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"aww, your not bad."

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yeah so whos at the dooor???

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Author's note : wowowowowwowowowwow i did not think i would ever update this story ... probably because i forgot about it. =S. SORRYSORRYSORRY, but really, i am sorry. and now even my friend dalnora is updating because we remebered that this site existed ... =) But now i must type. I dont really remember what happens but i will make it good =). all right so ... lets go. ohhh yeah .. i havent been watching this show lately soo sorry if its weird lol.

yup i still dont own class of the titans ..

chapter 2 ....

Jay, Archie and Herry had just come back from the gym. They walked in to see Neil chasing around a reddish coloured dog and a orange and white coloured dog staring at them.
" Neil, what the hell are you doing? " Archie yelled.
Herry picked up Neil still trying to run for the red dog. While Jay bent down to the other dog, letting her sniff his hand.

"I love the way you smell" Thought Theresa.

She just stared into his eyes, and he thought the dog reminded him of someone.. but who?

"Get these disgusting things out of our here!!!!" Neil screamed.

Archie looked at the red dog, which whined at him, cocking her head looking very cute.

"Aww, your not bad. Neil is just a psycho path." Archie told Atlanta.

(((author's note: just in case you didnt clue in, Atlanta is the red dog, and Theresa is the orange and white dog. haha)))

"I'm not psycho! That dog is! It was eating MY sandwitch!!!!!" Neil yelled.

Herry was trying to catch Atlanta, when Jay stopped him.

"Stop! Maybe these dogs are lost. Dont you think we should try and find their owners?"

"They dont have any tags. Maybe they are strays, and they were out looking for food and they smelled Neil's sandwitch?" Archie told them.

"Well i dont think it would hurt if they stayed with us until we found their owners." Jay said, stroking Theresa's head.

"Just keep them away from me!!!!" Neil pouted.

Theresa and Atlanta started wagging theirs tails happily.

"So..... what should we name them for now?" Archie questioned.

"Well.. i guess we should find out if they are boys or girls." Jay told him.

"Well ... ummm... i guess this ones a girl. Archie said, as Atlanta's black nose went as red as her coat. (well i dont know if dogs blush .. haha but these ones do! =) ) What about the other one?

"I think this one is a girl too. Jay said, Theresa's orangey pink nose going bright red also. Now what to name them?"

Just then Atlanta got really hyper, this was her chance to tell them that they were Atlanta and Theresa. She ran upstairs as quick as Atlanta, because she still had her ability to run super fast.

"Whoa!" Archie yelled running after her.

Atlanta ran into her room, and jumped onto her bed.

"No, down, that's Atlanta's bed!" Archie told her.

Then She barked at Archie and then jumped off the bed. She then went over to where her skateboard was and put her front paws on it. She barked at Archie again.

"Your one weird dog." Archie said.

Atlanta just rolled her eyes at him. She then grabbed a picture of herself and Archie together, and sat in front of Archie. Archie just picked it up and sighed. Atlanta grabbed the picture out of Archie's hands,laied it on the floor and put her paw on her face in the picture, and barked. Not really getting a reaction from Archie, she started hitting her paw on the Atlanta in the picture, while barking.

"Hey!" Archie said taking the picture away from her.

Atlanta, feeling hopeless just laid down and whined.

"Oh god... " Atlanta thought to herself.
Downstairs ...

Jay was getting Theresa a bowl of water, while she wagged her tail watching him.

"Now, what to name you? Jay asked her. So your a girl so, hmmm... maybe I should ask Theresa, she would probably have a good name for you."

When he mentioned her name, she stared nodding her head, and barking. She tried to say Theresa, but it just came out as some weird sounding barks.

"Huh? Herry said. Haha, maybe you should name her Theresa, she seems to like that name."

Theresa started nodding and barking again.

"Weird. Whenever someone says Theresa she gets really excited. Jay thought out loud. But i think, that im gonna name her Sophie."

"Where did you get Sophie from?" Herry asked.

"I dunno, Theresa likes that name so i'll name her that." Jay told him.

"So what did you name the dog, Arch?" Jay asked.

"Autumn, i dont know why, but she reminds me of an Autumn." Archie said.

Just then Odie came in.

"...guys i think theirs something you need to see.." Odie said awkwardly.

Author's note : yup so thats chapter 2. i hope you like it. ill be updating regularly now. Haha, what is Jay and Acrhie going to find? who knows.. i do! well seeya. rate and review s.v.p. (that means please for people who dont know haha) =)
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