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Bad Big Boy - DEC 8

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Kara talks to Bob, Alicia is scared and Gee call Monia thinking it's her turn.

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Kelly took a quick shower then hopped into bed. She was so tired. The nap at Donna’s had made it worse. Baking all those cookies and decorating them had been a chore. Now as she snuggled under her covers she realized she hadn’t taken her cell phone with her today. Not that it really mattered. Her Mom had given it back a few days ago but no one called. Her friends seemed to have deserted her. Only Sarah might have called and she would see her tomorrow morning at school. She closed her eyes and fell asleep almost immediately.

Kara sat cross-legged on her bed staring at her phone. Bob hadn’t called since this morning and she was imagining all kinds of trouble he could be in. Vegas was Sin City after all. His ears must have been burning. The phone rang.
“Hey, Hon.” He sounded tired.
“Been gambling all our money away?” She teased.
He chuckled, “Just got back to the room from dinner. Mikey and Frank are gonna go down to the casino in a few. I don’t think I’ll go with them. I’m fucking tired. The traveling is catching up with me.”
“Poor Bobby. If I was there I’d tuck you in for the night.”
“If you were here you wouldn’t be tucking me in for the night.” He laughed, “That’s not to say I wouldn’t be in bed…”
“Down boy.” Kara laughed.
He sighed, “It’s just after seven here. Kinda early to call it a day.” He said sitting down and pulling off his shoes.
“Well what are you gonna do?”
“Talk to my wife. I sorta miss her, you know?” He fell back on the bed. “Wonder if she misses me?”
Kara laughed, “Yeah, I think she does. She was just thinking about you today while she was out shopping with Alicia.”
Bob was surprised, “I didn’t know you went shopping today. I thought you were going to go to Donna’s.”
“We did. Alicia and Jamia were there too. After dinner Alicia and I escaped to the mall.”
“How is she?” Bob asked. He knew something was up with Mikey and had been wondering if it had anything to do with Alicia.
Kara thought a moment. “She was sorta quiet today. I don’t think she’s feeling very good.”
That was what Bob had been afraid of. “Mikey’s been acting kinda strange. He must be worried about her.”
“I don’t know. Maybe she was just tired. We had a good time anyway. We even stopped at a few car lots just to take a quick look.”
“Kara, no car until I get back.” He said sternly.
“I know. It doesn’t hurt to look, does it?”
He shook his head, “Looking is fine.”
“Besides Gerard thinks I should get a Corvette. For once I have to say I agree with him.”
“Kara” Bob said slowly.
“Yes, Bob?”
“I miss you,” He said softly completely changing the subject.
“I miss you too, Pookie. I can’t wait for Denver.”
“Me either.” Bob said closing his eyes, “Me either.”

“I had a good time today, didn’t you?” Jamia asked as she and Alicia walking into the apartment.
‘Yeah” Alicia answered.
“Okay time to tell me the truth. You haven’t said more than two words since we left Donna’s. What’s wrong?”
Alicia set the car keys down and turned to face her friend. Jamia was shocked to see the tears on her cheeks. “I think something really bad is wrong with me. I feel like shit. I can’t ever remember feeling this bad.”
Jamia rushed to her. Taking her into her arms she hugged her tightly. “It’ll be okay.” She whispered.
Alicia began sobbing. “No, it won’t. Jamia, what if something would happen to me? What would happen to Mikey?”
“Sweetie, stop. Nothing is going to happen to you. Tomorrow morning you are going to call that doctor back and tell him how you feel. Hell, we’ll just go to the office.”
Alicia shook her head, “It don’t work that way. I’ll have to make another appointment.”
“Then we’ll go to another doctor. I promise we’ll find out what’s wrong and get it fixed.”
Alicia pulled herself together. “Jamia, I don’t worry about me. I worry about Mikey.”
“Stop it. You don’t need to worry about anything. It’s going to be alright.” She looked into Alicia’s eyes, “Are you sure you don’t want to call him? Tell him what’s going on?”
“No, not until I find out about the tests.” In her pocket her cell phone rang. “Oh shit, it’s him.”
“Want me to tell him you’re sleeping?” Jamia offered.
Alicia wiped her eyes, “No, I’ve got this.” She took a deep breath then answered, “Hey Baby.”
Jamia was amazed how she could change her voice. If she hadn’t just seen Alicia crying she would never have guessed how upset she truly was.

“You in bed?” Gerard asked as soon as Monica answered.
“Well, that’s a nice greeting.” Monica laughed, “As a matter of fact I am. We stayed at your Mom’s most of the evening. Your Dad was entertaining us with stories about you while your Mom and Kelly made cookies.”
“Oh hell, what kind of stories?”
“You and Mikey stories. My, you were a bad little boy.”
“I’m a bad big boy. You ready?” His tone held no question of what was on his mind.
Monica giggled, “What on earth are you talking about?”
“You know, Baby. I’ve been thinking of nothing else since our talk earlier today.”
“Oh really? Just what did you do today?”
“Think about you.” He answered honestly.
“What a coincidence. I spent a lot of time thinking about you, too.”
“Did you?
“For sure.”
“What were you thinking about? I mean what specifically about me?”
“Oh Mr. Way. Do I really need to spell this out?”
“For sure” He settled back on his bed smiling.
“Well I was thinking about your strong arms and how they feel wrapped around me. I was thinking about your lips and how they feel when they lightly brush mine.”
“Good start, go on,”
“Enjoying this, are we?’
“Yeah, Honey. Go on.”
“Well let’s see. I was thinking about your eyes.”
“And how they slightly close just before you plunge into me.”
“Holy shit. Wasn’t expecting that.” He grabbed his pack of cigarettes.
“No smoking right now.” Monica laughed.
“How the hell did you know I went for my cigarettes?”
“Oh I know you. I know every little thing about you. I know how you hold your breath when I unzip your pants. I know how you watch me as I part the material and reach inside to pull you free. Your eyes close a bit more as my mouth opens to take you inside.”
“Wait…hold up. This isn’t how this is supposed to go.” He looked down to see just how hard her words had made him. “This is supposed to be your time.”
“But Gee” she whispered “I don’t want do this alone. I need you to be with me.”
He fell back on the bed. “Woman you are so fucking hot. I had this all planned. I was gonna drive you wild with my words. I’ve already had my turn for today.”
“Care to go for two?” she said with a husky laugh.
“Oh yeah, Baby. Yeah.”
“What do you have on, Gee?”
“Uh, my pajama pants.”
Monica smiled as she saw them in her mind. Her man in his cartoon PJ’s. “Well so tell me. Why are they still on?’
“I have no fucking idea.” He quickly shed them.
“Isn’t that better?”
His voice was low, ‘Yeah. What are you wearing?”
“Not a damn thing.” She purred.
“Oh hell. So now what?”
Monica gave a deep throaty laugh. “I’ll tell you what I’m touching if you tell me what you’re touching. Then I’ll tell you just what I want you to do. You’ll do what I say. You’ll do it slowly.” She paused, “Tell me, Gee. Tell me are you hard?”
“Fuck yeah.”
“Well then, I guess you know where this is going don’t you?”
“Yeah, Monica. I know but I gotta say something before it goes any further.”
“Yes, Gee?”
“I fucking love you, woman.”
Monica closed her eyes, “I fucking love you too, Gee.”
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