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Looks Good On You - DEC 7

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Donna notices something is wrong with Alicia. Monica and Gee have a "special" talk

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“What’s wrong with Alicia?” Donna asked as soon as Kara and Alicia were out the front door. Kara had talked Alicia into going shopping while Monica stayed behind with Jamia and visited with Don and Donna.
Monica looked over at Jamia for guidance on this one. Jamia shrugged.
“I think she’s just tired.” Jamia said. “It’s kinda hard waiting up for the guys to call every night.”
“Well she’s not herself, that’s for sure.” Donna fretted.
Beside her Don smiled as he put his arm around her. “Stop being a Mother Hen.”
She patted his leg, “You know I can’t do that. You had to have noticed she’s not herself.”
Don nodded, “She did seem a bit quiet at dinner.”
Monica changed the subject. “Did Kelly say she wasn’t feeling well?” It had surprised her when Donna had announced that Kelly was going downstairs to take a nap.
“Just tired.” She couldn’t keep the concern from her voice, “I can’t believe all this is happening to her. I thought Mike was such a nice boy. When you were in the hospital Don and I saw Mike a few times and he seemed so nice.”
Monica nodded, “I thought the same thing. Unfortunately Kelly is too much like me. Good at hiding things that shouldn’t be hidden.” She looked down at her hands that were folded in her lap.
“Monica, I know this has to be hard for you.” Donna said quietly.
Monica looked up. She saw Donna looking at Don. She addressed him, “I’m sure you know about my husband.”
Don nodded, “I hope you’re not angry at Donna for telling me about him.”
Monica wondered how they would feel if they knew the true story. “It’s fine, Don. You’re family.”
He cleared his throat. “I’ve never understood how any man could raise his hand to a woman.”
Monica smiled sadly, “That’s because you are a man Don.”
He laughed, “Maybe not so good. I let a good woman get away from me.” He looked into Donna’s eyes. “Biggest mistake I ever made.”
Jamia and Monica looked at each other. It was hard for Monica not to laugh when Jamia raised her eyebrows as she realized what Don had said.
Donna finally looked away. “So when do the boys get back?”
“Actually” Monica explained with a smile, “Kara and I are gonna fly out and meet them in Denver on the last tour date. We’re gonna spend the day with them, go to the concert then fly back the next day.”
“I could go if I wasn’t big as a barn.” Jamia said scrunching up her face.
Both Don and Donna laughed, “Honey, you’re not big as a barn.” Donna told her. “You are quite beautiful right now. Pregnancy has made you that way.”
Jamia beamed, “Thank you. Actually I’m getting so excited for my due date. I just wanna hold my babies.”
Monica didn’t let her smile slip but it was hard. Seeing how happy her friend was with her pregnancy made her wish so much she too could enjoy the feeling once again. She told herself it was stupid at her age to want a baby but her soul cried out to carry Gerard’s child.

Gerard once again wished he had flown home instead of agreeing to fly to Vegas. The concert here wasn’t until Tuesday night. He could have been with Monica at least for a day. However that would have meant he would miss tomorrow’s interview at the radio station and the guys had already covered for him. At least he had his own room. He flipped on the air conditioner and sat down wondering if he should unpack now or wait until after dinner. Waiting won out. He lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. Monica and the girls were probably still at his Mom’s. He wondered what they were doing. Was his Mom giving Monica a guilt trip about not visiting more often? He smiled, yeah that’s probably what she was doing. He missed his mom. He missed his dad. He missed everyone. The next six days couldn’t pass fast enough. The concert in Denver would be the best one of the tour. Monica would be there that would make it the best. God, he missed her. The way she smiled at him when he was trying to build the gazebo. Her beautiful eyes when they looked up at him as he lowered his body over hers. He rolled over trying to get that visual out of his head. That one would end up being painful. He groaned as he grabbed his cell phone. He needed to hear her voice.

Monica was surprised when Gerard’s call interrupted the conversation. She told them who it was then walked into the kitchen to take the call.
“Hey, Honey.” She answered.
“Still at Mom’s?”
“Yeah, Kelly is taking a nap, Kara and Alicia went shopping and Jamia and I are talking to your Mom and Dad.”
“Dad’s there?”
Monica walked through the kitchen and out onto the back patio. “Honey, your Dad lives here.”
Gerard was silent a minute. ‘Oh”
Monica laughed, “Oh? Come on doesn’t that make you happy?”
He laughed, “Yeah, I guess it does. So, what are you wearing?”
Monica sat down in a metal chair and laughed, “What am I wearing? Oh no you don’t. I know where this leads.”
“You could always go downstairs to your old room.”
“That’s where Kelly is taking her nap.”
“Oh” he sounded so disappointed.
“Six days until Denver.” She whispered.
“Oh, Honey. No whispers. You have no idea how sexy you’re voice is when you do that.”
“You know if you’re not too tired later on when I’m at home we could continue the sexy whispering.”
“Hell, my jeans just got tighter.” He admitted.
“Oh really? Poor baby. Why don’t you take them off? You are alone aren’t you?”
He tried to answer without sounding like a horny schoolboy. “Yeah, I’ve got my own room this time.”
“So poor little Gee is all alone with on one to play with.” She loved doing this for him.
“Yeah, poor me.”
“So gonna take those pants off?” She said with a throaty laugh.
“I can wait until later when you can play too.” At least he thought he could.
“Why wait. We can always play later on too.”
“Oh shit woman. This is crazy. You’re voice has me so fucking hard.”
“Well then we should do something about that. I’ll give instructions and you just have to follow along.”
“Where the fuck are you?”
“Sitting with your Mom and Dad.” She laughed then admitted, “I’m outside on the patio.”
“So no one can hear.”
“Well yeah.” She switched back to her sexy voice. “I don’t want anyone to hear me getting my man off.”
He moaned, “Fuck.”
Monica purred, “Fuck, indeed. Now the jeans, lose them.” She could hear the sound of him shedding his clothes.
“I can just imagine you laying on that bed. What color is the comforter?’
“Color?” He looked beside him. “It’s blue.”
“Oh you look good against blue. Now are you totally nude?’
Gerard took a deep breath. “Still have my shirt on.”
“Which one?”
“Black one with the silver buttons.” Why the hell was she asking him to describe his shirt?
“Oh I like that one. Looks good on you. Unbutton it.”
He did as she said. “Done.”
“Good. Now run your hand down your chest for me.”
‘Do it Gee. Do it for me. Are you?”
“Now, touch your nipples.” She could hear by his breathing that he was following instructions quite nicely. “Good boy. Now lower you hand slowly. Let your fingers trail lightly down until they get to your ….”
“It’s hard.”
Monica smiled, “Yeah, rock hard, I bet.”
“Fucking rock hard. I see you in my head. Talk to me Honey.” His voice was passion filled.
“Stroke yourself. Start at the base, go slowly. Let me hear you.” She said breathlessly.
“Oh fuck, Monica. I want you here doing this.”
“I am with you. Feel me. My mouth is on you. Sucking, licking. Faster now Gee. Stroke faster.”
“Shit, what you do to me. I’m already there.” He cried out “Monica…”
“Tasting you, touching you, loving you. Every inch of you.” Monica said in a deep raspy voice. “Let go Gee.” She head him, in her own mind could see him.
“Oh fuck.” He said after a few minutes. “Damn woman. What you do to me.”
“Oh, just think what I’m gonna do to you in Denver.”
Gerard gave a shaky laugh, “Just think what I’m gonna do to you later, Love. It’s gonna be your turn.”
Monica felt her body tingle. “Can’t wait.” She purred.
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