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Brook and Kakashi sat on the couch watching TV, Brook's head in Kakashi's lap. She enjoyed just sitting with him, making fun of the people on TV. Kakashi didn't watch the TV so much as he watched her hand rub her stomach. Things were finally starting to get back to normal.

Brook suddenly shot up. "What?" He asked her.

"Tsunade wanted to talk to us, remember? I don't want to make her mad."

"Oh yeah. I suppose we should do that."

She smiled at him as he layed his hand on her's, on her stomach. "Yeah. Let's get going."

He layed his head back on the couch. "Do we have to?" He whined.

She laughed and stood up then tugged on his hand. "Yes. Get up."

He groaned then stood up, but twirled her like she was a ballerina. She laughed and let him pull her into a bear hug.

"I love you," He whispered as he presed his lips to her ear.

"I love you, too." She said, falling into the moment like a rock.

He turned her to look at her beautiful face. He noticed the world's faintest scar on her cheek.

He ran his thumb along it. "What's this?"

She chuckled quietly. "Training. You know how it go-" Kakashi's lips pressed his lips to her's, not letting her finish. She didn't mind.

Neither of them noticed the front door opening.

"Whoa!" Tsunade said when she saw them in the living room.

Kakashi turned awawy from Tsunade and pulled up his mask. Brook laughed at Tsunade's face, her mouth forming an "O" of surprise.

"What the hell are you two doing?" Tsunade said. Brook's face immediatly fell, but a smirk remained on her lips.

"Nothin'," Brook said, drawing out the word.

"Didn't look like nothin'!"

Brook looked at Kakashi, who she could tell was blushing. She mouthed should we tell her. Kakashi shrugged.

"Do you guys know I could suspend you for this?"

"I'm not an active ninja." Brook said. She rubbed her belly and looked at it. "Thank you." She said down at it.

"But I am." Kakashi said behind her.

"Good point." She said.

"Yeah. So you better tell me how long this has been going on."

"Uhm..." They said together.

"Month?" Brook said, looking at Kakashi. He shrugged then nodded, then looked at Tsunade.

"And that's...?" Tsunade gestured at Brook's stomach.

"Itachi's!" Brook said. "Jeez! Does everyone here think I'm a whore or what?!"

"You're pregnant. So," Tsunade said, "Yeah."

Brook froze. "Who else knows I'm pregnant?"

"Oh yeah..." Tsunade edged toward the door. "A lot of people."

Brook's hand closed around Tsunade's arm like a vice. "Who did you tell?"

"Just Shizune! And a couple nurses."

Kakashi heard Tsunade slam into the table before he saw it. Brook was waving her hand to take the pain out of it.

"Brook!" Kakashi pulled her to him so she couldn't hit Tsunade again.

"But she told! She fucking told everyone! Why did you tell all those people?!"

"I'm sorry! Jeez." She left the small house and slammed the door.

Brook turned in Kakashi's arms and pressed her face to his vest. Her hands gripped his upper arms as she tried to hold herself together. His arms wound themselves around her and he held her tight. He could hear her crying, but it killed him that he couldn't do anything about it.

"Everyone knows." She said quietly. "Sasuke's going to kill me. I'm going to get yelled at by everyone... What am I going to do, Kakashi?" She looked up at him and her hair faded to brown.

He sighed. "We can do this, Brook. We'll be okay. I promise."

"Let's go."

"What?" Kakashi said puzzledly.

"Let's go get yelled at. Just get it over with."

Kakashi smiled down at her then placed a hand on her stomach. He crouched down and said to the baby, "You sure are causing us a lot of trouble." Brook laughed and started to walk out the door.

She paused at the door and turned around to face him. She took his hand and walked out the door.

Gai, who was always like her insane-work-a-holic father, stormed up to her first.

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