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S to the E to the X

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mhm just what the title says

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“We have to do something…” Ryan said as he put his head on the pillow.

A smiled slid in Brendon’s mouth as soon as he heard those words. He sat right besides Ryan and started looking at him, “Hi!” he said.

Ryan arched an eyebrow, “Hi…”

Brendon slid his hand to Ryan’s tummy, “I love you...” he whispered.

“What do you want?”

“Nothing…” he answered, “Well there’s something but you wouldn’t do that.”

“What? Why not?”

“I know you…” Brendon said disappointed. Out of nowhere Ryan jumped over Brendon, wrapping his legs around his torso and started kissing his lips. “Ryan what the hell?!” Brendon asked shocked.

“Isn’t this what you want?” Ryan asked, taking his hair from his face.

“Well yeah but it’s so weird.”

“Oh Urie, you don’t know me very well.” Ryan said and started kissing him again. The kissing turned into biting and sucking and every moan that escaped from Brendon’s lips just told him how much he wanted more.

Brendon tried to gain control of the situation, but Ryan seemed more eager to do this that him. He had to admit he was enjoying it, more than he had ever enjoyed any similar situation. Finally he just decided to let Ryan do whatever he wanted to him, he had a feeling it was going to be good and he wasn’t wrong.

Ryan took of Brendon’s shirt and as he felt his warm soft skin under his arms he couldn’t help but want to leave his mark on it. His mouth moved all the way down from the neck through his chest and two his tummy were he sucked and bit every inch possible leaving a trace.

“Ry-an…” Brendon moaned as he felt his lover’s hand grabbing his crotch and gently massaging it. He unzipped his pants revealing his boner and well let’s just say Ryan took care of it.

“Brendon…” Ryan slurred looking at him.

“What?” Brendon choked out.

“I’ve never done this before is it…”

“Just go on.” Brendon said smiling, “Everything you do is perfect.”

Ryan smiled and continued his work every moan coming from Brendon was making him work harder cause he just loved pleasing him. He ripped off his pants and underwear and without thinking it twice he slid inside Brendon making both boys scream loud.

Brendon could only grab Ryan’s shirt and scream as hard as he could; he had never felt such a sensation in his life. Every movement Ryan made was just more of it and he couldn’t stand it anymore, the pleasure was too much, he couldn’t handle it anymore. “Stop!”

He slid himself out of Brendon and looked at him, “Whats wrong? Did I do something you didn’t like?” Ryan asked, hurt in his voice.

“You did nothing wrong…” Brendon answered breathing heavily, “I just think we should change roles.” As soon as he finished these words he switched positions with Ryan and started making out with him while caressing his croch at the same time. When he noticed the anxious moans Brendon decided it was time to get in and start rocking.

Ryan just kept moaning and sweating. Whatever Brendon was doing, he sure knew how too and didn’t want to stop.

Okay so here it is. It turned out better than I thought but still not exactly it.
Well hope you like it, Review plis.
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