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No One Else - DEC 16

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Kelly talks to her mom about Mike. Alicia speaks to the doctor.

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Kelly sought out her Mom as soon as she and Kara walked into the house. She found her upstairs sitting on her bed. Beside her lay her wedding dress.
"Mama?" Kelly walked in and sat down by her. It was plain to see she had been crying. "What's wrong?"
Monica reached over and grabbed a tissue from the box on the bed stand. "Nothings really wrong. I'm just happy and nervous I guess."
Kelly nodded, "He loves you so much."
Monica gazed at her daughter, "I know and I love him with all my heart. So why do I feel wrong? Like this wedding isn't right?"
Kelly shook her head slowly, "I don't know. I do know how much he wants to get married. I can see it in his eyes when he talks about it." In truth she had some mixed feelings about the wedding but now was not the time to share them.
"But is it he just wants to be married? Is he just in love with the idea of marriage?"
Kelly was surprised her Mom was opening up like this. Usually she held all her feelings inside. "Mama, he loves you and he wants to marry you." She took her mom's hand, "No one else."
Monica looked at Kelly realizing she had just answered the question that was really in her head. "It's really me he wants?"
"No one else." She answered not needing to say Liv's name. They both knew who they were discussing.
"I just want to be sure." Monica said looking over at the dress again.
"He's telling you the truth when he says how much he loves you. She can't take him away."
Monica turned to her daughter. "I never said that."
"But it's what you think. It's what you're afraid of, isn't it?"
"I know how much he loved her and now after dealing with her I know she still loves him."
"But he doesn't love her anymore. He loves you."
Monica took a deep breath, "I'm just over emotional today." She wiped her eyes again and asked, "Did you need something?"
Now it was Kelly's turn to look down, "It’s about Mike."
"What about him? He didn't show up at school did he?"
Kelly took a deep breath, "Mike was in an accident Saturday night. He was drunk. The car hit a telephone pole.”
Monica shook her head, "It' sad that something like this had to happen but now just maybe his parents will deal with the situation. How badly was he hurt?"
"I'm not sure but I know he's still in the hospital." She raised her head and Monica saw the tears, "Dylan is dead."
"Oh, my God." Monica whispered.
"Yeah" Kelly honestly didn't know what to day.
"Do you want to call Gerard and talk to him?"
"No, not now. I guess I'm still in shock about it all. Lots of Mike's friends are blaming me."
"What? How could this be your fault?"
"I guess they blame me for his drinking. They think that I upset him with the restraining order." She stopped a moment then added quietly, "They think I'm lying about what he did to me."
Monica took Kelly into her arms, "I'm so sorry, Honey. You understand that it’s not you’re your fault, right?"
Kelly nodded, "I know. I'm just tired of all of this. I wish I'd never dated Mike."
"We all have things we wish we could go back and change."
"Do you ever wish you'd never married Daddy?
Monica answered immediately, "No. If I hadn’t married him I wouldn't have you and Kara. I wouldn't change that for the world."
Kelly hugged her tightly. "I love you mama."

Monica left a text message for Gerard. She wanted to tell him about Mike. The whole thing was just so tragic. Her heart went out to Dylan's family and to Mike's. His actions would haunt him the rest of his life. Kelly had gone upstairs to take a nap before dinner. Now as she mixed up the ingredients for Tuna Casserole she waited for Gerard to call. She didn't have long to wait.
"Hey, Hon. I got your text. What's up?"
"Something’s happened and I wanted to talk to you."
Gerard looked around for a quiet place "Hold on a sec." He walked outside the photographer’s studio to an enclosed patio area. "Okay, what is it."
"Mike was driving drunk and had an accident Saturday night. Gee.." She lowered her voice. "His best friend was with him. He's dead."
"He killed his friend? Stupid Mother fucker."
"Gerard." Monica was shocked.
"I don't mean that the way it sounded. I feel fucking horrible his friend is dead. Too young to die, for sure. I just think it's tragic that this had to happen. His parents had to know he was drinking. Couldn't they have done something?" His voice was full of anger.
"I don't know. I just feel so awful about this."
"How is Kell taking it?"
"She's upset but okay, I think. Gee, she said some of Mike's friends are blaming her for his drinking."
"Fuck, that's ridiculous. He’s been drinking for a long time. Shit, maybe she just shouldn’t go to that school anymore. We could get her a tutor.”
Monica had thought the same thing. “I don’t think she would go for the idea. I just talked to Kara and she told me that Kelly wouldn’t even leave school today when Kara suggested it. Kelly told Kara that she wasn’t gonna run from her problems. That she wasn’t gonna let herself be bullied.”
“That’s a good thing to hear. I’m so proud of her. You tell her how proud I am of her, okay?”
“I will, Gee. I know you had a lot to do today but I just thought I should tell you about this.”
“I’m glad you did. Hey, I gotta get back inside for the photo shoot. I’ll call you later on.”
“Smile pretty you beautiful boy.” Monica teased.
“I’m not beautiful.” He said trying to sound stern.
“Oh you’re beautiful, Baby.” Monica said with a smile.

Alicia sat ringing her hands. This waiting was brutal. When she had called the doctors office this morning she had been told the test results were back and that the doctor wanted to speak with her. Now as she sat looking around the office waiting for the doctor she was beginning to feel sick.
The door opened and the doctor walked in with a greeting, ”Mrs. Way. Nice to see you today.”
Alicia tried not to glare. “Hello”
Dr, Johnston walked around his desk and took a seat. He pulled out a folder and opened it. “You’re test results came back this morning and there are some things we need to discuss. I’m troubled by a few of the results.”
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