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Deeper Feelings

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Comfort At Heart
Chapter 3: Deeper Feelings


For the rest of the week, Logan and Ororo continued to sleep together. It became their secret nightly ritual. After everyone else had turned in, Logan would slip into her room and they’d snuggle into a deep sleep. It was by far the best part of their day and it would always end with a goodnight kiss. Ororo didn’t have any nightmares. Logan slept through the night. It was win-win, but there were still issues.

Others continued to comment on their demeanor. Logan took quite a bit of scrutiny for not being as grumpy. His students didn’t mind, especially the New Mutants, but it was still weird seeing him in this sort of mood. Ororo wasn’t immune from it either. After being so withdrawn after Apocalypse and miraculously returning to her old self, people started asking questions on how she was coping. She didn’t give details, but the change in them led to speculation that it was linked. However, nobody called them out on it just yet.

At the end of the week, Ororo left to spend the day with her sister, Vivian. It was the first time she left the mansion since Apocalypse and she was clearly happy to see her. She, like the rest of the world, witnessed the battle on live TV and was so worried when she saw her sister in the thick of it. But she was glad to see that she was alright and on the path to recovery.

They sat down to a nice dinner, reminiscing on old times and talking about the future. Vivian told her sister she was thinking about having another baby. After Evan left, it was hard on them and they had a strong desire to further strengthen their family. Ororo was happy to hear the news, but towards the end the conversation shifted back to her.

“So you’re doing okay?” asked Vivian as she and Ororo sat in the living room while her husband did the dishes.

“Really, Viv, I’m fine,” assured Ororo, “It was a little rough for a while, but I’m getting there. I’ve had a lot of help back at the mansion from the students and my friends.”

“Well my offer to spend a few days here still stands,” she reminded.

“That’s okay. I have everything I need back home.”

Ororo smiled, her thoughts drifting back to the nights she spent with Logan. As much as she would have liked to spend a few nights with her sister, right now Logan was the best medicine for her.

“Very well,” said Vivian with a smile, “But if at any time you need something, just give us a call and we’ll be there.”

“Of course, and don’t forget to keep me up to date about baby talks.”

“Will do,” she replied, “Hopefully it’s soon. And if it does happen, I hope we can get in touch with Evan. He deserves to know.”

“I’ll make sure he does,” said Ororo, “I promise.”

Vivian’s expression sank somewhat. Evan was still a difficult issue. She was still proud of him for standing up and protecting the Morlocks. But she was still very worried that he was getting into a battle he had no control over. Ororo kept in touch with him and relayed a few messages from time to time. But it wasn’t the same as having her son by her side. Ororo didn’t understand that because she wasn’t a mother yet.

Looking over at her sister, Vivian saw a different woman. Ororo had always been the stronger one, yet she was always alone. She wasn’t afraid to put herself out there, but she never let anybody get too close. She often worried she would never find someone to truly open up to. And after what had happened to her it was uncertain whether she would ever know that feeling.

“You know all this mess has really got me thinking…” mused Vivian.

“About what?” asked Ororo.

“The future, our family, everything really,” she said distantly, “But most of all I’ve been thinking about you.”

“I know,” sighed Ororo, “You’re still worried I’ll get too caught up in mutant affairs. But after what I went through I think…”

“I’m not talking about that,” Viv interrupted, “I accept you can handle the load. You’ve proven that to me beyond all doubt. I just worry that you’ll always have to handle the load alone.”

Ororo looked away. It seemed every time she visited her sister insisted on reminding her that she was still single. Only this time she was serious. The world had almost ended and she could have died alone without ever having known true love or family. That was a fate she never wanted her to suffer.

“I see. This again…” mused Ororo.

“Ro, I know I’ve talked you to death with your personal life, but come on! Even with your line of work, don’t you want to settle down?”

“Of course I do,” said Ororo with a conflicted look, “But it’s not easy.”

“I never said it was,” retorted Vivian, “But you’re too good a person to be alone. Isn’t there anybody in your life you might be able to share a deeper relationship with?”

Ororo lost count how many times her sister had asked this very question, but for the first time there might actually be someone. Thinking back to Logan, she wondered. Sleeping together had brought them closer, but not so much as to make them a full fledged couple.
Granted, her feelings for Logan had changed, but it remained unclear whether it could become something more.

Of all the men she had come across in her life, she never made herself truly vulnerable until that fateful night Logan came to her. It started her down an unknown path and she had no idea where it was leading her. She was really starting to feel strongly for this man and she could tell he was starting to feel for her. Vivian’s concerns never made her think this much into it before. And she would have thought longer if Karl’s voice hadn’t interrupted.

“Hey Viv, the cake’s done! Come on in so we can cut it while it’s hot!” he called out.

“We’ll talk about this later,” said Vivian, taking her sister’s hand and leading her to the kitchen, “Now let’s get some desert!”

“Try not to eat too much,” reminded Ororo, “I promised the students I’d bring some back.”

“Of course,” she smiled, “No wonder they love you. You spoil them so much.”

“They’re my students,” she shrugged.

“You need a baby,” argued Vivian, “With instincts like that it would be a crime against nature for you not to have one.”

“Enough Viv,” said Ororo, rolling her eyes, “Let’s just eat.”


While Ororo spent the day with her sister, Logan spent the day working in the garage making adjustments on his bike and the X-van. Working with machines always helped cleared his mind and after everything that was going on in his crazy life he needed it. But all in all he was happier now than he was before he and Ororo started sleeping together. However, there were still a lot of things he was trying to figure out.

Having only part of his memory and being a former guinea pig for the sickest people on the planet, Logan was woefully ignorant about emotions. The only real reference he had to relationships were the ones of his students like Scott and Jean or Kurt and Amanda. But he never gave too much thought on how someone could feel so strongly for another person that they were willing to make themselves so open and vulnerable. That was exactly what he was experiencing with Ororo and he struggled to rationalize it.

“I’ve had enough of this,” he grunted, “I need a drink.”

Pulling out from under the van, Logan grabbed a rag to wipe the axle grease off his hands. He reeked of engine gunk and was definitely needed a shower if he was to sleep with Ororo again. He didn’t care too much about that sort of thing before, but it was just one of the many adjustments he was making now that he and Ororo were closer.

After putting the tools away he made his way to the kitchen. It was getting late and he still hadn’t eaten. Hopefully the kids hadn’t cleaned out the fridge just yet, although chances were he’d have to go out again like always.

He was just about to enter the kitchen when a conversation between Kitty, Rogue, and Bobby caught his ear.

“Are you serious?” said Bobby, “Logan and Ororo an item?”

“I don’t joke about love, Bobby,” said Kitty, “I really think there’s something going on between them.”

Logan stopped and listened closer with his astute hearing. Normally, he scorned anybody talking about his personal life. But maybe these hormonal kids could offer insight into something he didn’t understand.

“Haven’t you noticed how different they’ve been acting lately?” Kitty went on, “Ororo back to being herself again. Logan’s been in as good a mood I’ve ever seen him. And they just happen to coincide.”

“That doesn’t mean they’re related, Kit,” said Rogue with her usual sarcasm.

“That doesn’t mean that they aren’t,” she reasoned, “Something must have happened between them…something big.”

“Big huh?” said Bobby, “You think they had sex or something?”

“Bobby!” exclaimed Rogue.

“What? That’s a possibility too,” he said innocently.

“Be that as it may, I don’t think sex would explain everything,” said Kitty, trying to keep it rational, “I think it’s, like, totally possible they hooked up or something.”

“Ah don’t know,” said Rogue skeptically, “Those two?”

“Aren’t they both single?” asked Bobby.

“As far as I know they are,” said Kitty.

“And based on that you think they’re dating,” said Rogue, still not convinced.

It sounded like a mix between serious and gossip. Logan wasn’t sure what to make of it. This is what teenagers talked about when he wasn’t looking? There were some interesting points though. Aside from Bobby’s snide sex comment, it did seem reasonable that they were both single and spending time together. Did that not make them an ‘item’ so to speak? Curious, Logan listened on.

“I’m not saying it’s proof,” said Kitty, “I’m just saying it’s a possibility.”

“Yeah, and it’s pretty far fetched,” laughed Bobby, “Seriously Kitty, Logan and Ororo? I just can’t see them as a run-of-the-mill couple.”

“You’re sayin’ they aren’t compatible or something?” pondered Rogue.

“I didn’t say that,” he retorted, “I’m just can’t see them having chemistry.”

“I, like, totally disagree,” said Kitty, “They are friends, aren’t they? They work together and get along well.”

“Friends are one thing, Kitty. A full fledged couple is something else,” argued Bobby.

“Tell that to Scott and Jean,” she quipped.

Bobby cast her a bemused look. Kitty smiled in triumph, feeling as though she made her point. Rogue, however, wasn’t done thinking about it.

“You know, Kit, ya might have a point,” she said in her thick accent.

“Oh so you believe it now?” commented Bobby.

“Maybe Ah do,” she shrugged, “Ah know Logan pretty well and we all know Ororo. Ah think they compliment each other. They both are really into nature. They both are kind of their own person.”

“So if they really were dating each other, you wouldn’t find that strange?” said Bobby, still the cynic.

“Of course Ah would. But Ah don’t think it would be a bad thing.”

“Yeah, I think those two could, like, totally work!” said Kitty, still brimming with enthusiasm, “They just seem right for each other, you know?”

“I still think you’re looking too much into this, Kitty,” scoffed Bobby.

“So says a guy whose idea of romance involves having a snowball fight in the living room.”

“Hey, I’ll have you know some girls find that fun!”

“Yeah, like that’ll ever get ya a date,” scoffed Rogue.

“Aw, says you!” scoffed Bobby, “Girls can’t resist the Iceman.”

It was at this point Logan left the kids to their banter. He had heard enough and had plenty to think about. It was strange in some ways. If a bunch of teenagers could see something between him and Ro then maybe there was something to this whole thing.

He started wondering if it really could work. Could he and Ororo be a real couple? He was a former meat puppet of Weapon X and she was a former goddess. They couldn’t have been more different. But at the same time they cared for one another. They understood each other. And with the events of the past week, they were very close.

The more he thought about it the more right it seemed. He and Ororo did share something. But was it too much to say it was love or even feelings at this point? It wasn’t clear yet, but it was becoming increasingly apparent.


After plenty of goodbye hugs, Ororo wished her sister and brother-in-law off. She felt better after having spent some time with her family and had plenty to be excited about. Her sister was eager to have another baby and she was eager to have another niece or nephew. Tragedy had brought them closer in many ways. They had some interesting conversations this time around and some hung heavily on her thoughts.

She arrived back at the institute late into the evening. There were still a few students up and they were alert enough to devour the rest of Karl’s cake. It had been a long day for her so she prepared a nice hot bath. She hadn’t had one in what felt like forever. It was the perfect way to settle in and think about what Vivian had said to her.

Everything came back to her finding that special someone. After facing utter darkness it seemed more pressing than ever that she seek a lover. She wasn’t getting any younger and the world wasn’t getting any easier. Vivian was worried she may never find someone and for a time she was worried about that too. But the more she thought about it the more she thought back to what she and Logan shared.

She and Logan had been friends for years, but until Apocalypse she never understood what made him tick. Then after being tortured, manipulated, and used like he was, she truly empathized with the pain and torment he struggled with. She really admired how he could keep it together. There was no doubt she would have kept getting worse had he not been there and that led her to wonder if this could lead to something more.

‘He understands me…I understand him. He’s single…I’m single. We’re already close and we already know each other. So I guess the big question is how deep are my feelings for Logan?’

That question echoed through her mind as she relaxed in the tub, letting her mind wander. She wasn’t going to reach any sort of conclusion tonight, but she was going to keep thinking about it. She owed it to herself and to Logan.

Ororo got out of the tub and dried herself off, letting out a tired yawn as she drained the water. It was getting late and she was just about ready to turn in. Upon slipping on her robe, she dried her elegant white hair brushed her teeth. Logan was probably out doing the last of his rounds so she had best be ready for him.

She stepped back into her room still wearing her robe. She sifted through her dresser drawer and pulled out one of her nighties. She began removing her robe so she could put it on, when suddenly the door opened and Logan stepped in.

“Hey Ro, are you ready for…”

But he stopped in mid sentence as he caught a glimpse of the former weather goddess in the process of removing her robe.

“Whoa! Uh…sorry,” he said, quickly turning away.

Ororo promptly pulled her robe back up. He didn’t see much, but he saw enough to make him look away in embarrassment.

“Uh…it’s alright, Logan,” she assured him, “Although you might want to knock next time.”

“I’ll remember that,” he muttered.

Ororo retreated back to her bathroom to change while Logan needed a minute. He was a half second away from seeing the former weather goddess completely naked. He was in the right state of mind to kick his own ass. On one hand he invaded her privacy, but on the other he could have seen her in all her womanly glory. She was still a beautiful woman last he checked and that sight would not escape his mind anytime soon.

While waiting for the embarrassment to subside, Logan sat on the foot of her bed and waited. She didn’t take long. She was out of the bathroom in a few minutes, smelling fresh and clean. He still bore a look of embarrassment, but a friendly smile from Ororo helped reassure him.

“So uh…how was your sister?” he asked, eager for a change of subject.

“She’s fine,” said Ororo, sitting down next to him, “She’s talking about having another baby.”

“Lookin’ to give Evan a sibling, huh? Wonder if he’ll come out of the sewers to take notice.”

“He will. I know he will,” said Ororo, “We also spent a lot of time scrutinizing my personal life. She’s still worried about me being single.”

“Is she now?” said Logan with intrigue, “What did you tell her?”

“Same thing I always tell her,” she shrugged, “I’m just waiting for the right person.”

Logan smiled at that response. It left room for possibilities. Even if he didn’t see them as being in his favor, it was nice knowing there was still a chance.

“Well I’m tired,” she said with a yawn, “What about you?”

“Not really,” said Logan, “But for you, I can be.”

“You’re sweet.”

Ororo leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. Again, it was deeper than the others before them. Logan slipped his arms around her waist, tasting every sweet morsel of her lips while she wrapped her arms around his neck and sank into his arms. It was a far cry from the innocent kiss of affection they shared the first time. This had feeling, going along with how close they were becoming. They were beyond fighting it. Now they were embracing it.

They didn’t say another word after they parted. It was awkward enough when Logan almost saw her naked. They were content to leave it here. Together, they climbed under the sheets as they had grown so accustomed to.

Even though Logan wasn’t tired, he was lulled to sleep by her warm presence. Ororo drifted off fast, but the words of her sister continued to echo through her mind. She never did answer her question about whether or not she had found someone. Normally it was a simple no, but now she wasn’t so sure. Lying in the arms of this man she was seriously considering that maybe this could be it. The one person she could truly share herself with could be right here in her arms. But only time would tell.


Up next: Logan and Ororo make a fateful choice together.
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