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Atlanta and Theresa are....DOGS!?! What will they do now?

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Author's note: Hey, ma people! Heres anothor story getting thrown at you! So....... I don't have much to say, but, HA! My bugie lost it tail feathers.(They grow back)
Disclaimer: I don't own CotT!
P.s. School is going great for me so far, and I'm on the j.r. girls soccer team! Go me! Oh yeah! Me and Dalnora were taking a walk in apart of the woods I've never been in, and we found a two toads. She picked one up and put it back, we kept on walking and I found a toad and when I picked it up it PEED ON ME, TWICE!


ChApPiE oNe


Things had been quite normal for the titans, but when you think about it wasn't normal. Cronos hadn't attacked them in two weeks! So that ment there were no monsters to fight, but that didn't mean that they didn't get any fighting practice, infact since Cronos hadn't attacked them in two weeks, it made the gods paranode, so the teens got more pratice then usural.(sorry about the spelling)

Theresa and Atlanta had just gotten back from training, and had drank all the water that they had with them, so they went inside to get two glasses of water. They went up on the roof to cool off, while they thier cold water. Theresa was half way done her glass, when her stomach started hurting horrible. She dropped her glass, shattering it into little peices. She then passed out. Atlanta, hearing the glass break, look over at Theresa.

"Theresa!" She yelled, just before she passed out too.

Atlanta slowly stood up and slowly wokeup. She woke up fully relising that she couldn't stand on her back legs. She looked down at her feet and screamed.(which in human case was a yelp) She started pacing back and forth whimpering, but then out of the corner of her eye she saw anthor DOG! She sniffed around and relised it was THERESA! Atlanta started nuhging Theresa with her nose. Theresa slowly woke and started to freak when she found out that she was a dog.

They shook their now baggie clothes off, and started talking.

"I bet you Cronos is behind this!" Atlanta growled.

"Maybe it was the water! Theresa barked. My stomach started hurting when I was drinking the water."

"Mine too! We should go see if the guys can help!" Atlanta barked

"Or if they were turned into dogs, too." Theresa ruffed.

So, the now dogs, went into downstairs into the brownstone to find the boys, but they didn't seem home.

"I'm hungry" Atlanta sighed, as they entered the kitchen.

"Hey, theres a sandwitch on the table. Theresa barked. It might change us into somthing else."

Atlanta jumped up on to the chair, and sniffed the sandwitch.

"It smells fine."


Neil was up in the washroom washing his hands.(Because he just used the bathroom) He was the one who made the sandwitch, but he needed to pee, so he left it on the table.


Neil went downstairs finding a dog eating his sandwitch.

"Get away!" Neil screamed.

Atlanta jumped down from the chair(with the sandwitch still in her mouth) and ran. Neil chasing her around the dorm, trying to get the dog out of the dorm. Theresa just rolled her eyes, thinking, how the hell, are they going to tell the guys that they were really Theresa and Atlanta. The door swung open and the people in the doorway made Theresa's heart jump.


Author's note: Hope you like this story I have big plans for it........xD
P.s: Atlanta is a Saluki dog, and Theresa is a Brittany Spaniel dog. If you don't know what they look like just look them up on google images.
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