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Sorry it took so long but FicWad hasn't let me post. Same old, same old with them.

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"Jamia, how is she doing?"
"Monica, I honestly don't know." She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Alicia had fallen asleep on the sofa and she didn't want to wake her. "I've never seen her like this. It's like she just couldn't take holding it all in anymore. She won't tell me what's wrong. All she will say is she needs Mikey."
"Okay, he's flying home as soon as he can. He's on the way to the airport right now but they couldn't get him a flight at such short notice. He's on standby right now. Hopefully something will open up for him. We don't think you should tell her he's coming until he gets a flight."
"I agree." Jamia said, "I just wish she'd talk to me."
"There's something else. Mikey heard us talking and he knows she's been sick."
"Oh shit" Jamia said
"Yeah, he was pretty pissed at first. He was mad cause she hadn't told him."
"When Frank told him you had called he looked devastated."
"I hope he gets a flight. She really needs him."
"Me too." Monica said sadly. "So she lied about the doctor didn't she?"
"Maybe not lied but she sure as hell didn't tell me the whole truth. Hey, I'm gonna go check on her. Give me a call if you hear anything about Mikey getting a flight."
"I will" Monica promised. She disconnected. Christa was standing nearby. Monica could tell something was really troubling her. "What's wrong?"
Christa looked around. "Come on" She led Monica through the backstage area to a quiet spot. "I want to tell you something."
"Okay" Monica said wondering why she looked ready to cry.
"The other day Mikey and I were talking. He asked me if I believed dreams could foretell the future."
Christa looked down and spoke softly. "He had a dream about Alicia. She was in a hospital bed."
"Oh shit" Monica said softly.
Christa nodded. "God, I hope she's okay."
Monica hugged her. "Me too." she whispered.

"More peese" Elle smiled with pizza sauce from on end of her face to the other. They had arrived from shopping and were at Chuck E Cheese’s digging into their lunch. Kelly still had a lingering bad feeling about the entire shopping trip. Don and Donna had bought Elle so many nice things. However, Kelly was sure Liv wasn’t going to be happy accepting the fact they had spent so much money. She had tried to explain to Donna that it might make Liv feel bad that she couldn’t afford to buy the things for Elle herself. Donna hadn’t listened. Kelly felt uncomfortable with all the hatred Donna had for Liv. She wished there was some way she could make her understand.
Donna laughed at Elle and wiped her face off with a napkin. "Sure you can eat another piece?"
Elle nodded, "Mes sure."
Kelly looked over at Luke who was being very quiet. She wondered what he was thinking. Almost as if he could feel her looking at him he looked up and their eyes met.
"So Luke, did you win?" Don asked.
Luke looked over at him. "What?"
Don laughed, "The fight. Did you win?"
Luke realized the bruises on his face told the story. "I did alright."
"Fighting’s not good but sometimes it's what a man's gotta do." He reached for another slice of pizza. "Gerard was about your age the first time he came home looking like that."
Donna nodded, "No, he looked worse. Someone at a party said something to his girlfriend, Barbara."
Luke didn't know what to say. He nodded and went back to eating his pizza.
"It happened because of Mike" Kelly said softly.
The table grew silent. Luke wondered why she felt it necessary to tell them.
Don nodded, "Kinda figured that. Glad you're looking out for our Kelly." He slapped Luke on the shoulder.
Luke didn't know how to react. When his own father had seen him he had yelled at Luke for causing trouble. Under the table Kelly laid her hand on his leg. Oh, man, he thought. Now I'm some sort of knight in shining armor. As much as he wished it were true he was afraid of disappointing her. "I'll be back." He said standing.
At the table they watched him walk towards the bathrooms. "I hope I didn't upset him." Don said.
Kelly sighed. She understood. Luke had told her about his dad's reaction to the fight. "His dad yelled at him about it."
Don frowned, "Did he understand it was cause he was standing up for his girl?”
“I’m not sure he’s told his dad about me.” Kelly confessed.
Don smiled, “Well he should be proud to tell him he’s got a girl like you.”
Kelly sighed, “I’m not really sure I am his girl.”
“What? I’ve seen the way he looks at you. You’re his girl.”
Elle started bouncing in her seat. “Me done. Pway now?”
“Sure Bug.” Kelly said. She stood and took Elle’s hand. “Can you tell Luke where we are when he gets back?”
“Sure Honey,” Donna said.

Mikey leaned his head back against the plastic seat and closed his eyes. All around him the airport was teaming with activity. He tried to close out all the noise and calm his mind. God, why hadn’t she told him she was sick? A few minutes earlier when he had talked to Jamia he had asked that question. Jamia gave the same answer everyone else did – She didn’t want to worry him. Shit, am I that fucking pathetic? My own wife has to worry about upsetting me when she should be leaning on me? He was glad he had told Jamia not to tell Alicia he was coming home. The way the situation was looking he wouldn’t be able to get a flight for hours.
“Hey man. I’m gonna go to the can and then grab some coffee. You want anything?” Troy asked. Mikey looked up at the roadie who had accompanied him to the airport.
“No, I’m fine.” That was far from the truth. He couldn’t get the memory of that dream out of his head. Alicia lying in a hospital bed. Suddenly he had a thought. He took out his phone and scrolled through the numbers.
“Yo Mikey, got a flight yet?” Bob asked hopefully.
“No, nothing yet. Hey can I talk to Kara a minute?”
Bob handed the phone to Kara. They had found a quiet place and were eating their catered lunch.
“Hey Mikey”
“Kara, I need Kelly’s number.”
“Kelly? You wanna call Kelly?” Kara was clearly confused.
“Yeah, can I have the number” He didn’t want to explain why to her.
After a moment it dawned on Kara why he wanted to talk to Kelly. “Sure Mikey” She recited the number and hung up after he thanked her.
“What was that all about?” Bob asked taking a bite of fried chicken.
“He wants to talk to Kelly. I’m guessing he thinks she might know something about Alicia.”
Bob chewed thoughtfully looking very puzzled. Suddenly he brightened “Oh the psychic thing.”
Kara laughed at him, “I swear it looked like a light bulb just went off over your head. Yeah the psychic thing”
“You think she’d be able to tell him something about Alicia?”
Kara shrugged, “The kid’s creepy.” She took a drink of soda and added, “Cause she’s been right about a lot of things.”

“See mes?” Elle waved from the Skytube to Kelly who was standing below.
“I see you Bug.” Kelly said waving back. She took a few steps back from the play area to look across to their table. Luke had returned and was talking to Don and Donna. She hoped they weren’t asking him a lot of questions. She knew there were so many things about his life he wouldn’t be comfortable talking about. “Hey Bug, let’s go get Luke.”
“Me pwaying” Elle said with a frown.
“We’ll come right back.” Kelly promised.
“Mes stain’ here.” Elle said climbing further in the tubes so Kelly couldn’t see her.
Kelly rolled her eyes. She looked over at the table again. Luke was folding and unfolding a napkin. He seemed nervous. Quickly she started to make her way across the restaurant. Her cell rang and she stopped.
“Kelly, it’s Mikey.”
She was shocked, “Hey, Mikey.”
“Uh, can I ask you a strange question?’
Kelly had started walking again but stopped because the signal was fading in and out. “Sure”
“I don’t know how to say this.” He looked around and was happy to see Troy was still nowhere in sight. “I was wondering if you’ve had any feelings about Alicia.”
The sound of his voice was so urgent. Kelly knew this call was very important to him. The sound of yelling kids was making it hard to hear. She walked towards the restrooms where it was a bit quieter. “About Alicia?”
Mikey suddenly felt stupid for calling her. “Hey, never mind.”
“Wait, Mikey. Hold on. Is something wrong with her?”
“I was sorta hoping you could tell me.” He said softly.
Kelly hated that her so-called gift was so random. “I’ve not had any bad feelings about her.” She said hoping it would make him feel better.
“Thanks Kelly. Hey sorry I bothered you.”
“You didn’t bother me at all. Sorry I couldn’t help you.”
Mikey said good-bye and disconnected. Kelly pocked her phone and walked back into the main area of the restaurant. She stopped abruptly. The feeling came over her like a wave. For an instant she felt like she couldn’t breath. She closed her eyes and waited for it to pass.
Her eyes opened to see Donna standing in front of her. “Is Elle with you?”
Kelly tried to speak but the overwhelming feeling made it impossible.
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