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Back to the Streets

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Back to Belleville

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Chapter 38

The days had passed a little faster than I had hoped for. Fuck that, they had passed way too fast. I sighed one more time before picking up my the money from my purse and handing it to the taxi driver.
“Do you need some help with your luggage, m’am?”
“That would be awesome” I replied in what I hoped was a thankful tone as I got out of the car with him and tried to compose myself as we walked towards the Way household. There was a white van parked in the parking lot, with a small trailer, originally white, who was now scribbled down completely. I dismissed the scribbles and looked at my feet as we walked towards the entrance.
“Not too happy about being here, are you?” The driver asked me. I sighed in despair and took my sunglasses away from my eyes for the first time and locked eyes with him,
“Is it really that obvious?” I asked, regret slipping down my lips.
“I’m sorry to tell you it /is/”
“Oh God…” I fiddled with my purse and gave him an extra ten dollars, thanking him for everything and, even though I didn’t want to, rang the doorbell.
“Good luck” The driver said as he returned to his car and I smiled at him and turned around as there was a suspenseful creak that signalled someone had opened the door.
I turned around slowly, trying to compose my features.
“I can’t fucking believe this!” I saw Frankie’s surprised expression as he took me in and then, quite to my surprise, he threw his arms around me and squeezed me tight. He was an inch smaller than me but he made up for that in strength.
“I can’t fucking believe this!”
“I…can’t…breathe…Frank…!” I managed to say. He lightened his grip around me and pulled apart far enough so he could see my face more clearly. His whole face was beaming, oh my little Frankie, I didn’t even remembered I missed him so! I returned his next hug, a little less breath-taking, but equally emotional. He kissed my forehead and we stared at each other again, my quirkiness a little bit gone.
“Frank, who is it?” I heard Mikey yell from the living room, I guessed.
“Oh, you wouldn’t believe it!” Frankie yelled like a highschooler. He took my luggage from me and we started to walk into the house. I felt a lump in my stomach as I walked in the living room and scanned it quickly: there was Mikey thrown in the couch with Ray watching some flick. Their eyes went to me and looked me up and down, as if finding me familiar, but not really remembering who I was.
“Well hello guys” I greeted them, a shy smile on my lips.
“GET OUT OF HERE!” Was Mikey’s yell as he ran to be and scooted me in his arms, going around in circles.
“Man, why didn’t I think of that?” Frankie muttered with a pout.
“Mikey put me down we’re gonna fall..”I shrieked. Certainly those skinny little legs of his wouldn’t support both of our weights for long. He did put me down eventually and then it was Ray’s turn to bear hug me. We all chatted for a few minutes.
“What’s all of this commotion about?” Donna asked and then her eyes fell on me and I felt my eyes swelling as Donna started crying.
“Oh, sweetie!” She ran towards me and pulled me tight in a hug and both of us started crying.
“Come on, mom, calm down! Gabe! /Jesus Christ/…” Mikey mumbled, patting our shoulders.
Donna and I went to the kitchen and started talking in low whispers as I explained in detail how I had found out about Lucy.
“Mom, can we have Gabe for like a minute?” Frank pleaded as he came towards us, with his puppy eyes. “I swear we won’t rape her…/yet/” He kidded. Donna laughed as send me off with a cup of her marshmallow hot chocolate.
“Oh man, I’m so glad you came! We haven’t seen in you in forever!” Mikey said, sitting up straighter in the couch as I scooted in between him and Frank.
“You’ve been pretty damn busy, I don’t think you’ve got time left to think of silly lil me” I replied, smiling at them.
“You’ve seen us?” Ray asked, surprised.
“You’re not small anymore, Ray! You guys are big now. And awesome! That video is simply awesome! Oh man I was like, they finally got their first video!” I babbled eagerly.
“Actually, it’s not the first video” Mikey corrected.
“Of course it is! Wait, it’s not?”
“Well, it was the first expensive video…” Ray explained.
“We did another one, for our first record…the song’s called ‘Vampires will Never Hurt You’” Frank told me.
“We’ll show it to you later” Mikey reassured me, “By the way, how long are you staying?”
“Oh, I…” I started to say but was cut off by Donna.
“All vacations, dear!”
“Apparently” I mumbled.
They all shrugged but it was Mikey who asked, a little apprehensively, “She’s trying to get you guys back together, isn’t she?”
I shook my head, “It’s…I need to tell Gerard something…”
“No fucking way Gabe!” Mikey yelled. I stared at him, and found he had understanding written all over his face.
“But…it’s been so long…It…”
“Oh God you can’t possibly be…or well, had been…” Ray trailed off. Frankie stared at the three of us, utterly confused.
“What? What happened?!” Frankie yelled, helpless.
“Frankie…I, I got pregnant.”
I winced at the name, but nodded. We all sat there in silence. I stared at my fingers guiltily, playing with them.
“There’s something more, isn’t there?” Mikey asked, putting a hand on my shoulder. I started shivering now, my fingers trembling furiously.
“MOM, GABE’S ALL FIDGETY!” Frank cried out in panic. Donna came to my side immediately.
“What’s wrong, darling?”
“I…I think I need to rest a b-bit…”
“Of course…Come on up, I’ve arranged the guest room for you…” Donna took me upstairs and saw that I changed into my pyjamas which consisted on an oversized Hello Kitty shirt and pink slacks with bunny skulls.
I stared around the pale rose walls, and peeked into the little oils on the walls. They were mostly trees, and other outdoor landings. But I recognized them all from being from Belleville. I stared at the small, neat signature on the side and recognized it as Elena’s.
My shaking had lowered to a slight trembling, at least, and I started taking my clothes out of my suitcase and walked to the wood closet on the left of the room, by the window. I traced the carved roses on it and then opening it up, placing the clothes inside neatly. I walked to the small bathroom and placed the rest of the things there. Exhausted of the planes and the ride home, I climbed under the heavy sheets and cuddled in bed’s heart, closing my eyes and falling asleep almost immediately.
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