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Chapter 21

They all sat at the same table with the same brown bags in front of them in a quite silence. Gerard sighed heavily and rested his head on his folded arms that laid in the table: every time there was a silence like this was because someone was thinking hard about something in particular and, for the past few weeks, this had ended with a Gabrielle-related question. As if on cue, Kamz separated her lips and casually asked,
“Can’t we call her?” She asked quietly. Everyone knew who she was referring to and Gerard moaned quietly. Every eye was on Gerard now, waiting for him to respond.
“I’m not your mother Kamila, you’re big enough to decide what you want to do or not” He said firmly without changing his position which had made his words a little difficult to understand.
Kamz, to the relief of all, decided to let Gerard’s slightly disguised insult pass this time and sighed. “Well, if we don’t hear from her in a month I’m doing that.” She stated and everyone else nodded. That is, everyone else except Gerard.
The bell rang and he took his backpack from the floor mechanically and surfed the waves of students cagily. In a matter of minutes he was in English class. As always, Mrs. Mary Pat was already there cleaning the board for their new class.
“Hello Mrs Mary Pat” He greeted out of tradition and sat on the very back of the room.
“Hello there Mr Way. How’s your week so far?” She asked, genuinely apprehensive.
Gerard groaned once more,”Definitely not what I expected it to be”
Mrs Mary Pat sensed it was wise not to ask for details so she just nodded and then added in a very un-teacher-ly way, “That sucks”
The room started filling up and she resumed her previous task of cleaning the whiteboard.
When the class had assembled she looked at everyone, noticing their tired faces.
“What’s wrong people? Upcoming semestrals giving you a hard time?”
Everyone moaned in unison due to the exhausting tests that were coming up next week, starting with the communally hated and most failed subject: MATH.
“Well, I highly doubt that you guys are going to study right now, but I’ll still give you some study time. I don’t want to get you to hate me right now. Any question concerning the English desk, come up to my desk and I’ll help you. Oh, and keep it low, will you?”
Everyone cheered and automatically sat in groups. Gerard didn’t move his chair and instead took out his very battered drawing notebook. He stared at it before opening it: the black hard cover’s corners were crap now; there were a million scratches and scribbles on both of the covers and papers usually stuck out from everywhere. He needed a folder ASAP before his drawings turned to random folded and screwed up papers in the bottom of his backpack accompanying his tests, quizzes and other random school papers.
He took his red and black pen and started to doodle a bit. He wasn’t really thinking straight what he was doing, just letting his pen and subconscious do that work. When he did this was when most of his darkest drawings had appeared, and most complex too. Sometimes they were so full of details that it was difficult to know where to fix your attention and they usually made people feel dizzy. But they were the ones Gerard loved the most.
After an hour had passed Mrs Mary Pat decided to walk around the room and join briefly in the conversations of her students. It was amazing what some of the kids talked about sometimes, and others just plain disappointing. She walked to every group and lingered there for a few seconds, exchanging a few words and mostly laughing. And then she came to Gerard’s desk. He didn’t seem to notice her, he just kept drawing and random words escaped from his lips at times. She tapped his shoulder and smiled when he shivered.
“Y-Yes?” He asked slowly, like coming out of a deep trance that had left him exhausted.
“May I?” Mrs Mary Pat asked with a smile, stretching her hand to touch the notebook. Gerard was taken back for her interest but nodded in approval. She looked at the drawing in front of her:
It was a hospital room, she was sure of that, one of the private ones. There was a pair of windows on the side, covered in long, black curtains. The patient was resting in a bed, with a painful expression on her face. She was a woman around her mid forties, with rather wavy hair that was rambled aimlessly on the pillow which made you think she had been there a long time. Her eyes were hollow and her wire-covered hand was resting on crumpled covers. In the nightstand on her side was a vase full of flowers and on the sofa in front of her there were presents and ‘Get Well!’ balloons amongst the two pillows. She was not alone, though. Scarcely three feet away stood someone Mrs Mary Pat recognized instantly. She was not so tall, in a beautifully simple white dress with her short hair in a pointless ponytail. Her features were sketched to perfection. She could seer her beautiful big eyes staring in pain towards the woman in the bed. There were traces of tears that had run down her cheeks and her cheeks were covered in a subtle red blush. Her lips gave you the impression of being quivering and her body language seemed to be deciding between staying and leaving. Her strong, white hand with long fingers was grasping the patient’s free hand fervently which made you think she was keener on staying.
Mrs Mary Pat let out a sigh, the sadness of the scene feeling her heart quickly. Gerard looked at his teacher as her brows furred together and she bit her lip, casting her big eyes in sorrow from the picture to him. She gave him the book and carved her eyes into him. “I didn’t know that you and her…” She muttered.
“Oh, no. We’re not…were about to I guess, but…” Gerard mumbled as a reply.
“Who’s the woman in the stretcher?” She asked, her curiosity over the matter pushing a bit far the line between a normal teacher-student-relationship.
“Gabrielle’s mother.”
“Are you angry with her?”
“I don’t know Gabrielle’s mother” Gerard replied calmly.
“I meant Gabe” She retorted instantly.
“How do you know?” He asked, astonished.
“You said her name in between gritted teeth; you sketched her more beautifully and in stronger lines than the rest…” She commented, passing a finger by Gabe’s outline and noticing how they were about to trespass the paper. Mrs Mary Pat decided that it was time to stop meddling into Gerard’s mind and changed the subject abruptly, “You should buy stronger paper” She recommended.
“And a folder” She added as she walked away.
“I know” He replied.
This time he stared at the drawing he had done without thinking. Disgust fuelled his thoughts and he wanted to take the pen and turn that sheet of paper into only black lines.
He sensed his anger would get out of control and suppressed his violent thoughts. He took the paper and threw it one last dismissive glance before turning the page and starting a new drawing.
Hopefully it would have absolutely nothing to do with Gabrielle.
As if that was possible.

-Don't know if this was the chapter you were expecting you guys, but this just HAD to be on the story
-The Author
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