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Jamie's Story

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Jamie's story is told

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if type is like this then is it a flashback

“What is taking her so long?” Richard wondered.
“Richard HELP!”

Richard darted up from his seat, sprinting to where the screams were coming from. He knew the voice it was Jamie’s. He grabbed his communicator and quickly pressed the alert button. Richard tore off his street clothes leaving him in his costume; he traded his sunglasses for his mask. Finally, he was in the courtyard, where he spotted a man trying to carry the now unconscious Jamie. Suddenly the team appeared.

“Titans go!” the team ran ran off to try and grab Jamie. Out of now where, masked men appeared.

“Looks like it is a fair fight now” the man, who was now getting ready to run w/ Jamie, crackled.

“Robin go man” shouted Cyborg. “Get Jamie, while we kick these goons butt!”

Robin went after the man grabbing his bo-staff clearing a path through the goons. He caught up with the man who was throwing Jamie into the back of his car. Robin race to the car, hoping to catch it before the man had a chance to get away.

“It is not nice to take a girl home without buying her dinner”

“Stay of this kid, this girl is worth millions.”

“Sorry, but I am a hero, it is my job to stop creeps like you” the two prepared to fight. The man threw the first punch which Robin easily dodged and kicked the man in the stomach. The man winced in pain but tried to punch Robin again. Robin was able to grab the man’s fist and bend his arm back. The man feel in pain, unable to move anymore Robin quickly pressed the main on his pressure point, the man passed out and robin tied him up. He then went to see if Jamie was all right. In the car, Jamie was conscious again but blindfolded and tied up. Robin came over and untied Jamie. He took the blindfold off, Jamie blinked a couple times before Robin could get a good look at here eyes. She smiled at him with her stunning blue eyes.

“Thank you for saving me. . .”

“My name is Robin and it is my job to help people.”

“Robin, Batman’s old pattern? Well thanks again for saving me I guess you’ll be sticking around, since Batman can’t be everywhere. Who are they?” she asked as she pointed to the titans who had just come to help Robin.

“This is my team, we are the Teen Titans.” he said the team was shocked when they say Jamie.

“This is the girl” Raven thought

“This is Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg.” Robin explained

“I am Jamie, Jaime Grayson, thank you all for helping me but I need to find my friends they must be worried.”

“Sure but where there is trouble you know who to call” Robin said as the team went off.

Soon Jamie was surrounded by the media. She was lucky that she found a pair of sunglasses, as she quickly covered her eyes.

“Who was that Miss Grayson?”

“Does Mr. Wayne know yet?”

“Will you go to boarding school now?”

“Will you marry me?”

“That was the Teen Titans, the newest superheroes in town. No, I will not marry you. No more questions please.” Jaime pushed past everyone until she was in the building, there her friend were waiting for her.”

“Are you ok, we have been worried” Richard said

“Yeah, he wouldn’t stop pacing.” Rachel mutter Jamie giggled.

“Yeah I am fine, I was saved by Robin and the Teen Titans, but I think we should go home now before the media circus gets any bigger.”

“Wait Jamie, you should ride with me, I want to make sure nothing else happens to you.”

“Thanks Richard but what about my motor-”

“Gar can drive it, please I will not take no for an answer.”

“Fine but one scratch and I will kill you Gar.”

“Ok, the babes will love me”

“Yeah if suddenly you turned into Zac Effron” Rachel said as she rolled her eyes. Jamie grabbed her helmet and hopped onto the R-cycle with Richard as they headed home.

“Jamie does this happen often?”

“Um to tell you the truth I am not really sure. I was in an accident and lost my memory. I only remember a year back and this is the first time this has happened in a year.”

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that.”

“It is ok, you can not really miss something that you don’t remember having.”

“I guess”

They rode in silence the rest of the way.

---Wayne Manor---

Bruce and Alfred were waiting at the front of the manor.

“Miss Jamie, are you alright?”

“I am fine, I just lost my contacts but did you see who rescued me? It was Robin, his team and him are great heroes.”

“Jamie I am glad you are safe. Why don’t you go to your room and rest until dinner.”

“Ok Bruce, thanks for the ride Richard”

Both Bruce and Richard waited until Jamie was upstairs before speaking.

“When were you going to tell me Bruce?”

“Tell you what?”

“That Jamie and I are related?”

“When I thought you were ready, Jamie is a very special girl.”

“I know she lost her memory but how?”

“Follow me” they began towards a familiar path

---The Batcave---

Bruce headed towards his computer and began puling up the criminal files. He finally found the file he was looking for.

“Why are you showing me the catwoman file?”

“Actually this is the catgirl file, Richard. After you left, something fishy was going on…..

­“Batman catwoman is stealing jewelry on 7th avenue.” I quickly made my way towards 7th ave. When another transmission came in.

“Catwoman has been spotted at the natural history museum”

I decided to go to the jewelry store first, you know catwoman loves sparkly things.

“Stop catwoman”

She began flipping in the air towards the exit.

“I said stop”

“Purrr, you said catwoman.” she appeared next to me. “I am catgirl” She threw a smoke bomb and disappeared.

Over the next few months I encountered catgirl, she rarely ever took anything but seemed to love the rush of the fight and the case. One night it was raining, I had gotten a call about catgirl and we ended up on the roof fighting.

“Ohh, Bats when will you learn I always get way” I threw a bat-a-rang and she dodged it with a flip but as she came to land she slipped and fell on her head. I ran to her taking off her mask, I was finally able to reveal who she was, her eyes fluttered opened abit, showing me her piercing blue eyes and she said..

“Richard you found me” before passing out again.

I pieced the puzzle together and realized she was related to you. I did some DNA test and it was confirmed she was your sister. She came too about a week later, having no memory except knowing her name. I talked to her pervious guardian, Selina Rick, after some negotiating, it was agreed that it would be best for Jamie to stay with me. After a few weeks we tried to get her memory back but she seemed to remember nothing. I was concerned, doctors told me that she was holding back”

“ Richard she does not want to remember her past. No one has pushed her but with you, I think she has been getting bits and pieces coming back. You need to talk to her, share your past and maybe she will remember her family. I am going to let you think now”

Bruce left Richard. Richard sat in Bruce’s chair staring at the computer.

“I can’t believe that Jamie is my sister….”

A seven year old Richard was sitting outside on a chair outside the commissioner’s office

“Bruce, we can’t find his sister anywhere, we can only assume the worst”

“Thank you for trying I will tell him”

Richard ran out of the room with tears running down his face,

--Couple Years Later—

“Bruce we found Jamie. There are already a couple offers to adopt her, you have to act quick I can only hold them off for so long.”

“Ok let me tell Richard he will be so happy”

“Richard they found Jamie”

“Who is Jamie?”

“Your sister”

“I have no sister, my family dies, if this is your idea of some test, its just wrong” Richard stormed out of the room leaving Bruce baffled.

“I let her get away the first time and she got hurt. I will not miss this chance and this time I will keep her safe.”


“Alfred, what is this?” Jamie asked while staring at a green jello like soup

“Well Miss Kori, thought that this dish would help get your strength up after the day you have had”

“Umm, thanks Kori but may I be excused” Jamie asked looking rather green.

“Yes Miss Jamie”

Jamie got up from the table and began to sneak out to her motorcycle. She began to put on her helmet

“What are you doing?” Jamie jumped at the sound of his voice

“Oh Richard you scared me, I was just testing m helmet.”

“Do you want to tell me the truth?”

“AtdinnerAlfredgavemethisgooeythingandwaslikeMissKorimadeitspecialforyou and IswearIthinkthebowlwasmeltingfromthethingbutIdidn’twanttobemeanbutIwassohungry and ifI-”

“Woah, slow down, Jamie you can’t just leave by yourself, especially after what happen today.”

“I know but I am so hungry but not hungry enough to eat that soup thing!”

“Come on lets go get something”

“YES!” Jamie jumped on the back of Richard’s motorcycle

“Wait, got your sunglasses”

“Yes, mom” she said as she rolled her eyes and revealed a pair of sunglasses from her jean pocket.

“Ok, let’s go.” They soon arrived at a pizza joint.

“I have never been here before”

“Found it after a boring business dinner that had snails as the main course.” Jamie made a face at him and the both started laughing as they walked into the pizza parlor both of them sporting a pair of sunglasses.

“Hey Sal”

“Hey Richard, long time no see, who is the lil lady with you?”

“This is my friend Jamie”

“Hello Jamie, welcome to Finns, best pizza you have never heard of, what will you have?”

“Umm, I do not care what do you want Richard?”

“You pick James”

“Ok, pepperoni”

“Good choice, lil lady, 1 large pep coming up”

“That’s my favorite, good choice James.”

“Really that is my favorite too, thanks for taking my here. It is really hard getting away from the watchful eye of Bruce and Alfred and after today I am going to be like the prisoner of Wayne Manor”

Richard chuckled “You are exaggerating; they are just worried about you.”

“I know, so tell me more about you while we wait for the pizza.”

“Umm sure while I grew up in a circus, my family was the trapeze act. After my parents died Bruce adopted me.”

“Wow the circus that sounds like fun.”

“Yeah it was, I missed the circus when I first moved into the manor. I loved the circus, the smell of cotton candy and popcorn. The amazing people and the excitement of moving from town to town but I got use to living with Bruce. I realized how licky I was now, a lot of kids wish they had the opportunities we have.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, why did you leave?”

“I needed to be on my own and step out of Bruce’s shadow.”

“Large pep for the cute lil lady”

“Thanks” Jamie got up and walked to get the pizza. She brought it back to the table.

“So James what do you like to do?”

“I like to do normal teen stuff and well ride my motorcycle but most guys think that is strange but I get such a rush when I ride it, lie I am flying through the air. So, yeah not really anything else interesting about me.”

“ I am really glad we go to get away James”

“James. . . .”

“Oh you don’t mind if I call you James do you?”

“No it seems familiar, I am glad we got to spend this time together too”

“Come on let’s get back before Bruce sends the cops looking for you”

---Back at the manor---

“I see you and Miss Jamie got to do some bonding time, Master Richard”

“Yeah, thanks,”

“Why are you thanking me Master Richard, I had nothing to do with it.”

“Sure, Alfred, good night”

“Good night Master Richard.”

---Later that Night---

“Mom, dad why can’t I perform tonight?”

“Jamie your not old enough”

“But Richard gets too”

“Hey James I am your older brother which means I get to perform.


“Don’t worry sweetheart someday you can perform with us”

“Now introducing the Flying Grayson”

“That’s us now you be good my little sparrow and stay here”

“Yes mom”

“Come on Robin”


“Yeah James”

“Be careful”

“Don’t worry we will be careful”

Jamie watched as her parents fall to their death and as Richard ran towards them

“I am coming Richard” she went to run when

“Hey Zicco wants the kid, grab her” the goon went to grab Jamie but she darted away and ran until she couldn’t anymore


Jamie darted up from her bed to discover Richard close by

“What is wrong? You were calling my name”

“I had a dream. . .”


“Robin, Robin is that you?” Richard went a little pale

“I remember. . .I remember our family” she managed to say before breaking down. Richard wrapped his arms around his little sister

“Everything is going to be ok. shhh. I am here now.”

“Richard, don’t leave me again”

“I won’t. I love you”

“I love you too” after a few minutes Jamie drifted off to sleep. Richard gently put her down and tucked her back in. He walked to the door .

“I’ll keep you safe, I promise” he quietly shut the door.
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