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looks like someone's pregnant...

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Author's Note: Wow. Just, wow. It seems like all of you are enjoying Hemmy's point of view. I'm really glad that you liked it, since there's definitely more of it to come. As usual, I'd like to thank the following for their feedback:

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They're my inspiration to write.

27: c o n t a g i o u s

Soap’s POV

"Hey, Joe, you alright?"

As I waited outside of the bathroom, I could hear him emptying the contents of his stomach.

"No, not really..."

Cautiously, I opened the door and found him slumped over the toilet. Flushing it, he turned toward me.

"I think I’m pregnant," he weakly joked, then shifted his body to lean against the wall. I offered him a smile then took a seat next to him.

"You’re burning up," I said, gently pressing my hand against his forehead. He nodded and sighed.

"C’mon," I said, helping him up. After flipping the toilet lid down, I directed him to sit on it. He silently complied, then wiped his mouth with toilet paper.

I dug through the drawers, looking for some sort of medicine.

Midol. Flintstones vitamins. Aspirin. Ibuprofen.

I used my nail to break the foil seal, then handed an Ibuprofen tablet to him.

"This should lower your fever and help with headaches."
"Thanks, Sophie."

After swallowing it, he scooted over, making space for me. I sat down and rubbed his back while he leaned against my shoulder.

"You should get back to bed."
"Pathetic as it sounds, I don’t think I could walk that far."
"C’mon, I’ll help you."
"Okay…" he mumbled into my neck.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and leaned against me as I stood up. Carefully, I maneuvered our way out of the bathroom and toward the back of the bus.

He quietly coughed as I guided him to the bunk.

"Feel better, okay?" I said, sitting across from him.

I ruffled his already messy hair and offered him a smile. As I got up, I felt his hand pulling me back.

"Wait," he said, sounding like a sleepy 5-year-old. "Could you stay with me?"

Looking down at Joe, it was hard to find him anything other than adorable.


He moved closer to the wall, and I climbed in next to him. He quickly filled the gap between us, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Hey," Patrick said, gently shaking my shoulder. "We’re about to start movie night."

I yawned, then looked up at Joe. He was still asleep, with a slight grin on his face. I carefully slipped out from his arms and swung my legs over the side of the bunk.

"Let Trohman get some rest," I said, brushing some hair out of Joe’s face. His forehead was still really warm.
"Okay," he nodded.

Patrick and I headed toward the lounge area where Dirty, Andy and Pete were already picking out movies.

I took a seat on the couch while Dirty popped something into the DVD player.

"What are we watching?" I asked as Pete passed me a bowl of popcorn.
"The Bourne Identity."

After watching The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, a bootleg copy of the Bourne Ultimatum and Howl’s Moving Castle, Pete and I were the only ones still awake.

"What do you want to watch now?" he asked, looking through the DVDs messily strewn over the coffee table.
"Is What Dreams May Come somewhere in there?"
"Yeah," he said, lifting it from the pile. "Feeling sentimental?"
"Just a little…"

Through the darkness, he made his way over to the DVD player and put it in.

"You’ll never see it, will you?" Annie quietly asked, rhetorically. Closing her eyes, she sighed, then grabbed a bottle of water. She squeezed it over the canvas, ruining the painting she’d just finished. The shot then switched to Chris’ point of view as he stood in front of the newly painted tree. Tears spilled form his eyes as it disintegrated before him.

As the scene unfolded, I felt something wet on my shoulder. Looking up, I saw Pete wiping his eyes.

I grabbed the box of Kleenex from the table and held it in front of him.

"I’m your shoulder to cry on, but I didn’t think you’d take it literally," I said, sniffling. Though I was calling him out for crying, this movie always got to me. Yes, I’m a hypocrite.

After he took his share of tissues, I grabbed some then set the box back onto the table.

Pete’s POV

The ending credits rolled across the screen, serving as the only light in the room.

"I think we can call it a night," Sophie said, turning to me. As she did so, I couldn’t help but notice how her eyes still sparkled in the dark.

I’m not sure what came over me, but I started leaning toward her.

She turned her head and held her hands over her mouth. After sneezing, she leaned back into the cushions and sank further into the couch.

"I must’ve caught something from Joe."


Will Pete and Sophie get together?
Is Joe going to feel better?
What's Dirty up to?

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