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Fall From Grace.

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I gave out a morning groan and my eyes half-opened. Frank's arms were still around me, I hoped he would never wake up. During the night he had slumped down, his head somewhat resting on his shoulder rather than hanging down. I blinked the sleep away and tilted my head back, giving him a small, light kiss on his jawline.
"Mmmmm." he mumbled, shifting his position a little bit. I leaned slightly on top of him, my mind no where to be found, and ran my right hand through his hair as my eyes were fixated on his face. That gorgeous, sleeping face. My left hand occupied itself snaking its way over his shoulder and around his tattood neck. Believe it or not, I was using all the self-control I could muster.
"Frankie." I breathed his name, barely a whisper. My eyes looked up and down, I couldn't tell if he was asleep still. I was completely mesmorized. My face leaned on top of his, our noses side by side, touching. My lips ghosted over his pale ones. His breathing was still steady, but I wouldn't have noticed even if it was staggered and shallow.
"I love you." My mouth formed the words but no sound escaped them. A millimeter, not even and I would have lost it completely, although it could be argued that I had already lost it completely. I felt a strong, gentle hand drape over my back and another at the back of my head. His eyes had never opened once, his breathing was beautiful as my heart continued racing just by pure contact.

Our lips met, only touching. Soon it was a soft kiss. A few gentle kisses. Pure bliss. We both went to trace the other's bottom lip to beg for access at the same time. Our tongues met, not clashing for dominance, but gently gliding across each other. He began to explore and I let out the tinest moan I dare let out, both my arms firm around his neck. I gently bit on his bottom lip, his hands were lost in my hair. His moan was muffled in his throat.

"Oh God." I whispered shakily, not moving at all.
"Oh God." He groaned. Whether he be happy, pissed off, confused, guilty, or simply shocked, I could not tell. Neither of us wanted to move, and my body stay lieing on top of his. I turn my head to the side and rested it on his chest, steadily rising up, and down. I was pleased that his breathing rate had increased.

______________________FRANKIE'S POV!______________________

I felt her looking up into my face. I was staring at the corner of the bunk where the wall and the curtain met. I wasn't moving. I wouldn't move. I couldn't move. I felt her hands running up my body as she straightened up. Oh God.

"Can you please close your eyes?" I heard her asking in a soft voice. Her voice and her eyes were laced with pain, pleading with me. I knew that feeling well, but I just couldn't understand her. I couldn't understand the reason. What could be the reason? I turned my head and looked away. Was I ashamed? No, I don't know what I'm feeling, but I know enough to know this wasn't shame. My eyes were cast downward, and I let them close.

I felt my head moving in her hands as she turned it gently. Our lips met once more. I was shocked to realize that she wasn't the only one with hands roaming the other's back, shoulders, neck, hair. She seemed so small, so... broken as we kissed. My tongue traced her bottom lip and she opened without hesitation. I leaned up off the wall, my left hand behind her head as her body was fell closer to the mattress, supported by my hand. I was in control. She tasted amazing, our tongues dancing with each other. Her hands were locked together around my neck and her back was now on the bed, my hands lifting her head only inches above the pillow. I didn't want to open my eyes. My tongue slid against hers and I pulled away, beginning to place a soft trail of kisses to her jaw line. She turned her head and exposed her neck, I cold feel her hands now at my chest, moving around my torso, to my back.
Her arms dropped and I knew she couldn't stay silent much longer. I lifted her arms above her and her head turned upwards, my kisses now at her throat. I kissed, I licked, my teeth softly grazed and I could tell she was resisting as her moan turned into a small squeak. With one hand holding her arms up, my other hand travelled down and wrapped itself around her waist, pulling us closer together. Our lips crashed togehter once more and rather than holding her hands above her head, my hand slipped down, down, down to her hips. I traced the area above her pants and felt her shiver. I let out a throaty growl and she moaned simultaneously, resulting in a more needy moan from the two of us. Her hands were at my hips and I could feel the pressure as she pulled them down. I played with the top of her underwear, but stayed right at the pants line. I knew I wasn't going to go any further, but it was all I could do to not let my privates get too happy. She leaned her head back and let out another moan, I could see her eyes rolling into the back of her head. My hand left her hips and tilted her head up as my tongue desperately made its way into her mouth.

"F-fuck." she said and stopped moving all together. I lifted my body away from hers completely and she shivered. She lie there with her eyes closed and I moved, sitting in the corner by her feet.

"AH SHIT!" I heard through the closed door, glass shattered.
"I guess we'll have to buy coffee today...." Gerard's voice said. I looked at Emily before leaning over and giving her a light kiss on her forehead and then her mouth. I climbed out of the bunk and stretched, deciding to go out in the clothes I had on after brushing my hair and straightening out again.

"No way Mikey! You suck." I said, looking horrified at the spilled coffee on the ground as Ray was cleaning up the glass. He flipped me the bird and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm gonna go wake Emily up, we'll be at the airport in a few minutes." Bob said and left for the bunks. I felt a sadness in my heart but I dare not reveal what had just happened. Not so much for getting caught, but more for the reason that I didn't exactly know what happened myself.

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