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A Dear Old Friend DEC 15 (follows Dec 8)

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Surprising news for Kelly. Liv receives a note from a dear old friend.

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“We gotta stop by the store for Mom after school.” Kara reminded Kelly as they walked into the school Monday morning. Kara had borrowed Monica’s car for the day.
“Okay, see ya later.” Kelly rushed to her locker. She and Kara were running late and she didn’t want to get another tardy.
She reached her locker and fiddled with the combination. As usual the lock was proving to be difficult. It finally opened and she grabbed her books. Slamming the door shut she took off down the hall only to run into Paul, one of Mike’s friends.
“Bitch” He muttered as she passed him.
Kelly stared a moment then lowered her head and continued towards her first period classroom.
“Kelly, wait.” Sarah was out of breath when she reached her. “I tried to call you all day yesterday.”
“I forgot my phone. I went over…”
Sarah cut her off. “You know, don’t you?”
Kelly shook her head, “Know what?”
“Mike was in a wreck Saturday night.”
“Yeah, he and Dylan. My brother said he heard that Mike was drunk. He went into oncoming traffic then tired to swerve back. His car hit a telephone pole.”
“Is he hurt?” Kelly whispered.
Sarah nodded, “Yeah, he’s pretty messed up but he’s gonna be okay.”
“Well maybe this will make him realize how out of control his drinking is.” Kelly said sadly.
Sarah bit her lip, “Kelly uh, Dylan didn’t make it.”
Kelly couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “Didn’t make it?”
“Yeah, Dylan is dead.”

Liv saw the envelope on the floor and bent slowly down to retrieve it. Her side still hurt so it was a painful process. Her name was written in a handwriting she recognized.
“Mommy, mes hungry. Can mes have Fosted Fakes?”
Liv was still looking down at the envelope. “Sure Baby. Get out the cereal and a bowl and I’ll pour the milk.” With trembling hands she tore open the flap and pulled out the note that was within.

I’m sorry for what I said yesterday. I’m sorry for a lot of things, Mostly I’m sorry I was never the man you loved. I really wanted to be. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. Before you go crazy about the money enclosed, think first. This money isn’t for you, it’s for Elena. Save it for her until she’s older. Tell her it was a gift from a friend of yours who wanted her to have it. She never needs to know it’s from a man who wished with all his heart he could have been her dad. A man who loved her mother with all his heart. Goodbye Livie. I won’t ever bother you again.
“Mommy?” Elle stood before Liv with her cereal bowl.
Liv wiped the tears from her eyes, “It’s okay, Baby. Mommy just got a note from an old friend. A very dear old friend.”

Kelly walked slowly with her lunch tray looking for a spot to sit. The cafeteria seemed more crowded than usual. Sarah had said she’d save her a spot but she couldn’t find her. Her name was uttered as she walked by a table of Mike’s friends. She still was in shock about what had happened to Mike and Dylan. Several times she had heard the angry whispers of his friends. They were blaming her for that had happened. They believed it was her fault he had been drinking. Her fault he had been so upset.
“Hey Kelly proud of what your lies did to Mike?” One of them said.
Kelly continued to walk without glancing in their direction. Finally she spotted Sarah and made her way to the seat she saw was being saved for her.
“Come on Kelly. Why not tell the truth? Haven’t you fucked up Mike’s life enough? His best friend is dead, bitch.” She tired to ignore the voice behind her.
Kelly fought back tears as she sat her tray down on the table and took a seat across from Sarah.
“Crap” Sarah said in a whisper. “I hate Joss Miles. He’s such a douche.”
Kelly nodded and looked down at her lunch tray. Suddenly she had no appetite.
Joss, with the prodding of the other guys at the table, got up and walked towards Kelly.
Kelly had her back to him but Sarah saw him coming. She tapped Kelly’s tray. “He’s coming over here.”
Lowering her head Kelly wished she could disappear. She watched Sarah’s face knowing she was looking at Joss. Suddenly Sarah’s eyes grew large and she laughed. Kelly heard a commotion behind her. She whipped her head around and saw Joss sprawled on the floor. She turned back to Sarah “What happened?”
“He was walking over here and the emo guy tripped him.” She was still watching, “Shit is he pissed.”
Kelly turned around again to see Joss squaring up to a smaller boy whose back was to her. “Who’s the guy who tripped him?”
Sarah was too busy watching the scene unfold. Joss and his friends were now surrounding the other guy.
“Hey, dickhead, what the fuck?” Joss took a step forward.
“Mr. Miles, is there some sort of a problem?” Mr. Norris the Shop Teacher asked pushing his way through the crowd.
Suddenly the students who were so interested in the show moved back to their seats. It was only the two boys and Mr. Norris still standing
“I said is there some sort of problem?” The teacher asked.
Joss smiled and glanced at his friends. “Uh, no problem at all.”
“Then I suggest you sit back down.” Mr. Norris said “You, too.” He said to the other student. As he turned back to his table Kelly gasped. It was Luke.
Sarah heard Kelly gasp. “Who is he?” she asked.
Kelly watched as Joss turned before sitting down and pointed to Luke. “Later” he said making the guys at his table snicker.
Luke sat down, picked up his book and went back to reading.
Kelly turned back around in her chair.
“What was that all about?” Sarah whispered across the table.
Kelly shrugged.
“He tripped Joss on purpose. I saw him do it. Do you know that guy?”
“His name is Luke. I don’t really know him but he’s in my Art class.”
Sarah peered over Kelly’s head, “He’s kinda cute. I like his long black hair.”
“He’s got beautiful eyes.” Kelly added then blushed.
Sarah laughed, “Oh does he?”
“Kinda hard to miss.”
“So you’ve talked to him?”
Kelly shrugged, “Yeah”
“He’s leaving, Man, I hope he steers clear of Joss and his friends. They are watching him and look pissed.”
Kelly stood quickly and gathered up her tray. “I’ll talk to you later.” She moved away from table before Sarah could respond. She turned and walked out of her way so she wouldn’t pass Joss’s table. Tossing her food in the nearest can she walked out in the hall and spotted Luke. She called out to him.
He turned and waited until she caught up. Once she stood before him her mind went blank.
Kelly took a breath, “Uh, thanks.”
He tilted his head and looked at her. “For?”
“Uh, well, for uh,” she was unsure what she should say.
Luke smiled, “I didn’t just trip him for you. I did it for a lot of people. The guys an ass. Mike was drunk, he killed his friend. It ain’t your fault.”
Kelly nodded and looked away.
Luke turned and started down the hall. He was almost to the end when he turned back to her. “You’re welcome.” He said before disappearing through a doorway.

“Kelly!” Kara threaded her way thru the sea of students to where Kelly was opening her locker. “I’ve been looking for you.”
“Well, here I am.” Kelly was unconcerned.
“Are you okay? Sarah said you left lunch early. I’ve been hearing shit about you all day.”
“I’m fine. Some of Mike’s friends are just being ass holes.”
To illustrate her point, a couple of athletes passing in the hall stopped close by. While their conversation was inaudible, it was clear that they were discussing Kelly. As they left, one turned and actually spat at Kelly’s feet.
“Are you sure you’re okay? Come on. Let’s go home. This is ridiculous.” Kara grabbed Kelly by the hand.
Kelly jerked her hand from Kara’s grip. “No, I’m not running from them. Remember what Mrs. Diaz said? I have to take control of my life and not run from it. They’re jerks just like Mike and that’s their problem. I’m not going to let them make my life miserable. If I run from them they’ll always pick at me. That’s how they are. If I don’t let it bug me, they’ll give up.”
Kara broke out in a big smile. “That’s my girl.” She surprised Kelly with a quick hug. “I’ll see you after school. Don’t be late.” She started to head on to class when she stopped and faced Kelly again. “Is that my shirt? What are you doing wearing it? I told you not to ever wear my stuff. I’m going to kill you.” All the recent warmth and good feelings had been replaced by good old-fashioned sisterly drama. Life was getting back to normal
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