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A Return

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Hera speaks with Chiron and Freeonna but still letting her memory fail all her efforts to keep the memories out.

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The spoilers thing is for the end of the chapter.So don't worry nothing on the actual show and i'm sorry that its not much of a cott story but it has them a bit more in further chapters.But there is a sequal when I have this all typed up but its a little into the future so i'm also going to do one when this is done that will be mostly everything in between with mostly the team and will explain alot.Now own with the story and god is chapter 4 long....luckily that won't be done 'til tonight.

A Long Lost Hero

Chapter 3: A Return

Freeonna looked up trying to smile but it failed from her lit up face. Chiron didn’t even try.

“I’m sorry Chiron. It’s just I’ve been having dreams about her for weeks.” Hera answered sadly.

Chiron may have been her father but poor Hera looked up to her more then she did to anyone else. Tera was just a girl who wanted to be like her dad. An excellent fight, but yet he decided to be a healer because he didn’t want to be like his own father. Tera learned everything she knew from her father and Hera, well she never quit got how Tera new so much. Tera often laughed at Hera when the subject came up but she never really told her the whole truth.

Hera’s memory went off like a bullet as she remembered that laugh again.

Memory in pinpoint form

Tera was standing a little ways away from Hera while Hera ran through the woods. She laughed the musical that she had while she called out.

“Hera stop running your going to get hurt, you know.”

“I will not. I know my way arooooooooooooound!” Hera ended in a scream.

“Hera!” Tera shot off after, too fast for a normal human.

There was a ledge and Tera looked over. A river ran a few feet down with sharp rocks that she could see. The fifth-teen year-old Tear gasped as she saw Hera clinging on to a rock for dear life, the rock was quit far down.

“Hera your father is going to kill me. Here hold on for one more second and I’ll climb down to help you get up, ya little shrimp.” Tera said with a smile, Hera just obeyed. Luckily Tera knew a great about climbing.

Tear and Hera were unfortunaly wearing dresses much to Tera’s despair. Tear would have trouble climbing but of course she has a solution to everything so. She looked at the dress and sighed bending down, cutting a part of the fabric above her knees with a finger nail she ripped it so she could move easier. Tear easily climbed down to below Hera.

“Give me a second your leg is stuck on the rock.” Tera said while working to unhook it.

She steadied Hera’s feet so that she could climb the little ways up. When the two girls reached the top, Hera looked up to Tera and Tera laughed at her.

“Hera your dad is going to commit murder. You’re all scratched up.” Tera’s musical laughter rang as she spoke.

End of Memory

“Hera!!” Freeonna yelled in Hera’s obvious that she had been trying for quit some time.

“Ow. What?” Hera said looking up at Freeonna.

“Well you finally left out the stupid queen for once. Now, what the hell happened to you? You’ve been sitting there staring off into space for the past 5 minutes flat.” Freeonna said calmly despite the words.

“Oh just thinking of something.” Hera said thoughtfully.

“Hera.” As if looking right through her. “Tear has been dead for quit some time now.” Chiron said looking straight into Hera’s eyes.

“I know.” Hera said then adding in. “But Hades said she never came to the underworld, so she can’t…” Hera was cut short as a tall girl with a weird smile on her lips stood in the doorway.
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