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Is Billy Really Here… Is it Not Over?

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Ch. 2
Is Billy Really Here… Is it Not Over?

Hilary shook her head, “Mandy, honey.” She sighed, “I need to tell you something about your… daddy.” Hilary sat down beside her

Mandy watched Hilary as she sat down, “Yeah?” She asked kicking her legs as they dangled off the bed

Hilary felt tears sting her eyes, “Well… Do you know heaven?” She asked looking at her

Mandy smiled and nodded, “Yeah! That’s where all the good people go when they go bye bye.” She said like it was all a big game

Hilary looked down then back at her, “Well, your daddy’s gone, well, bye bye, so you say.” She smiled at her then looked down cause she shouldn’t have been smiling

Mandy sat there staring at Hilary for more than three minutes

Hilary watched her thinking, “Oh god… That had to have hurt her. Her father died before she was even born.” She looked away

“That can’t be…” Mandy finally said

Hilary looked at her. She blinked cause she was smiling

“Daddy is sitting right here.” Mandy said pointing beside her

Hilary shook her head, “That can’t be love. Daddy’s dead.” She said

Mandy blinked, “Mommy, Daddy just told me some…” She tried to say but Hilary interrupted

“What does your daddy look like?”

Mandy sighed, “Mommy, you know that. He has a earring here…” She pointed at her left eyebrow, “And on here…” she pointed at the right side of her nose, “Here…” She pointed at the middle of her bottom lip, “And don’t forget the earrings in his ears.” She said grabbing her ear lobes, “Daddy also has a lot of designs on his arms…” She paused and looked up like she was listening to something, “A lot of tattoos…” She said correcting herself, “ And he likes black clothes!” She giggled like she knew Hilary didn’t need to know that.

Hilary sat there staring at Mandy, “Mandy…”


“Go to bed honey…” Hilary stood up and walked out

Mandy watched her, “Daddy? Why doesn’t mommy believe me?” She looked up at the spot beside her

She waited


She waited

“We need to tell mommy about what you wanted me to say…” Mandy said and held out her hand and tightened her hand around something. She walked out.

Hilary sat up in bed looking at the closet tears in her eyes, “Megan can’t be here… What if it is Billy? But…” She closed her eyes, “Billy…”


Hilary looked at the foot of the bed

Megan was standing there

“Ah!” Hilary screamed

“Mommy? You ok?”

Hilary opened her eyes again

Mandy was standing there. Megan wasn’t there. Hilary’s heart was pounding, “Y…Yes honey?” She asked

Mandy crawled on the bed holding her hand to the side. She looked like she was showing someone around the bed, “Daddy and I need to tell you something.”

Hilary shook her head, “No Mandy…” She said

Mandy blinked, “But…”

“No! Please Mandy…” Hilary started crying

Mandy blinked watching Hilary. She looked up, “Daddy, why is mommy crying?”

She waited

“So… She’s sad because of you?” Mandy said and let go of the air and crawled up to Hilary’s lap. She curled up in her lap, “I love you mommy.”

Hilary looked at her, “Where’s daddy now honey?” She asked whipping away her tears

Mandy pointed at the spot beside the bed, “He is sitting there. He wants me to tell you something.” She said looking back up at Hilary

Hilary looked at the spot, “Tell me then Mandy… I will listen.”

Mandy blinked looking at the spot. Her eyes started towards the door, “Daddy?”

Hilary blinked, “Mandy what?” Hilary watched the door

“Daddy’s leaving… He’s scared.” She said

Hilary stood up, “Billy wait…” There was a thump in the closet. Hilary looked over. She looked straight, “Billy… stay…please!” She said her heart beating faster

Mandy looked at Hilary, “He said don’t open the door.”

Hilary looked at the door, “Megan?” She asked herself, “Go away!” She screamed at the closet

Mandy covered her ears, “Mommy?” She looked at her shivering, “I’m scared… Daddy is telling us to leave now…”

Hilary looked at the door

Billy was standing there screaming something pointing at the door

She blinked, “Billy…” She looked at the closet then at Hilary. She grabbed Mandy and picked her up running towards the door

Billy moved to the side and he turned to the closet

Hilary looked at him

He was gone

“Billy…” She grabbed the doorknob and threw the door open and started down the hall. She spun around hearing the bedroom door slam shut, “Billy!” Hilary screamed

Mandy looked back, “What is that gurgling sound mommy…”

Hilary backed up looking at the door. She spun around and took off down the steps

“Mommy! Daddy! Why did he stay behind?” Mandy screamed

Hilary tightened her grip and ran out of the house down the street, “Don’t think about that… Let’s just run Mandy… just run…”
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