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Brook woke up many times during the night, but she just snuggled closer to Kakashi who held her tighter in his sleep. She groaned when sunlight streamed through the single hole in the curtains right into her eye. She groaned and rolled over to so she could press her face against his chest, but he wasn't there and she fell out of the bed.

She layed on her back on the hardwood floor laughing, loving her life at that moment. Kakashi was leaning against the door, watching her with a smile, when she opened her eyes, making her laugh even harder.

"What's so funny?" He cocked his head to one side, his hair moving with his head. She grabbed her sides and laughed. She was crying with the laughter now. "Get up."

She didn't get the chance. Kakashi picked her up and layed her on the bed, hovering above her. "Tsunade called. She wants to talk to us."

"You are amazing at ruining moments, you know that?" She said up at him, wanting to kiss him.

"I'm sorry about that." He pressed his lips to her's, his hand on her upper thigh. His hand moved slowly up, wanting to touch her stomach. She let him, but shook slightly when he did. He pulled away from her, rolling to the side. She opened her eyes half-way, looking at him.

"What?" She asked softly. His hand wouldn't move from her stomach, and his eyes wouldn't move from his hand. "Kakashi," She said when he didn't answer. "What is it?"

"I just wish it wasn't his," He said quietly, "Anyone's but Itachi's." He said the name like it was a curse word.

She pulled his hand up so he would look at her. "Not just anyone. I'm not a whore." He raised an eyebrow. "I really thought he cared about me. Like you said, we all make mistakes." She got off the bed and walked towards the door, saying, "Mine just tend to be worse."

Kakashi was in front of her before she could touch the doorframe. He could tell by the way she bit her lips and looked at the ground that she was trying not to cry. A tear fell from her eye anyway. (A/N: I'm not sure how to describe the sound of sobbing, so be imaginitive.)

He picked her up again, carying her to the bed. Brook looked up at him, her face carefully composed. She kissed him, and he could feel the eagerness on her lips.

He let her take off his vest, but when her hands searched for the bottom of his shirt, he pulled away from her.

"Uhm... What are we doing?"

"I want..." She stuterred.

"What do you want?"

"You." She looked up at him with an emotion he couldn't read.

"Brook," He took both of her hands between his. "We will. I'd just rather have it not be in reaction to Itachi Uchiha."

Brook turned away from him, suddenly realizing why she couldn't look at him and why her eyes were too wet.

Rejection washed over her in bug, crashing waves. She had been rejected before, but she had never made herself quite this vulnerable until now. She sniffled, and then Kakashi's arms were around her, folding her into his chest. She put her hands on his arms, trying to pull them away. He didn't let her.

"Let me go." Brook said, still pushing against him.


She pushed against him as hard as she could without calling on chakra to help her. "Leave me alone."


She now put chakra into pushing him. The reaction was a sharp pain in her stomach. Her knees gave out underneath her and Kakashi caught her.

"Brook? What's wrong?" Kakashi asked, the worry thick in his voice.

"My stomach... The baby..." She groaned, holding her stomach.

"Do you want me to take you to Tsunade?"

She shook her head. "I don't want to move. It hurts so bad..."

"Okay. I'll call her?"

She nodded. Kakashi called Tsunade, who was at the house in minutes.

"Brook, what happened?" Tsunade asked as she kneeled beside Brook, who was laying on the couch.

"I pushed Kakashi and some chakra slipped into it... and it just hurt." She said quietly.

"Does it hurt now?"


"We need to take you into the hospital."

"No!" Tsunade and Kakashi looked at her, puzzled. "I-if I go to the doctor, then everyone will will find out. I'd rather they didn't."

"Brook. We need to get you to see a doctor."


"No buts. You're going." Kakashi said.

Half of an hour later, Brook was listening to a doctor she didn't know tell her about the completely healthy baby that she carried. Kakashi sat with her in the white room while she watched the screen that had a frozen picture of her baby on it in amazement.

She took a deep breath. "That's... My... baby."

"I know." He put a hand on her shoulder, while her's sat on her stomach.

"Are you going to help me? I can't do it alone." She looked up at him, hope was carefully guarded in her eyes.

"I couldn't think about not being there."

She laughed quietly, then looked up at him. "We can't do this. We're fighters, Kakashi. Killers. We can't do this."

"Maybe not. We can try." He reached a hand up to her face, his warm, calloused hand holding her head up. They were just like...

Itachi's hands.

In spite of herself, Brook flinched away from him, closing her eyes against the memories. She heard Kakashi leave the room, slamming the door.

Tsunade walked in. "You going to Kakashi's tonight?"


Brook came back to an empty house. she cooked herself some ramen, then sat in the living room and waited for two hours, staring at the TV that coudn't hope to hold her attention.

She fell asleep on the couch, curling up uncomfortably.

Kakashi came home later that night, saw Brook on the couch, carried her into his room, and layed next to her. His gloved hand stayed on her stomach while she slept. Her fingers fit perfectly in the spaces between his.
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