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The Darkness - DEC 5 (no 3 or 4th)

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Kelly knows something is wrong, very wrong.

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Kelly looked over at the clock and sighed. It was almost 2am and she couldn't sleep. Maybe she'd go downstairs and get something to eat. She slipped out of bed and stuffed her feet into her sock monkey slippers. Once in the hall she could hear her mothers voice coming from her bedroom. She must be talking to Dad. His concert would be over and she knew how much her mom waited for his call. When she reached the bottom of the stairs Frank lifted his head. His tail started pounding on the floor.
"Shhh Frank. Wanna get a snack?"
He jumped up and followed her to the kitchen. Without flipping on the lights Kelly opened the fridge. Unfortunately nothing really looked appetizing. "I don't see anything How about you." She asked the dog at her feet.
Frank's tail wagged happily.
"Okay we'll split a piece of left-over pizza." She said opening the box and grabbing a slice.
With pizza in hand and dog at her feet she walked to the glass deck doors. The darkness outside made her uneasy. "Stop being silly." She said out loud as she deactivated the alarm then unlatched the door. "No boogieman. Besides you'll protect me. Won't you Frank?"
Frank's mind was on the pizza in her hand. They walked out onto the deck and sat at the top of the stairs. Frank sat patiently waiting. "Here ya go" she held out a large piece she broke off her slice. Frank swallowed it in one bite.
'Pig" Kelly whispered.
Frank nuzzled against her leg. "Yeah, you get more." She laughed and gave him another piece. The rest she popped into her mouth.
Once Frank realized there was no more pizza he settled down next to her, laying his head down and closing his eyes.
Kelly looked out into the darkness of the yard. Something seemed wrong but she couldn't figure out what. "Wish I could figure out how to understand these feeling.'" she said out loud. Frank raised his head.
"Don't worry, boy. You don't have to answer." She smiled and patted his head. He lowered his head again and dozed off to doggy dreamland.
Suddenly Kelly left a chill run down her spine. She looked around nervously. Something was wrong. Something bad. She closed her eyes and tired to concentrate. Tried to understand this terrible feeling. In a way she had felt it was coming all night. That was why she couldn't sleep. This was driving her mad. Knowing something terrible was wrong but not understanding what. Usually she at least knew who it involved but not this time. 'Come on Frank. Let's go in." Suddenly the darkness felt like it was closing in on her.

"Hold on Gee." Monica said stopping Gerard in mid sentence. "Yes?" she called out in answer to the knock on her bedroom door.
Kelly peeked her head in. "Just making sure you and Dad are alright."
"Why wouldn't we be?" Monica asked surprised to see Kelly up at this hour.
Kelly shrugged, "I don't know."
Monica could hear Gerard's voice. "Hon, let me talk to her."
Monica held out the phone to Kelly, "He wants to talk to you."
Slowly she pushed open the door and walked over towards the bed. "Hello?
"Hey, Kell. What's wrong?"
Kelly felt silly for alarming them. "Nothing, I just couldn't sleep."
"Man, that's not a problem for me. I’m so tired right now I could fall over. Maybe a snack?"
"Just got back from having one. Me and Frank that is."
"That dog is a pig." Gerard laughed.
"Yeah, he ate most of my slice of pizza."
"Sure you're okay, Hon?" He worried about her. She had gone through so much the last few weeks.
"I'm gonna head to bed now. I just wanted to make sure all you guys are okay."
"Well, were all back at the hotel, so yeah, we're all good. You had another one of those feeling, right?"
"Yeah, but I don't know who it's about. I just know it's bad."
Gerard lit another cigarette, "Wish I knew what to tell you."
"Hey, maybe someday I'll figure it all out. Love you Dad."
"Love you too, Kell. Sweet dreams."
Kelly handed the phone back to her mom, gave her a kiss on the cheek then headed back to her room.
"Okay" Monica said, "Tell me about Frank."
Gerard laughed, "He was hyper tonight but he stayed on the stage. Somehow he managed to knock Mikey over. I looked back and Mikey was on the ground, still playing."
"Bet that was a sight." Monica laughed.
"Fuck, yeah. There was just so much energy tonight. It was rad."
Monica laughed the sound of his voice when he was still high on the excitement. "I'll have to look for it on the Internet."
"For sure. Hey I got a surprise for you." He said suddenly changing the subject.
"A surprise for me?"
"Yep, a surprise."
"Well when do I get this surprise?" Monica asked wondering what he was up to.
"When I meet you in Denver."
"Give me a hint?"
"Not a chance. But I think you'll like it." He snuffed out his cigarette and moved towards his bed.
"The only thing I want in Denver is you." Monica said lowering her voice.
Gerard moaned, "Oh woman, you have no idea how much I want you."

"I shouldn't be calling you. You need your sleep."
"I need to talk to you." Jamia said snuggling under her blankets. "Besides I was napping all day. That's all I do anymore. Sleep and eat."
"Sounds like two great things to me." Frank said walking into his hotel room. He was glad to see Mikey had gone downstairs to call Alicia. "Hey, is Alicia okay? Has she heard back from the doctor yet?"
"Not yet. She says she okay but I can tell she's not. I worry about her and I know she's hiding how bad she feels from me."
"I think Mikey knows something’s up."
"Frank, you didn't say anything did you?" She accused.
"No, I didn't but he just keeps saying how much he misses her and wishes he was home."
"Those two have some kind of psychic bond. Alicia is trying so hard not to let on she's sick."
Frank lowered his voice, "You don't think it's anything serious, do you?"
Jamia frowned, "I hope not with all my heart."
Frank sat down and kicked off his shoes. "I wish I was home too."
"Me too" Jamia said sadly. "But hey, not much longer, right?"

"I'm so fucking late. Hope the old lady ain't waitin' up." Mike said as he stumbled towards his car. The party was still gonna on strong but Dylan was bitchin' at him to leave.
"I ain't got no body waitin' for me,” Dylan slurred as he tired for the second time to open the car door.
"Hey fuck it. I'm late so who give a fuck. Let's drive by Kelly's."
"What the fuck for?"
"Fuck I dunno. Throw some shit at the house maybe." In his intoxicated mind this seemed like fine idea.
Dylan who wasn't quite as drunk shook his head, 'Dude you need to stay away from there."
Mike laughed, "I'm ain't worried. Shit, maybe she's got her cell back and I'll call her to come out."
"Fuck, she ain't that stupid."
"Yeah, the stupid bitch is." Mike started the car and peeled out.
Dylan got thrown against the dash, "Mother fucker that hurt." He yelled. "We otta go home."
"Hey, you only live once dude. Gotta live it up." Mike said reaching over and turning up the radio.

Kelly was almost to her room when Frank began to whine.
"Hey, you were just outside. Why didn't you go then?"
Frank whined again and headed for the steps. He looked back to make sure Kelly was following.
"I'm coming." She said tiredly. "I'll give you three minutes outside and that's it."
At the bottom of the stairs Frank went to the front door and whined louder. Usually she let him out in back but her really seemed to need out now. She deactivated the alarm and opened the front door. Frank stood waiting for the screen door to open. She pushed it for him and followed him out. Once again the darkness was not welcoming.
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