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The Perfect Fit

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Gabe stays the night ;) Chapter titles are going to be random from now on :D

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Chapter 25

My alien love to those who have kept reading my stories meticulously and review every chapter: you guys make me happy and give me the impulse to keep writing. This story has now 1033 reads and I’m feeling proud but as always sad for the lack of reviews (except you know who). Anyway, I’ll keep writing until my ideas for this particular story fade. But the more reviews the faster I update ;)
Sowwy darling, no alien quotes today :( . I’ll make you happy next chappie, though! I promise some alien love”

By the time all of the necessary talk and explanations were done with Grandpa and Dad it was almost six o’clock. I sighed as I slipped into the first dress I found, took my Chucks from the closet and a heavy coat to protect me from the cold that seemed to chase me nowadays. I took my car keys and drove to the Way’s. At first I had a difficult time finding my way, I had totally forgotten where to take the corresponding rights and lefts. In my defence, I had never drove there. Someone had always driven me.
I parked where I didn’t do any harm and took a deep breath before slipping from the comfortable car seats. I walked rather hesitantly and stood on the porch without moving. My fears where taking the best of me, causing my limbs to tremble the terrible way they had been doing ever since I left Belleville. It didn’t surprise me anymore, I hardly noticed it actually.
It took all of my effort to press my feeble finger to the doorbell and wait in what looked like a patiently manner while a pair of lazy feet went to open the door.
I recognized the messy black hair, the tired hazel eyes with dark circles below them which stood out vividly due to the extremely white skin. His brows almost collided, manifesting his confusion of the pair of electric blue eyes full of emotions smashing together like a kid’s bones under the blow of a pissed professional boxer’s punch.
“Er, yes?”
/What?! He forgot about me so soon??/. A wave of sadness eclipsed the rest of emotions trying to escape and I opened and closed my mouth several times before I could speak.
“Did you forget me already?” I asked in a thread of a voice.
Gerard stared at me, hard. There was something weird about him. When he spoke again I understood: there was a faint smell of liquor. Hard liquor. The kind I wouldn’t mind to have if I wasn’t so fixated on making things right with the man I…with Gerard.
“Gerard, it’s me. Gabrielle”
He laughed: a dry, hollow laugh. I don’t think that should be considered a laugh at all. It was more like sarcastic sounds escaping his thin lips. It hurt hurt bad. Then he stopped and stared at me. He looked me up and down and his face turned grim. I could sense pain and worry on his eyes as he extended a hand to my face and caressed my cheek. I closed my eyes as it lowered to my jaw and he rested one finger on my lower lip. He stopped abruptly and let his hand fall to his sides.
“What happened to your hair?”
Of all the important, brain-wrecking, heart-breaking questions he could’ve asked he decided to ask about my hair?!!/i>
“I’ve…a change. I needed a change” I meant that, and not only referring to my hair.
He stared at what he could see of my face in the dim-lit porch and I stared back at the half of his face that was un-hidden by the door. He noticed our uncomfortable talk and opened the door wider, motioning me to follow him through the living room. I closed the door behind him and followed his footsteps towards his room. I stole a glance towards the living room and watched Mikey and Ray asleep in front of the TV.
“Movie night?” I asked Gerard.
“/They/ were. I was in my room” He clarified wryly as we descended the stairs. He sat on his bed and crossed his legs Indian style, his arms tangling over his chest in an almost defensive manner. I sat on the couch in front of him, piling the papers on it neatly away as I did so.
“I didn’t recognize you. You’re…different” He babbled.
“You’re…/drunk/” I pointed out.
“Drunk or not I would’ve recognized my Gab-. I would’ve recognized the Gabrielle I knew. And you’re not”
“I’ve been through a lot” I whispered.
“So have I” He retorted automatically. I took my eyes away from the floor and stared into his who were boring on mine.
“I’m sorry” I said honestly.
“You should.” He swallowed, “You bailed on me”
“I know. I’m sorry about that”
“Did you have to leave the way you did? Couldn’t you do it differently? Wasn’t there a less painful way?” His eyes almost threw sparks, “Or did it have to be that way? Did you enjoy my pain? Did it help you to compose yourself? Does your sadomasochist self enjoyed itself? I sure /didn’t/” The venomous words were spat with his brows almost meeting, his emerald eyes resembling those of a basilisk, his fangs showing in absolute anger.
I held his gaze which was as much pain as I could endure. Before I knew it my sight was clouded by tears which eventually rolled down my face, taking with them my cheap mascara and eyeliner. If I had attempted to talk, my words would’ve been as comprehensible as Latin is to a bum on Freemont Street.
I don’t know for how long I wept, but now I had to work hard to control the howls I was close to producing. I broke down in front of his eyes, not caring how ridiculous I looked. I was finally able to control my major sobs and tune them into a slow, guarded, whimpering.
I looked up from the place I now occupied on the cold floor and I realized he hadn’t stopped glaring in anger and disgust.
“I really am sorry” I explained between sobs, “I acted selfishly. You shouldn’t forgive me…I was just trying to make things right by coming here and talking to you. I may be different, I really don’t know, I can hardly tell the differences between anything. The only thing I feel is the cold. It’s killing me”
I heard him shifting from the place he had occupied during this whole time and felt his arms around my feeble shoulders. I felt like a porcelain doll that was broken and glued with Pegastick. He took me in his arms and lifted me from the floor placing me in his bed carefully. He walked up the stairs quickly and swiftly locked the door and walked back towards me. He took my Chucks out and brought and extra blanket in a manner of seconds.
“What are you doing?” I asked in bewilderment.
“This doesn’t mean anything, okay? You’re fragile. You’re tired. You need to sleep and so do I. We both need a quiet, tranquil night. We need each other. We’ll talk in the morning”
“And dad?”
“He doesn’t matter. Neither does mom or Mikey or whoever else who’s not in this room”
He cuddled beside me: the only thing I had been waiting for. And it was worth it. His body heat was all I craved. He removed his shirt and gently pulled my face towards it. I sensed the rhythm of his heartbeat and smiled as I fell asleep with it as a lullaby.
“We’ll talk tomorrow…” I whispered, “’Night Gerard”
“’Night Gabe”
He pressed his lips against my forehead and then let his chin rest on top of my head. I caressed his bare chest with my cold lips and then hard-pressed my cheek to it.
Would he let me love him? Or would I walk in the edge…?

The songs that I realized were playing while I typed away…

Last Generation, Sail Away (The Rasmus)
I would do Anything for Love (Meatloaf)
Rooftops (lost Prophets)
You Give Me Fever (The Cramps)
It's Amateur Night At The Appollo Creed! (cobra starship)
I’m not okay (My Chemical Romance)
Two Weeks from Twenty, Lights and Sounds (Yellowcard)
Streetcar (Funeral For a Friend)
Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Panic! at the Disco)
Emily (From First to Last) being the one that inspired the ending of the chapter
Pour Yourself a Drink (The academy Is…)
Surrender (less than Jake)
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