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cuteness last chappie

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Last chapter!
Yeah it’s nothing big, just cute

Brendon woke up and walked to the kitchen. Ryan’s house smelled like cinnamon and he enjoyed.

“Ryan!” he called out but no one answer. “Ry!”
Someone covered his eyes, “Guess who it is?”
“Marilyn Monroe!” Brendon screamed.
Ryan showed him his hurt face, “Nice to know your fantasies.”
Brendon laughed, “oh come on Cheerios, you know that chick ain’t nothing compared to you.”
“Duh!” he kissed Ryan, “No one will ever compare to you.”
Ryan giggled, “I love you Brenny.”
“I love you Ryrie!”

Yeah, the thing is I forgot to say that last chapter was the last chapter so here’s the real end
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