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Chapter 20

“So that’s what happened?” Mikey asked in incredulity as his older brother finished telling him what Gabe’s grandfather had told him.
“That bitch! Why wouldn’t she tell anyone about this? Aren’t we supposed to be friends here?! GOSH!” Kamz screamed, slapping the table quite audibly. Everyone seized their beers before they stumbled. Kamz sighed heavily and asked the waiter for another beer. It had been a while since they had all been to the bar and hadn’t sat at the bar itself.
“I’m actually not surprised, she’s quite a wimp” Frank pointed out, taking a sip from his bottle
“And she’s under pressure so I bet she wasn’t thinking straight” Mikey added.
“It’s still no excuse-“ Kamz started to say.
“I’m not saying it is. I’m just saying that’s something someone like her would do in that situation”
“Yes, what he said” Frank nodded towards Mikey.
“Oh shut up before I slap you two” Kamz hissed and rested her back on the wall, her rage make her incapable of uttering any other without shouting.
Gerard just took beer after beer and stared into nothingness. He wasn’t about to say what he really felt to all of them, how he was a failure and what not. They could all have their own suppositions about her real reasons to leave including secret alien affairs for all he cared. He didn’t really think they were so thick to believe that her mother dying was the most important one anyway.
“Did any of you know about her mother, though?” Ray asked, slouching on his chair.
“Nope” was the communal reply.
“I just thought her father had had her via alien intervention” Frank explained.
“You mean divine intervention?” Gerard snapped.
“Ugh, I think I know what I meant to say thank you very much. ALIEN INTERVENTION” Frank reiterated.
“Dude, shut up” Ray ordered.
“Seriously Ray I’m gonna kick you were the sun doesn’t shine if you keep bossing me ‘round” Frank replied.
“Dude we’re in a fucking bar, there’s no fucking sun!” Ray said in between laughs.
“My point exactly” Frank counterattacked evilly.
“I’m going” Kamz declared, taking her coat and leaving.
“Shouldn’t you try to stop her or something?” Mikey asked Frank, raising his eyebrows at him.
“Ugh why would I do that?”
“a- she’s your girlfriend,” Mikey said counting one finger,”b- she’s pissed” there were two fingers now, “and c- who knows what she’ll do” he finished raising the final finger.
Frank stared at him hard, “Why would you say a,b,c and use your fingers which mean 1,2,3?” Frank asked, quite interested in the answer.
“Just go after her dammit!” Gerard roared and Frank scampered away.
“I swear to God that kid surprises me…” Ray muttered.
“You and me and the whole world” Mikey agreed.
“Worst part is, he doesn’t even surprise /me/” Gerard sighed and rested his head in his arms.
“What’s bothering you?” Ray asked, slapping his friend’s shoulder in brotherly affection.
“Isn’t that an idiotic thing to ask?” Mikey pointed out.
“Wadda ya mean?” Ray scoffed: he hated being called an idiot, especially by Mikey.
“Well, he’…lover? However you want to call her left without saying a word to a mother she had never mentioned before. That sort of lets you thinking doesn’t it? You know: Was it my fault? Did I do something wrong? Am I that imbecilic? Can she be such a bitch to leave like this? Did I miss something?-“
“Mikey, I’d stop if I were you” Ray advised as he eyed a pretty furious Gerard. His eyes were glaring at his younger brother, his teeth bared and he’s fist clenching tighter on every word Mikey said.
“Yeah, like he of all people is gonna make me something. He’s so pathetic he’s making me sick and-“
It happened fast: Gerard rapidly kicked the table and chair out of his way and strongly punched his skinny, younger brother on the nose. Blood gushed out instantly, covering Gerard’s fist and shirt, and Mikey’s face and shirt as well. Before anything else happened Gerard took a half full beer from the bar and left.
“Are you stupid? I told you to stop!” Ray scolded Mikey as he helped him to get to his feet. A waitress came with a pack of ice for Mikey’s nose which he pressed to it instantly.
“I knew what I was doing. At least he released some of the pain” Mikey mumbled.
“You’re out of your mind”
“Shit I give you kids alone and look what you do!” Frankie reprimanded us in a sarcastic tone.
“Did you catch her?” Ra asked, noticing Frank’s red cheek and tongue hanging from his mouth.
“Yeah the damn thing runs fast as hell. Then she slapped me ‘cause she thought I was a stalker and made me run back here ‘cause she was gonna strike me again for scaring her.” He sighed heavily before continuing, ignoring his friend’s laughs, “I swear there’s something wrong in there” He said, pointing to his brain.
“In hers and yours…oh and Mikey’s” Ray said more to himself than to the two of them.
“Oh like you’re the one with most common sense” Mikey scoffed as they paid the bill and went home.
“This was a weird night” Ray commented
“Yeah…” Mikey ejaculated painfully as they walked side by side.
“I wonder what people’ll think of three boys walking side by side in the dark at this hour of the night…They probably think we’re gay…” Frank said all of a sudden.
“Hey Frankie, look! An alien!” Ray said pointing to the sky. Frank turned eagerly to find an alien-free sky.
“He’s so dumb” Ray muttered as he hit Frank in the back of the head.
“That was just plain mean” Frank whimpered.
“/What/ was mean? I really saw it! You missed it, you fool!”
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