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Dreams Have Consequences.

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This is what happens when there's no coffee.

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Okay, since this is on an airplane -clears throat- "Surely you aren't serious!" "Yes, I am! And don't call me Shirely!" Haha, 5 updates in two days. I'm dedicating this one to Clutsy because she's cool like that and has been with me from the start :D

Back to Emily's POV (for now)

After Frank had left I curled up into a fetil postion and closed my eyes. Silent tears streamed down my face.

The curtain was moved and my eyes opened as the brightness of the room hit me. "Emily, time to wake up.... are you crying?" Bob asked me.
I wiped my eyes and sniffed, "No." my voice cracked. I wondered just how many men I could get to crawl into my bunk as Bob made his way in and held me close to him, giving me a soft kiss on the top of my head. I pushed away from him and jumped down. "Bob I'm fine." I claimed.
"Have you looked in the mirror?"
"I woke up and I was crying. Okay? There's no more to explain." I said angrily and stormed into the bathroom. He was right, my hair was a tangled mess and my eyeliner from the day before had smudged around my eyes. I looked like a raccoon on crack. I stepped back against the wall and hit my head backwards repeatedly before sliding down and groaning in frustration. I wrapped my arms around my knees and cried for a few minutes. I could hear the guys greeting Bob and asking where I was. I guess he's not as trustworthy as I thought.
"I think she went to the bathroom." he said in a normal voice, and more quietly he said, "She was crying." That ass thought I couldn't hear him. A sob wracked through me as I imagined Frank's face at hearing the news. He's going to blame himself. He... what did I make him do to me? I heard a knock on the bathroom door.
"Be out in a minute." I croaked and stood up. I brushed my hair and cleaned my face of all makeup. Then I unwillingly unlocked the door. I was expecting one of the boys, but all five stood before me. Gerard's arms were crossed, Mikey's face was full of sympathy, Ray was confused and worried. Frank's face was hidden in the shadows, and I refused to look at Bob. We just kinda... stood there. My body shook violently for a moment but it soon ended. Each of their eyes widened slightly. I looked down at the floor.

I'm not sure who it was, but someone was leading me slowly into the living area of the bus. We all sat down on a couch and my eyes never left the dirty floor.
"Emily......" Ray said. I stayed silent. We stayed like that for a few minutes. My stomach growled hungrily and the bus halted.

"WE'RE HERE!" the driver exclaimed. I stood up and went to the bunk room to grab my bags. The boys followed suit. We were each handed a plane ticket as we exited the bus and were led by security to the plane. Typical for MCR. They scanned our bags and our personal space before we went to the chairs by our Gate. I could tell each of the boys had something to say. I opened my bag and took out the book I had been reading, The Catcher in the Rye. The guys liked that book, as did I. It helped me escape from their burning questions. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Frank twiddling his thumbs nervously and Mikey was about to open his mouth to say something. I snapped the book shut and captured all five men's attention.
"I'm going to go find food." I said and stood up. I found a Dunkin Donuts and ordered coffee and a bagel. I ate slowly at the provided tables rather than going back to the tension of the band.
"Is this seat taken?"
Mikey sat down anyway. "I don't need to be analyzed by each of you." I said nastily and took a sip from my coffee.
"Who said anything about analyzing?"
"Bob told you I was crying."
"People cry, that's life."
"Good. Now leave it alone."
"Emily, we have to know why you were crying." he sighed.
"No, you don't. It is not vital to your physical or mental well-being."
"How'd you sleep?" that boy just couldn't leave it alone.
"Fine, thank you."
"You went to bed rather early and woke up after all of us. Are you sure?"
"Yes. I'm. Sure." I grunted.
"Frank wasn't in his bunk."
"I know. He was in mine." I openly admitted. It wasn't news but Mikey was shocked that I had told him.
"I asked him to. You can't blame a girl for wanting to cuddle every now and then." I lied through my teeth.
"Cuddle?" he was still surprised.
"Yea. Cuddle. Is that a new concept to you?"
"No. I just don't know friends who cuddle."
"Ha! Whenever I have a sleepover we fucking sandwich, I'm just a cuddly kind of person. It means nothing. False security." I laughed. He could try to catch me lying but I wouldn't let him.
"Oh... and you just.... woke up crying?"
"Yep. Must've had a nightmare or something. I can't remember though."
He muttered "Okay."
"Now that that's settled, can we go back and not hassle me?" I asked. I was fiesty today. I just wanted to be left alone.

We got back just as we got called to board the plane. I partnered with Gerard, Bob with Ray, and Frank with Mikey. I offered him window seat but he wouldn't let me. "Okay." I said shrugging and climbed into the seat. Gerard still wanted to talk, bless his soul. I fell asleep.
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