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I'm not Okay.

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Chapter 36

“Gabe can you hurry up?” Jess hollered, one foot outside the door, “When will be the day that you’re ready when you’re supposed to be?”
“God, /relax/” I said in a slightly irritated tone, rolling my eyes at her as I covered my neck with a forget-me-not-blue leopard-printed scarf and buttoned the last buttons of my knee-high purple dress.
“Come on, come onnn!” She hurried me as we walked out of my apartment and into her car. She put the keys in the ignition swiftly as I passed my fingers through my waist-long platinum-blonde hair and placed my gigantic dark purple sunglass up the bridge of nose. I checked my lipstick and then noticed the catches of my boots were unbuckled. I started fumbling with them as Jess continued to complain of how long I took to get ready.
“I mean, seriously Gabe, we’re only going to lunch…what’s the big deal about a tiny little /lunch/? Who the fuck’s gonna meet you /there/?”
“Baltimore’s not that big, you know?” I snapped back, she really did know how to get on my nerves.
“Can we drop it, please?” I pleaded as she parked in front of mall in front of the Merriweather Pavillion.
“/Fine/” She stated. While we waited for the pile of cars in front of us to disappear she tilted her head to look at the people who were clearing the Merriweather’s oversized trees a bit.
“What’s keeping them so busy, anyway?” I asked Jess.
“How deaf can you be? Warped Tour’s coming right after the snow’s gone” She explained.
“Oh but that’s ages away!”
“Yeah but it’s much easier to cut down the branches when there are no leaves, it gets less messy…”
“I guess… I still find it pointless.”
“You’re coming with me, right?”
“Oh hell no! I’ve got work. Shouldn’t you know /that/?”
We heard obnoxious horns and it took all of our willpower not to roll down the windows and curse at the pimply teenage boy behind us.
“What’s with these pimply teenagers and their brand new rides? Do they think they rule the motherfucking world?”
“Probably…” I answered as we walked into the food court. I scanned the nearest tables looking for someplace to sit.
“GABE!” I turned around and saw a skinny Chinese girl with short black hair and hot pink ends in a black wife beater and short skirt of matching colour with doll-like high heels.
“Oh hey Anne!” I saluted my favourite Hot Topic attendant. I muttered a “be nice” to Jess as we approached her table.
“It’s been some time since you’ve gone to the store” She commented as we approached her. “Oh, hey Jess” She acknowledged my friend with a bit of scorn on her face. I’m sure Anne didn’t forget the last time Jess went into the store: she had mustered all her courage to enter the ‘really dark and spooky Goth shop’ and then after only seconds of being there started to criticize the shop attendants. As if that wasn’t all she made out with Steve, who was Anne’s boyfriend at the time. Hell broke loose between the two of them, only it was more like a cat-fight…
I hadn’t been able to show my face in the store for the past month, I was ashamed to my bones. Jess nodded at her while smiling.
“How’s Steve?” Anne asked casually.
“Quite good. I’ll tell him you asked about him” Jess beamed.
“Don’t” Anne blew her charade by spitting the word and looking at Jess with disgust.
“I’ll-I’ll come some time this week Anne” I said, pulling Jess with me, “I’ll go /alone/” I specified.
“God! Didn’t I ask you to be nice?” I asked her crossly, letting go of her arm.
“That one was for keeping me waiting”
“You’re so selfish! I should get another fucking secretary!”
“Like anyone would accept such badly paid job…” She muttered under her breath as we sat on a booth with our Chinese food tickets, waiting for our number to appear on the wine red screen.
“Anyway…” she said, acquiring her business-like voice and dropping a heavy white folder on the table. She skimmed the pages as I kept my eyes on the screen.
“We’ve got propositions for ads for…NY Couture, Forever 21, Gap, and Banana Republic for Monday and Thursday”
“Cool. Accept.” I said, standing up to take our order. I balanced the tray and swiftly slid it to the middle of the table, careful not to let any of my soup out of its bowl.
“You’re still on the ‘soup diet’?” She asked, devouring her steak.
“It’s for cleansing the organism” I explained for the umpteenth time. Jesse was a good secretary, but a shitty friend. I didn’t have much time to look for more friends, though, so I just hung out with her when necessary. I mean, had some buddies in my Photography and Art lessons, but nothing more than buddies.
With the modelling and all I didn’t have too much time to spare and I intended to keep it that way.
The more I worked the more money I earned and I really wanted to finish paying my apartment. Plus, It took my mind off the recently catastrophic events of my life.

After our little meeting/lunch was over we started walking around the mall aimlessly. I noticed they had opened a new Borders and walked towards it. The screens on the electronics store before it made me stop on my tracks, though.
There it was: the face of the guy I had been trying to run away from for the past years, sitting on a couch, his fingers intertwined, his matted black hair falling on his shoulders surrounded by people I knew too well as random couples danced in the library they were in. I placed a hand on my belly absently as I heard his voice roaring from the thirty or so tvs showing the same video.
It’s a bit difficult forgetting your ex when every motherfucking tv shows his motherfucking video…
“Are you okay?” I winced at Jess’ choice of words and replied rather unwillingly,
“I’m not okay”
“What’s wrong?” She asked, apparently interested.
“That video…’I’m not Okay’…it’s driving me insane…” I lied, walking out of the store and entering Borders instead, letting the fantastic smell of new books enter my nostrils and whisk my thoughts away from that pale face and hazel eyes that still haunted me.
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