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Chapter 3

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MCR interview! not Gerard again!

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“Rylee! Rylee!” Jane yelled as she jumped on my bed.

I groaned and pulled the covers over my head.

“Wake up! Time for work!” she continued jumping.

“Not today” I mumbled under the covers.

“Why?” she stopped jumping.

“Because the boss said I can have time before work”

“But you would like to come today”

“And why is that?”

She crouched down and pulled the covers off my head. “Because the best band in the whole wide world is going to be interviewed in our building!”

I automatically opened my eyes. “Serious?”

“Cereal” she nodded.

“Which band?”

“Um…” she scratched her messy hair. “Chemical something”

I rolled my eyes. Why bother asking her she won’t remember. Jane is shitty at remembering band names. “Well” I yawned, “There are two bands that I know that has chemical in it and they are My Chemical Romance and The Chemical Brothers. Do anyone of them sound familiar to you?”

Jane sighed, “Who cares Rylee. Best bands have hot guys”

“Or girls” I added, “Anyways, lets hope it isn’t My Chemical Romance”


“I don’t know” I lied.

“Fine hurry, dress, and shit, eat and let’s go to work!” she jumped off my now messy bed and headed to the bathroom.

I sat on my bed and thought of how it would be like if I met Gerard again. I shook my head. It would be hell.

I’ve been working all day just rewriting the drafts on the pc and shit and what’s great is that I’m in the perfect view of my boss (notice sarcasm). Hours past and I was still in the same file of work.

“Rylee” I heard someone clear their throat.

I turned and saw my boss Marcus. I silently sighed. “Yes?”

“Do you mind coming with me. I have to talk to you”

I hesitantly nodded and followed him to a corridor.

“I’ve been thinking about this for ages and I’ve decided that I love you”

I raised my eyebrow. Is this guy… like… retarded? “Uh…”I thought of something to say.

“No you don’t have to say anything” he held my hand and I let him, just to make him enjoy ‘his moment’. “Because I know you love me too”

I gasped. “Mr. Ashley how could-“

“Hey Rylee!” Jane came out of no where but I’m thanking God for that.

“Hi” I pulled my hand away from him.

“I would like you to meet-“

“Frank” a man with black hair kissed the back of my hand. “Your beautiful” he looked up at me.


“Oooh and these people!” Jane said. “Ok this is Ray, Mikey, Bob and Gerard!” and she hugged Gerard. “Isn’t he hot?”

Ok I never thought I would say this but… I just feel jealous at the moment. I tried to avoid Gerard’s eyes but I couldn’t. He stared back at me and our eyes were lock for a matter of seconds, minutes, hours or days I don’t know because time didn’t exist.

Mr. Ashley cleared his throat, “Rylee who are these men?” he grabbed my arm.

It was hard to leave his eyes but I turned to Mr. Ashley and tried to pull my arms out of his grasp.

“There the band that we just interviewed, sir” Jane answered.

“Come on Rylee, we need to go somewhere quiet” he pulled me away.

I gave a ‘help me’ face to Jane as I got pulled away.

“Rylee, do you see that those men are attracted to you not in a way love is but in an object way?” said Mr. Ashley.

“Would you mind letting me go?” I asked sternly.

He let me go, “Sorry. But I can’t bear to see you with those men. To be precise with any men”

Who ever was this man’s wife or something would have had a bad life.

“Sir, what are you saying?”

“What do you mean ‘what are you saying?’”

“You’re going around saying that I’m your lover”

“Well aren’t we?”

“No! You just somehow made your decision by not asking me”

“Ok I’m asking now. Would you –“

“No” I crossed my arms, “And plus it’s illegal”

“So we can hide it”

“Sir I’m saying I’m not attracted to you in any way. Now do you mind leaving me alone so I could go back to my work”

I saw Mr. Ashley’s face full of shock but he recovered quickly. “There will be no work for you”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re fired”

I scoffed, “So just because I don’t wanna be your girl you’re firing me. You’re very weak!” I spat at him, “I’m glad that I’m fired” I said and walked off.

Tears fell down my cheek as I walked down the corridor to my office. I pushed past Jane and the guys and went in my office. I stuffed the things on my desk which was not many in my big black bag and wiped my tears when Jane and the band came in.

“Omg Baby, you ok” Jane ran to me and hugged me.

I nodded but sobbed. “I’m fired”

“What?” Jane let go of me. “Why?”

“Same old business. He wanted me for love and sex” I spat the word ‘sex’.

I heard one of the guys gasp.

I pushed past the guys, “I’m going back to my old business” I said and went out.

“I thought you quitted doing that” I heard Jane behind me.

I ignored her and continued walking to the car park. I need time off and the best time off thing to do was to fuck.

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