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Meet Jamie

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Meet Jamie Grayson

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-Meanwhile in Gotham—

“Miss Jamie please hurry or you will be late for school .”

“Coming Alfred” Jamie quickly ran her brush through her ebony locks. She had shoulder length hair with layers and bangs that covered her left eye. She quickly gathered her hair to a ponytail. Everyone said her eyes were her best feature; the piercing blue eyes seemed to stare into your soul.

“Don’t forget your contacts Miss”

“I won’t, thanks Alfred.”

Jamie quickly put on her chocolate brown contacts. It had been Bruce’s idea, her eyes made her stand out and she was an easy target for people looking to get revenge on Bruce and the press, Bruce decided to try and gave Jamie a semi-normal life which she enjoyed having she did not want to be Gotham’s Heiress and screw up somehow and end up like Paris Hilton, she liked just being Jamie. After she put on her contacts, she threw on a pair of faded jeans with a black shirt that showed her toned stomach and her favorite red jacket. Jamie also put on her J-necklace, she wore it everyday it was her favorite gift from Bruce ever.

“Miss, your lunch is on the table and please don’t be late for dinner we have company”

“Ok, have a good day Alfred” she shouted as she grabbed her helmet and lunch and ran out the door. Jamie threw on her helmet and mounted her red motorcycle, a gift from Bruce, not many girls liked motorcycles but Jamie was different she loved the feeling she got from riding. In fact, she always left the house late so she could go really fast on the roads just to get to school on time.

--Back to Jump—

Robin was in his room packing when a picture caught his eye. It showed his family smiling back at him, it was his most prized possession and not many people had seen it.

The picture included his mom, so beautiful with her stunning blue eyes, and his dad, with his jet black hair, and a girl with her arms around Robin, so many years had pasted that Robin forgot who the girl was, maybe it was a fan but she looked so happy with her blue eye glowing from excitement.

He missed them a lot but he had his friends and they helped. He usually pushed his sadness to the back of his thoughts. He focused on crime in the city instead of the pain he felt.

He quickly got back to the present and began to pack. Only grabbing the necessities, it was then he realized that the team needed to bring civilian clothes. After all they couldn’t walk around Gotham all day in their super hero outfits, especially with Batman only coming out at night. He grabbed his communicator.

“Team we need to bring civilian clothes, we have to uncover during the day. Cyborg make sure to bring your holo-rings(the ones he used when he went undercover for the hive) for you and Beast Boy”

--Ten min. Later---

“Come on y’all its time to load up my baby!” yelled Cyborg, all the metal was covered with skin and her wore jeans and a football shirt. His bald head shinning in the sun and big chocolate eye filled with excitment. The T-car was in cloak mode and looked like a regular Hummer.

“Oh I am soo excited, I can hardly contain my excitement” Starfire gushed she was wearing a green tank top, a short jean skirt, and a pair of pink flip flops. Her eyebrows looked normal (A/n they just grew out on their own), she had special contacts in to made her jade eyes appear human-like but they still were stunning. She had her hair in a ponytail

“Aren’t you excited Raven?”

“I can hardly hold my joy” Raven was wearing jeans with a black shirt, very simple but everything compliment her well. Her charka was hidden with her bangs.

“Man, I can’t believe I have to wear these stupid rings!” Beast Boy had tan skin with blond hair with green highlights and forest green eyes. Basically, he looked normal except for his somewhat pointy ears, no matter what Cyborg did the ears just want to be hidden fully. He was wearing a blue skirt, that said “I major in Vacation” and a pair of shorts.

“Why because you look normal?” Raven said while rolling her eyes.

“No.. I mean the chicks dig the pointy ears and the green!”

“Let’s head out team” Robin appeared wearing a red t-shirt and pair of jeans but covering his eyes was a pair of sunglasses.

The team headed out with everyone in the T-car except Robin who was riding the R-cycle. After about two hours of driving the team decided to break at a café.

“We need to use our real names while we are in Gotham during the day.” Robin told the rest of the team

“Well my name is Korand’r”

“Star your name will be Kori Anders”

“Ok joyous!”


“Rachel Roth”

“Ok Beast Boy and Cy”

“Gar Logan”

“Victor Stone”

“What is your name Robin?”

“Richard Grayson, now let’s head out we are close to Gotham. We have to find the girl before Slade does”

---In Gotham----


“Yes school is finally out! Time to go home and chill!” thought Jamie. She quickly bolted out of the building and headed towards her motorcycle.

“Woah Jamie, where are you going in a hurry?”

“Roy, where did you come from?” Roy was her on/off boyfriend he didn’t live in Gotham but always seemed to pop up when Jamie didn’t expect it. His red hair and green eyes were stunning but Jamie fell for his well toned body.

“You know me I like to surprise you, so are you busy this week”

“Actually I am Bruce has guest over”

“Oh, well call me when you are free ok?” he sounded a little hurt

“Ok” she said as she pecked his check and jumped on her motorcycle (A/n don’t worry Roy will be back just not soon!)


“Alfred I’m home”

“Miss Jamie I am in the front room with guest please join us. . ”
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