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Brook woke up when Kakashi pressed his lips to the back of her neck, kissing the one spot Itachi hadn't found. She leaned her head forward, giving him better access to her shoulder. She turned around to face him, entwining her fingers with his.

When she noticed his hands had gloves with fingers, as opposed to the ones he usually wore that had no fingers, she pulled them up to her face.

"What this?" She ran her fingers over the fabric. Her hand went to te bottom of the restricting gloves, but his hand closed over her's.

"You flinched from my hand before." He said, playing with her fingers. "I don't want you to do that anymore."

She pulled her hand away from his and brought the evil (to her) glove with.

"You're going to hate for saying this, but it happened. I flinched because Itachi alway used to hold my face like that. Your guys' hands feel the same to me... But your's won't hurt me like his did...

"Will they?" She looked up at him.

He sighed. "Never. I would never hurt you Brook."

She took another look before kissing him. Her hands pulled the other glove from his hand, then searched for the knot behind his head that kept his headband over his eye. She found it and worked it until she had the headband in her hand was throwing it across the room.

She pulled away from him reluctantly, wanting to see all of his face at once. She opened her eyes and looked at his left eye and smiled. His eyes were still closed.

"Kakashi. I'll be fine. In case you don't remember, I can hold my own against Itachi."

"I know... I just-"

"Open your eyes."

He did, and Brook smiled. His red eye was comforting to her. She was used to gleaming red irises. She took his face in her hands and his hands covered her's.

"I love you." He said to her, his eyes closing, relishing the feeling of her hands on his face.

"I love you, too." She kissed him gently, the way they should kiss after those words are said. His tongue explored her mouth, and she let him take control and just layed back to enjoy it.

She kissed him back, the kiss gentle and inviting. Through the whole kiss, Kakashi's hand was on her stomach.
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