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The Titans in Gotham

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Titans save the day!

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“Greetings Miss Jamie, how was your day?”

“Good Alfred” Jamie said as she walked into the front room. There she saw 5 people sitting down.

“Let me introduce you to our guest. We have Miss Raven Roth,” a girl with pale skin and violet hair stood, “Next, is Miss Kori Anders,” a girl with a tan almost orange skin and fiery red hair appeared, next to the first girl, with a big grin.

“Glorious to meet you” said Kori who elbowed Raven in the arm

“Umm yeah what she said” she said with a monotone voice

“We have Master Garfield Logan and Victor Stone.” A boy with blonde hair and jungle green eyes stood up next to a tall African American boy with no hair.

“Nice to meet you lil lady”

“Whats up dude?”

“and last we have Master” Alfred was cut off.

“Richard, its nice to meet you,” said the boy with spiky black hair and sunglasses covered his eyes.

“Its nice to meet you too. My name is Jamie,” she said as she shook everyone’s hand, when she touch Richard’s hand she felt a spark and pulled away quickly but nobody noticed, “it will be fun having someone close to my age here, how long are you staying?”

“I am not really sure right not”

“Well Miss Jamie, why don’t you show our guest to their room.”

“Ok follow me everyone, time to show you my home!” everyone quickly followed but Richard.

“Guys, I need to talk to Alfred. I’ll catch up soon.” everyone left the room, leaving behind Alfred and Richard.

“So, Master Richard what brings you back to Gotham?”

“A mission, but when did Bruce adopt Jamie?”

“Well Master Richard that is not my story to tell”

“Ohh…does she know?”

“No, I trust that it will stay that way. Miss Jamie has had a rough past and Master Bruce thought it would be best if she have a somewhat normal life”

“Well we shouldn’t be staying too long just until we finish our mission.”

--On the tour with Jamie---

“Ok this is your room, umm Kori” Jamie said as she pointed to a room with a rose painted on it. Kori open the door and was amazed. The room was painted a soft pink with flowers around the border, there was a round queen size bed with purple sheets and a book shelf filled with books about cultures around the world.

“This is amazing” she managed to say before floating a little but Rachle pulled her down before Jamie noticed.

“Ohh Bruce likes to make his guest feel at home, why don’t you put your stuff away while I show everyone else to there room.

Rachel’s room was next to Kori’s, it was painted a dark purple with a full queen bed and red sheets. The room was lined in bookshelves filled with books.

Gar’s room was across from Rachel’s, it was painted green and had bunk beds with brown and green sheets.

“OMG, is that a plasma and an X-Box 360?”

“Yeah and a bunch of games too.”

“I have seen heaven” Gar said as he drooled over the games. Jamie giggled as she showed Vic his room, which was next to Gar’s. It was painted blue with a king size bed (his charger hidden underneath) and a computer. His room also had a T.V and X-Box.

“My room is right here” Jamie said as she pointed to the room diagonal from Kori’s, “just knock if you need anything”


“If you don’t mind me asking what is your mission Master Richard?”

“I like to keep my secrets too but I can tell you that we are looking for a girl who might be in danger.”

“Well I hope you succeed in your mission. Miss Jamie will show you to your room.”

“You mean my old room?”

“Well Master Bruce gave Jamie your room?”


“What is going on down here?” questioned Jamie as she came down the staircase.

“Nothing, Miss Jamie will you please show Master Richard to his room.”

“Ok come on” Richard silently followed Jamie, fuming in his mind, thinking how could Bruce give his room away to this. . . this girl.

“Well here we are.” Jamie said pointing to the door.

“This is my old room, I mean your room. Why aren’t you showing me to one of the guest rooms?”

“Well I could never take your room Richard. I didn’t feel right taking your room. So I just took the room next door.”

“Umm thanks.” Richard said suddenly feeling bad about the thoughts that he just had.

“Well there is one thing I borrowed,” she said revealing a poster, “I am not really sure but I felt like I was attracted to it. It kind of reminds me of something that I just can’t remember.”

“Ok,” Richard said as he grabbed the poster.

“Just so you know Kori’s room is across the hall” she said with a giggle.

“I am going to rest a little before dinner.” Richard was now three shades of red

“Oh umm ok” she said still giggling as she walked down the hall

“But thanks for not taking my room” Richard whispered before going inside of his room. He unrolled the poster and saw it was the Flying Grayson poster. “Why would she want this?” He wondered.

---The next day---





“Master Victor and Garfield, I assure you I can prepare both meat and tofu.”

“Good morning everyone, does this happen everyday?”

“Yes, it’s the highlight of my day” Raven said with an eye roll.

“Hmmm sounds like fun, I was wondering if you guys are coming to see Gotham High with me today?

“This could be a good time to search for the girl” Raven communicated with Richard mentally.

“Sure we would love to go to your high school, it will be nice to see if the building has changed any”

“Well just follow me and we will be on our way” They followed Jamie to the garage, where many cars were parked.

“Wow, which baby is yours?” asked Victor as he drooled over the cars

“That one over there” Jamie said as she pointed to the red motorcycle in the corner.

“You ride that?” Gar asked

“Yeah, why?”

“Well girls don’t usually ride those?” Gar said in a matter of fact tone.

“I think girls can do anything boys do, don’t you agree Gar?” she said as Kori and Rachel gathered around Gar

“Yes” he piped out hoping he would not get hurt.

“Great! So just follow me and we will be at Gotham High in no time.”

Everyone followed Jamie who was speeding through the cars; in fact the only one who could keep up with her was Richard. It was as if they were in their own little world weaving in and out of cars.

They seem to be driving forever but it in ten minutes they were at Gotham High.

“Hmm, doesn’t seem like the school has changed much”

“Probably not, the food is probably the left overs, from the last time you were here.”

The rest of the gang caught up with Jamie and Richard.

“Come on guys we have to go sign you in at the office” Everyone walked to the office. Kori seemed to be at awe.

“Never seen a high school before?” asked Jamie

“No I..”

“she has never seen one this big” Richard cut in, he did not want Kori risking their cover, he knew that he had to find the girl fast.

Soon they arrived at the office, Jamie waltzed in to the office, the girl seemed to float right into the office.

“Hi Cher, these are my friends they will be spending the day with me.”

“Hi Jamie, just have your friends sign the guest book. Have a good day Jamie.”

“You too, Cher.”

The teens went through the school day, there was nothing out of the ordinary. They saw no girl with piercing blue eye that haunted Robin and Raven. The one thing they noticed was how popular Jamie was, everyone knew her and she knew everyone. The day was finally winding down, and they were sitting in study hall. Richard was amazed at how well Jamie connected with everyone, secretly he wished he could connected with people like her.

“Ohh shoot, my contacts have fallen out, can I go get my glasses?” Jamie asked

“Sure” the teacher replied

Jamie walked out into the hallways keeping her eyes down so no one could see them. She wished she could flash her eyes to the world but Bruce forbid it. She continued walking the courtyard to her locker but forgot about trying to hid her eyes. Someone spotted the girl with the blue eyes and knew that it was Jamie and it was time to make their move
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