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Why Denver Is Special - (JAN 8)

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Monica finds out about the surprise

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After shopping the girls returned to the hotel to change. Monica laughed when she got to the room. Gee hadn’t even unpacked. He always said he lived out of a suitcase. She quickly changed into jeans and a form-fitting sweater. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. For once she wasn’t wearing a hoodie. She was betting Gerard would be pleased. A quick brush through her long hair, which she chose to leave down, and she was ready. She stopped herself at the door. This was a special night and she wanted to look better than normal. Returning to the mirror she applied make-up then stood back to get the full effect. Okay, definitely not supermodel but not bad.
Christa and Kara were waiting down in the lobby.
“Hey you look nice.” Christa said as Monica drew near.
“Wow, Mom’s wearing something other than a hoodie.” Kara added
Monica smiled, “I just thought I’d try to look extra nice for the concert.”
“Has nothing to do with the surprise.” Kara muttered.
Monica turned to her, “What do you know about the surprise?”
“Surprise?” Christa had no idea what they were talking about.
“Look I know that you know Gerard’s got a surprise for you.” Kara said.
Monica’s eyes narrowed, “Okay but do you know what it is?’
Kara grinned, “Yep. And don’t even ask. I promised my husband I wouldn’t tell.”
They started walked towards the van. “Will I like it?’ Monica asked.
Kara rolled her eyes. “Yeah, you’ll like it.”
Monica smiled to herself. This was going to be one special evening.

It had been a long day and Elle was tired. Of course she didn’t want to admit that fact. After dinner Kelly had given her a bath and now they were settled on the sofa watching “The Little Mermaid.” Elle snuggled closer to Kelly.
“Yes Bug?”
“Mes wuvs Uke.”
Kelly smiled at her, “Me too.”
“Uke says mes purdy. He says mes a dood durl.”
“Pretty and good? Wow, he must really like you.”
They both grew quiet again. Kelly thought Elle must have fallen asleep and was surprised when she spoke again.
“Mes misses mommy.” Her little voice sounded as if she was on the verge of tears.
Kelly lifted her into her lap. “You’re gonna see her tomorrow.”
“Mes misses mommy now.” Tears began to roll down her cheeks. “Mes wants to go home”
Donna walked in and asked what was wrong. Kelly explained. Donna frowned, “Elle, your gonna see your mommy tomorrow. Why don’t you go to sleep and then when you wake up it will be tomorrow.”
Elle shook her head, “Mes not tryrod. Mes wants mommy.”
Donna and Kelly exchanged a look. “Grab my cell phone.” Kelly said to Donna.
When she returned with it Kelly hit Liv’s number praying she would answer.
“Liv, it’s Kelly. Uh Elle’s missing you. I thought maybe if you told her goodnight she might settle down and go to sleep.”
“Let me talk to her.” Liv sounded sad.
Kelly handed the phone to Elle. “Mommy?”
“Baby, what’s wrong?”
“Mes wants mommy.” Elle cried harder.
This tore at Liv’s heart. She wanted to go get her child but she knew it would be the wrong thing to do. This was something Elle had to learn. “Baby, mommy loves you. I want you to be a big girl, okay? You stay with Donna tonight and Mommy will come for you tomorrow.”
“Mommy” Elle cried harder.
“Baby, stop crying. It’s okay. Mommy loves you. Do you love mommy?”
‘Mes wuves mommy.”
“Then you be a big girl for mommy. You go to sleep and mommy will come get you tomorrow.”
Elle took a deep breath. ‘Otay mommy.” Her tears slowed down.
Kelly took the phone from her, “Liv?”
“Yes Kelly?” Liv sounded drained.
“I think she’ll be okay now. She’s almost asleep. Sorry if we bothered you.”
“Kelly, Elle is the only think I have in my life. I know you understand that. I know you understand a lot of things.” With that she hung up.
Closing the phone Kelly felt tears in her own eyes. Yes, Liv was right she did understand much more than she wanted to.

Gerard grabbed Monica and pulled her into a tight squeeze. “I missed you.” He whispered into her ear.
“I missed you too.”
He released her and held her at arms length. ‘You look nice. I really like that sweater.”
Monica smiled, “I thought you might.”
“You’re a beautiful woman. You just don’t see it but I do.”
“You’re the only one I care about seeing it.” She replies honestly. They walked into the backstage area where the rest of the band members were assembled.
“Mikey called a about an hour ago but I didn’t have time to call you. He got a flight. He should be home soon.”
Monica sat down next to Gerard on a sofa. “I’m glad. God, I hope Alicia is okay.”
“Me too. She’s his life, you know.”
“Yeah, they love each other so much.” She felt tears in her eyes.
“Hey, she’ll be okay. We gotta have faith.”
Monica swiped at her eyes, “See why I hate makeup?” she teased.
Gerard took his finger and gently rubbed her eyeliner. “You’re fine.”
“You know more about makeup then I do.” She laughed.
“Yeah, well I suppose I do. So lets think about tonight. Got any idea what the surprise is?”
She shook her head. “Nope.”
He gave her a smile, “Good.”
The band was called for the Meet & Greet. “Gotta go. I’ll be back soon.” He kissed her one last time and followed the guys out. Monica watched him go wondering why she suddenly felt so sad. Maybe it was just because they were so happy right now. Maybe it was because of Alicia. She didn’t know but she hated the sadness all the same.

The concert that night was without a doubt the best show Monica had ever seen. Sitting on the side with Christa and Kara she was once again in awe of her man. He controlled the audience and they loved him for it.
Before the song “Cancer” Gerard did a truly beautiful thing.
“This next song is for a girl I met this morning. She gave me a beautiful gift so this is for her. Lisa, thank you.”
Monica smiled wishing she could see Lisa amongst the sea of faces in the audience. Gerard’s voice was so pure, so poignant as he sang the words. Monica felt the tears falling from her eyes. There was no way to stop them.
The band did two encores. It seemed only right. As the chords of the last song faded away Gerard came to her.
“You’ve been crying.” He rubbed her smudged eyeliner.
“That was so beautiful dedicating the song to Lisa.”
He smiled, “Sometimes I wish I could do more.”
Monica hugged him ignoring the sweat, ‘You do more than enough.”
“I’m getting your nice sweater all dirty.” He laughed.
“Don’t care. Not planning on wearing it much longer.” She gave him a knowing smile.
“Nope, you won’t be. Come on. Lets get back to the hotel.”
They took the van back to the hotel with Bob and Kara. As they pulled up the door was opened and Monica slid out first.
“Everything taken care of?” Gerard asked a man who was standing near
“Yes sir. Right this way.”
Monica gave him a surprised look. “We’re not going in?”
He took her arm. “We’re not staying here. Come on.” He led her to a limo parked in front of the van.
Monica smiled, “But our stuff is here.”
“It’s been taken care of.”
The driver opened the limo door and Monica got in followed by Gerard. “Where are we going?” She asked snuggling up next to him.
“Honey, why is Denver special to us?”
“Because it’s where you asked me to marry you.” She responded immediately.
“Yeah, it’s where you agreed to be my wife. It’s where my life took on new meaning. Where else could we stay but the Burnsley?”
“Oh Gerard, you got us reservations?”
“It took some doing but I got us our room. Someone else had reserved it but I knew we had to have that room.”
Monica couldn’t speak. She simple leaned over and pressed her lips to his.
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