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Chapter 37

“I don’t want to talk to anyone dammit.” I barked at the phone.
“Will you shut up?” I yelled louder, rolling around in bed trying to omit it’s ringing.
“I want to sleep I simple won’t pick you up” I responded to the phone’s pleading, burying deeper into my soft cotton sheets.
“Yeah, well I don’t care who the fuck you are”
“Oh yeah? Fuck you too!” I hollered back, throwing a pillow in over my head trying to shield the annoyingly constant ringing.
“Hello you’ve reached Gabrielle O’Connor’s residence. Yeah, I’m the model. You know the drill: name, number and ‘/why/’. I need coffee-“I heard myself say and then a shrill beep followed by a voice I knew too well,
“Darling are you there?” Donna’s voice echoed in my room. I instantly threw the pillow away and ran to the phone, pressing the talk button before Donna hung up.
“Donna?” I asked, completely out of breath.
“Oh thank God you picked up! I was about to disconnect…”
It had been several months since I last talked to Donna, which was I was surprised she had called.
“So…what’s up?” I asked, not knowing how to proceed.
“Well, last time you came I wasn’t here…I was at Don’s for vacations and then Mrs Norris told me you had visited so…”
“Oh” I replied. I clearly remembered the day I had gone all the way to Belleville to find out that Donna wasn’t there. My mind hadn’t really been very clear, and I hadn’t had the sense to call before I went. Mrs Norris let me spend the night at her cat-smelling excuse of a house until I could get into the next plane that left in the morning.
“She said you were a bit…sad” Donna pursued, trying to get me to talk.
“Well, yes…that’s a bit of an understatement” I managed to say, wincing in the remembrance of that night I had cried my eyes out on Mrs Norris’ smelly couch. “The thing is…Lucy….”
“Oh yes, how is my sweet Lucy? Is she up? Why don’t you get her on the phone?” Donna asked eagerly. She really did love the grandma idea even though she and her granddaughter were so much far apart. /More now than ever/, I though bitterly.
“Er…” I took a deep breath, trying to control my emotions and express the reason for which I had gone all the way to Belleville so many months ago, “Donna…Lucy’s dead”
There was a frightening silence from the other end of the line.
“She’s…she’s dead? She can’t be! What happened?!”
“Do you remember that accident there was up here, the one in which a school bus slid and a bunch of kids died?” I asked, trying to oppress the painful memories.
“Oh it can’t be! Not Lucy! This is not fair!” I heard Donna sob on the other line.
“Oh I’m so sorry sweetie…I just…”
“I’m sorry too. I’m sorry I didn’t get the courage to have him meet her…I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to drive her to school myself…I’m sorry I didn’t drove her to see you more often…Oh, I’m so sorry Donna!”
“Sweetheart, none of it is your fault!” She reassured me and I could almost see her clutching the phone tighter with a determined look on her face.
“How are you holding up?” She asked softly.
“I’m working more” I replied, trying to maintain the cool I never had.
“Do you want to come over?” She asked sweetly, “You know you’re always welcome…”
“No, I can’t Donna” I cut her off, “I’ve got loads of work” I explained.
“Then promise me to come whenever you’re off. /Please/.”
I sighed and gave in, it was impossible to say no to Donna after all she had done for me. My alarm started ringing. That meant I had a shoot in an hour, which meant I had to eat something, shower and drive to the location.
“Donna, I have to go…”
“Okay. One more thing, Gabe.” I could sense she was going to tell me something that I probably didn’t want to hear by the way she slowly pronounced my name, trying to extend the last syllable as long as possible.
“I think you should tell him…I know you were intending to, next time he came from tour. But he really should know. They cancelled their last show on Warped and are going to be staying here a month, it’s the best chance you’ve got until they go on the long tour …”
“I’ll think about it” I replied. I knew Donna wanted to persist until I said yes so with one final sigh I accepted to the thing I had been dreading ever since I found out I was pregnant with Lucy.
“I promise”
“I’ll wait for you then. Bye” she said and hung up. I stared at the phone for a few minutes and then ran to the shower. I turned the handle and icy cold water sputtered almost angrily, drenching me completely in a matter of seconds. I shut my eyes lightly and let the water pummel on my body.
Oh God! Was I completely out of my mind?

Sorry for the delay.
And shortness.
Yes, I’m aware I’m not explaining much.
That’s the point by the way.
You’ll just have to wait for the trip to understand everything and the missing details.
Hope you all had a good new year!
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