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Chapter 4

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Gerard is helping me?

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I looked at the two $50 notes in my hand that the man I slept with gave me. I smiled at him and shoved the notes in my big purse. I then slipped on my black blouse and straightened it out.
“Thank you” I said seductively.
The man with brown hair and big brown eyes grinned widely at me. His eyes never left my body especially my boobs. “Anytime” he replied hungrily.
I gave him a polite smile and swung on my small black shoulder bag. “Well I better be going”
“Um… can I be your regular customer?” he almost pleaded.
I mentally sighed. No! but I got his number anyway and told him that I’d call, which I wont. He wasn’t good in bed that I feel sorry for his wife. Yep most of my customers are married.
I closed the hotel room door and headed to the lifts. The lift’s door open and I stepped inside. I wasn’t the only one in the lift, there was also a man that works here that I see occasionally. I don’t mean that I fuck him or anything, just that I mostly come to this hotel to do my business. I gave him a quick smile. He was quiet good looking but was obviously younger than me. He smiled back and his eyes never left me. About 5 seconds later I noticed that he kept on opening and closing his mouth as if he wanted to say something. I gave him a I’m-listening look. Finally he said something.
“I was hoping you have time for me” he smirked. “I’ve got a fair amount to give you”
I smirked back, “A quickie? Cause I really need to get home”
He nodded and stepped towards me to press the button to stop the lift from going down.

10 minutes later I straightened out my hair and got my money before I pressed the button for the lift to continue going down.
“See you next time” he said and walked out the other way while I went my way.
Score! Had a chance to fuck two men in 1 hour! I smiled and headed to my car to go home.

It was evening when I arrived. I hung my bag in the hanger that was next to our front door and walked to our living room that’s connected to the kitchen. I stopped dead in the doorway as I saw Gerard and the band sitting on my favorite sofa drinking coffee with Jane. I accidentally let out a small yelp and they noticed me.
“OMG Rylee, you came at last!” Jane looked worried and ran and hugged me.
“I didn’t know that you had guests” I mumbled.
“They’re worried about you”
I rolled my eyes, “I’m fine. In fact I’m more than fine”
Jane sighed and led me to the sofa that she was sitting on.
Gerard eyed me and I eyed him back.
Suddenly he stood up and everyone including me looked up at him.
“Jane I think I can convince Rylee to leave her…um… business” he said.
Jane clapped her hands, “Really? That’s great!”
“But I need to speak to her alone” he began eyeing me again.
“Sure, either go to my room or hers” she pointed at the rooms.
Thankfully I live in a 1 story house.
I sighed and followed Gerard to my room.
He closed the door when I entered.
He looked around my medium sized room. It was kinda messy but at least I didn’t have any under garment left lying on the floor which I really didn’t mind. He looked at the pictures on my wall. One was with me and Jane when we went to some party and we looked good that night. The other was a picture of my family. I was 21 there. I remember that 2 months after we took that photo, I started to become a prostitute working at a brothel.
“Your family?” he asked looking at the picture.
“Hmm” I nodded even though he didn’t see me.
“You look so innocent there” he smiled.
“Thanks, I guess”
“Do you see your family?” he turned to me.
I rolled my eyes, “Um… Gerard I don’t know why you’re doing this but this is my choice” I crossed my arms.
He crossed his too and let his black hair hang down in front of his hazel eyes. “Oh really?”
I nodded looking tough at him.
He looked tough back at me too that I started to get intimated by him.
“Have you ever thought of your best friend out there who is worried sick about you?”
“This is my life and I can do what I want with it and I’m not 16 I’m 26” my voice has gotten loud.
But surprisingly his voice was calm, “Well we don’t want you to throw away your life like this”
I sighed, “Look, I know you guys think its stupid for me to have sex for money but you’re the one who slept with me for your birthday! So don’t complain”
“Yea well I didn’t know!”
“Then you should have told me that you didn’t want to have sex. But no you enjoyed it didn’t you?”
“OK fine I did enjoy it but we’re not talking about that” his voice was loud too.
“Ok, so then if I slept with you now would you leave me alone?” I narrowed my eyes at him. I was being serious. I could use some money.
He looked surprised for a moment but then regained his posture, “No, I’ll only sleep with you if I know that you’ll sleep with me and me only”
Am I suppose to take that as a hint? I looked dumbfounded at him.
“Sorry” he searched the floor as if he lost something. “I…” he tried to say. He pulled out a piece of paper and grabbed my blue gel pen from my table and wrote some numbers on it with his name under it. “Just call me. I’m going to figure out some other job for you” he handed it to me.
I took the piece of paper and looked at it. He wants to help me. But how is he going to do that. I nodded slowly as I tried to memorize the numbers.
His hand came in contact with my shoulder, “Take care of yourself” he smiled and opened the door and walked out.
I stood there and looked at the scrunched up piece of paper. I was fully surprised that a man that I hardly knew was willing to help me. Is that even possible? I placed the paper on my table and walked into the living room to see that the guys have gotten up and were ready to leave.
“Well, I tried. But I’m not giving up” he said to Jane and looked at me.
“Thanks Gerard. Thank you all of you” she keenly. She hugged Gerard and all the guys.
Gerard approached me.
I looked at him despairingly, he looked so innocent too.
He gave me a hug. It was a long one that I had the chance to smell his cologne and slight body odor with a hint of cigarette which was a lovely mix. Sadly he let go of me and gave a quick smile and left my house which then felt empty even though Jane was in it.
I shook my head and sat on the sofa.
“What a nice guy that Gerard is. He’s willing to help you” Jane sat down after he bid farewell to the guys.
I turned on the TV, “Hmm”
Jane shifted and turned to me, “Do you think I can date him? I mean, do you think he likes me?”
My body stopped receiving message from its 5 senses as I stared blankly at the TV screen that was playing ‘Bondi Rescue’.
“Well?” she asked.
I snapped to reality and looked at her. I didn’t know what to say. Why didn’t I know what to say? Ok maybe I’m just feeling lust for him. it’s common. Ok breathe. What does the normal Rylee say to her best friend Jane when she wants advice on a guy? “Yea I guess you can” I spat the words out.
She looked stunned at me. “Ok…” she stood up, “I’ll be having a shower” and walked off.
I sighed when she left the room. I decided to think about Gerard, or more like I gave in to my mind to think about Gerard. I needed to analyze my situation here. So Gerard is helping me not be a prostitute. He wanted to help me because… I cant finish that sentence. Maybe because he is a good person. Yes, yes. He’s a good person, he wants to help me. He cant stand girls having sex for money. I nodded and tried to convince myself. I mean. I would, wouldn’t I? Yea maybe. If I knew the girl. But he doesn’t know me. Maybe he wanted to rule over me so no one can touch me or sleep with me except him then I will be a prisoner. But this is the modern world and he‘s a celebrity. I’ve got the whole society on my side and I can sue him and shit. So no he might not think about that. I thought over those suggestion and noticed that Jane was sitting on the couch watching the late news.
“OMG, they dumped a body of a 3 day old baby under the tree at a park near the highway!” Jane covered her mouth in shock.
I looked at the images on the park on the TV. “I’m going to bed” I mumbled.

That night I decided that I shouldn’t call Gerard at all. I feel bad for him. I’ll just act like I lost the piece of paper. I smiled. Although I truly truly TRULY wanted to call him, but oh well. Gotta consider the worst.
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