked with a funny look.

“Well not exactly, how do I say this um in the beginning we made a pact like on sex when all three of us are together.

“So you fuck them both at the same time! I bet its like a porn every time then huh.” Hope snickered.

“No not at the exact same time like that….” I blushed.

“So they do take turns just in the same night?” Erica smirked.

“Oh, so what do they like you know to each other?” Tristen asked, I couldn’t read her expression it was either shock or fear.

“NO, not like sex with them the just you know make out I guess you could say.” I stammered.

“You know what that wouldn’t turn me on at all with any other two guys but with them two it just seems really hot.” Erica confessed. We all having a giggle fit when Gerard walked through the front door. He just smiled at us and took off his coat.

“Nothing really, Erica was just telling me how hot it must be to be able to watch you and Frank make out. OWWW!” I screamed in pain as Erica pinched the hell out of my side.

“Whore, shut up” She grumbled as she turned red. Gerard just laughed as well as Hope and Tristen.

“I am going to tell Ray you said that.” Hope chuckled. Not long after that there was a small fight braking out on our living room floor. Erica was beating Hope with a pillow and we where all laughing. Then Erica turned to me.

“You and your big mouth.” She breathed through her laughter. I was soon being pulled of the couch by my feet and beaten with a pillow as well.
“Now if only you girls wear in your underwear this would be so damn hot!” I heard Frank’s voice call over the giggles and thumps of the pillows. We stopped and looked at him for a moment. I tossed a pillow at him.

“This has been fun bitches, but I need to go, Ray is at home waiting for me.” Erica announced as she stood up.

“Erica you didn’t leave him handcuffed to the bed again did you?” I smirked.

“No, I am not cruel like Hope over there” Erica giggled. One by one the girls left. I was sitting on the couch with Frank and Gee not really talking about anything just sitting there. We were interrupted by the phone ringing. I answered it the quickly got off.

“That was my aunt, apparently my cousin is coming up again and she wants to know if she can crash her for a couple of nights.” I grumbled.

“When?” Frankie asked as I plopped back down on the couch.

“Next month sometime.” I sighed. This wasn’t going to be fun. I couldn’t really stand my cousin and plus I know she had her eye on Gerard, even though I am with him it wont stop her. This is not going to be fun.
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