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His Child is Born

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Was it really over or was it just beginning for Hilary? Hilary lost her best friends, her sister, and her boyfriend. Now she finds out after she wakes up from the deathing experiance of seeing her ...

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Chapter 1
His Child is Born

Hilary opened her eyes to the sound of people talking

“Yeah she was knocked out on the floor by his body…”


“I don’t know how it happened… I think she just collapsed that’s it.”

Hilary looked to the side at the door where sound was coming from.

“She’s alive and she will be ok.”

Hilary looked around the hospital room

“No she’s not awake and she doesn’t know.”

Hilary closed her eyes. She had a headache

Billy’s scream filled the air

Hilary opened her eyes sitting up, tears flying from her eyes, “Billy!” She gasped

The person outside stopped talking, she ran in, it was her mom, “Hilary?” She ran up, “Honey?” She grabbed her hands

“Billy!” Hilary started sobbing, “Hannah… Benji… Joel… They’re all gone!” She gasped for air still bawling

Her mom hugged her, “It’s alright Hilary… Don’t worry love.” Tears rolled down her cheeks while she tried to calm down Hilary

Hilary leaned on her mom crying thinking about Billy’s last look he gave her. He killed himself for her… Why! Did he know she was going to live?

Her mom held her back, “Hilary guess what honey… You’re pregnant…” She said smiling at her

Hilary looked at her, “What…” She said not taking her eyes away

“You are pregnant.” She smiled

Hilary looked down thinking about the night she stayed the night at Billy’s. They were going to fall asleep but Billy pulled her into a kiss. And that’s how it happened… and she got pregnant from it! Hilary started bawling again, “Billy wont be here for his baby!” She wailed

Her mom blinked and looked down, “ Oh hun. He will always be there for his baby.” She said looking back up at her

Hilary nodded and looked down at her stomach, “Am I gonna be ok? Is the baby gonna be ok?” She asked

She nodded and smiled, “Yes Hilary it’ll be ok.”

Hilary nodded, “Alright.” She closed her eyes

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” Nine-year-old Mandy May Martin ran up to Hilary

Hilary turned away from the stove mixing the noodles, Hilary smiled

Mandy smiled up at her. Mandy had beautiful blue eyes just like her dad. Her hair was blonde and tied in pigtails and she was in little Care Bear pajama pants with Care Bears all over them and a Care Bear top with Grumpy Bear on the front and all sorts of Care Bears on the sleeves of her top. She had Billy’s baby-ish face. She looked a lot like her daddy.

Hilary smiled looking down at her, “Yes?” She asked still stirring the food

Mandy put her arms behind her back, “Is it done?” She asked

“Almost don’t worry ok?” Hilary said smiling

“Ok!” Mandy giggled and took off running with her arms spread out, running out the kitchen door

Hilary watched her smiling. She looked at the clock, 9:00 p.m. She looked down at the food and started thinking, more or less praying way, “It’s been nine years Billy. You’ve been dead for nine whole years and your little girl is growing up so fast and she is turning out just like you and she even looks like you. Whenever I look at her I think of you.” Hilary closed her eyes, “We’ve been doing ok.” She looked up, “I hope you hear me and that you are fine up in heaven.” Hilary looked down at the food glaring at it, “Megan hasn’t shown herself in forever. Where did she go? Did she kill who she wanted or what?” She sighed deeply, “But I just hope you are with us now…” She heard Mandy talking to someone. She thought at first it was Snowball the cat they had.


Hilary looked down at her feet at Snowball. She looked up at the kitchen door. Mandy was still talking to someone. Hilary looked forward and walked up to the covered and opened it pulling out a strainer. She grabbed the pan and poured the water out with the noodles and let it drain. She looked back as Mandy started giggling. She tilted her head but looked forward and put the noodles back into the pan and mixed in the milk, cheese, and butter. She looked back still hearing Mandy giggling.

“Mandy…” Hilary called back

“Yes mommy?” She yelled back still giggling

“Time to eat.”

“Ok!” Mandy said something and then ran into the kitchen

Hilary sat down watching Mandy. She sat there and then she started putting Mandy’s food on her plate

Mandy bounced in her seat watching as food got put on her plate

Hilary wanted to ask whom she was talking to but she let it slide.

10:00 at night

Hilary walked past Mandy’s room. The light was on. She stopped, “Man…” She heard her talking to someone again

“Mommy doesn’t know you visit me at night you know that right?” She asked

Hilary leaned on the door listening

“Why wouldn’t she believe me?” She asked

Hilary opened the door quietly and slowly looking at who she was talking to

No one there

Hilary blinked and listened

“You’re funny. Why don’t you come over during the day and meet mommy when she’s not asleep?” Mandy asked pausing, “Oh, well you should. “

Hilary opened the door, “Honey… who are you talking to?” She asked walking in

Mandy looked at her, “Daddy…” She said looking at her

Hilary stopped dead in her tracks, “Daddy?” She asked

Mandy nodded, “Daddy…”

Hilary looked around, “Megan…” She whispered
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