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Where Do We Go From Here?

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"You obviously really don’t care about me much if you don't believe me. Well you know what Gerard? I've got two words for you..."

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You got out of the car and walked over and sat under that tree. Our tree. I followed you out and sat down next to you, crossing my legs in front of myself. There was a cool breeze blowing past us sweeping my hair over my eyes and the same with yours. I started to shiver from the complete drop in temperature compaired to the temperature back in the car.

"Top marks for not trying..."

I looked over at you slightly confused by what you meant. You looked up at me with those beautiful eyes of yours, I could see the hurt in them; I dont think you could have hid it even if you wanted to.

"Y'know. I wonder if I still see you as the same person anymore, I dont think I could trust you again."

I felt my stomach dropping down as you spoke. I feel weak. I started breathing a little heavier, willing that I wasn't hearing the words you were saying. I shook my head slowly from side to side.

"No... No you dont mean it."

You stared at me, your eyes now stone cold. Not with their usual warmth and softness I was so used to. I stretched my legs out in front of me, crossing one over the other and leaning back and supporting myself with my arms behind me.

"Oh, do you think I'm simply saying it because I like the way it sounds?"

You sounded so angry at me. You were never angry at me, the only time you ever got close to being angry at me was when you wanted everyone to leave us alone; full knowing that if we fought no one would stick around to get caught in the middle of it. Wait. Why the hell am I taking this from you?

"You obviously really don’t care about me much if you don't believe me. Well you know what Gerard? I've got two words for you. Fuck. You. Shove that in a song and fucking sing it!"

I stood up and stormed off furiously looking for something to break. Argh you make me so mad, sometimes while you’re sleeping I get the urge to bash you over the head with a blunt object. Like a baseball bat, I could never bring myself to ever do it though. I didn't take much thought into where my feet where leading me and I wound up back at your car. I sat on the bonnet and started swinging my feet back and forth, deliberately kicking your license plate hoping to leave indentations. You'd definitely hate me after this, your precious car. License plates reading 'KNIVES', this car was your dream. Probably means alot more to you than I do
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