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Night at Roy's

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Roy and Jamie have some fun!

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I don't own the Teen Titans but I do own Jamie, I hope you like this chapter, this is probably my favorite one to write especially the Roy parts!



---At the Manor---

Everyone was waiting for Jamie when she and Richard arrived home. They were all quite worried the fight was all over the news, they weren’t really sure how Richard took on all of those men. Finally Jamie and Richard arrived, they were all shocked as the motorcycle was turned off they could hear Jamie laugh as if nothing had happened.

“Miss Jamie are you all right?”

“I am fine Alfred” she said as she took off her helmet but as she stepped off the motorcycle her knees buckled and she fell. Everyone jumped to help her.

“You don’t seem fine”

“Really Bruce, I am just tired. After all it’s not everyday you fight off a bunch of goons and do the famous Grayson flip on the trapeze!” Everyone’s mouth drop

“Is she telling the truth, Richard?” Bruce asked

“Yeah, it was amazing.” Truth was Richard was just as baffled as everyone else, he did not expect his sister to be able to fight like that.

“You two in the study now” Both Richard and Jamie knew that Bruce meant business and hurried behind him.

---In the study---

“I have been thinking a lot lately. There are too many people after Jamie in Gotham. I think it would be safer for her if she went to boarding school”

“What??? But boarding school is like. . .living in school. So not cool” she huffed

“Just think about it, a school has already sent a video for us to watch.”

“Hmm sounds like you have been planning this” she muttered

---2 Minutes Later---

“At Prep Academy, we offer a wind variety of clubs ranging from chess, chemistry, zoology, science, debate, math, speech. . . “

“Umm Bruce, I don’t think Jamie is interested”

“Why would you day that Richard, this school seems to offer everything.”

“Well, I kind of got the feeling after Jamie fell asleep on my arm and then I got another hint when she started drooling a little” he explained as he pointed to Jamie who was muttering in her sleep.

“Ohh Roy you shouldn’t have”

“Who is Roy?” they both thought.

“Richard, take her upstairs and then gather your team. We have a lot to talk about” Richard nodded as he picked up Jamie bridal style and carried her up to her room. Once there he placed her on the bed and tucked her in.

“I’ll make sure no one hurts you James, I love you” he said as he gently kissed her forehead and walked out of the room. Once in the hallway he took out his communicator

“Team meeting in the study right now” he shut the communicator and began towards the study.


Richard looked around the study, everyone was out of their covers and back to there regular uniform.

“Beast Boy is green! Get funky with your green self,” Beast Boy said as he began to moonwalk around the room.

“Wow” Raven said as she looked up from her books.

“Stay focused guys” Robin said the last thing he wanted Batman to see is how goofy his team was at times; let’s just say Batman does not do goofy.

“What is taking him so long?” Beast Boy whined, “How long do we have to wait, I only have one more day with the games!”

“Beast Boy your games can wait, protecting Jamie is our main concern” Robin stated everyone became quite after that. They all really liked Jamie and did not want to have something happen to her like Terra.

“Teen Titans” the dark knight appeared out of nowhere, causing Beast Boy to jump and scream like a girl.

“Sorry to scare you, follow me” he began walking towards the grandfather clock.

“Man, I was not scared, I was just acting” Beast Boy said as he tried to convince everyone that he didn’t jump like a girl, but no one listened to him. Slowly Batman grabbed the chime and pulled it down. The clock swung open, everyone but Robin and Batman seemed surprised, and everyone walked down the stairs.

“Dudes it’s the BATCAVE!!! This is awesome!” Beast Boy shouted.



Everyone gathered around a big circle table at each seat a folder was laid out. Each folder contained information about Jamie and any enemy she had.

“Robin tell us what happened today” Bruce said as everyone else studied their files.

“I took Jamie to the circus, someone must have followed us, I turned my back for one second” Robin paused for a moment he couldn’t believe that he almost broke his promise to Jamie again.

“Man it is ok, we all make mistakes” Cyborg said, he realized Robin was going to be way overprotective of Jamie and blame himself if anything ever happened to her.

“I know, anyways Jamie screamed for me and I came running but what I saw amazed me. She was fighting two men, 10 were already unconscious, with great skill. She could have probably beaten them all.”

“What did the men look like?” questioned Batman

“Black and orange mask with this symbol on their suits” Robin took something out of his pocket and throw it on to the middle of the table.

The titans gasped, “Slade.”

“He is after her and I won’t let Raven’s vision come true” he finished as he pounded the table with his fist

“Calm down, we will help her but we have to think of a plan first” Batman said as he put he hand on Robin’s shoulder.

“I don’t think it is safe for Jamie in Gotham,” Batman continued, “Slade and too many people are after her here. We must think of a safe place for her to be” The team pondered the question but unknown to them someone would soon find out their secret.


--Jamie’s room---

Jamie woke up, first thing she noticed was her stomach growling.

“Why am I so hungry,” she wondered, “Hmm, that’s right I passed out during the movie Bruce made me watch,” she glanced over to the clock and saw it was 12:30 a.m.

“Guess it is time for a midnight snack” she thought happily as she snuck down the stairs, if Alfred or Bruce caught her they would give her something healthy like an apple for a snack and send her back to bed.

“No, I am in a mood for ice cream” she thought as she walked to the kitchen but something caught her eye, a glow coming from the study. She decided to take the risk and go see what it was. When she got to the study she realized that no one was there but there was a light around the grandfather clock. She walked towards the clock, as moved her hands over the chimes when suddenly the clock swung open and a few bats flew out.

Curiosity got the best of her as she made her way down the stairs being as quite as she could. She reached the end of the staircase when she heard voices, she quickly found a wall to hide behind that was a few steps away from the stair case but close enough to hear the voices.

“Batman, Jamie needs to have someone watching her at all times, in case someone tries to grab her,”

“I am in the Batcave,” she thought, “No way” Jamie began to listen again,

“Robin, Jamie has been well protect the two times she was attacked. Gotham is no longer safe for her.”

“She could come with us and stay in Jump” said an excited voice

“Yeah Beast Boy that won’t be hard to explain at all, Jamie we are super heroes that want you to live with us” the monotone voice explained.

“Man, you always shot down my ideas.”

“May I interested anyone in a drink?” Jamie knew that voice.

“No thank Alfred, we are fine”

“Wait if Alfred is here then that means Bruce is Batman,” she realized, “But who is everyone else?”

“We can discuss this more tomorrow, everyone should head to bed now” Batman commanded.

“Team, put your covers back on we don’t wan to risk running into Jamie.”

Jamie peered her head around the corner of the wall and watched in amazement as the Teen Titans put on their disguises. Beast Boy and Cyborg put on some type of ring and turned into Vic and Gar, and Starfire and Raven threw on their p.js and were once again Rachel and Kori. They went up the stairs just missing Jamie.

“If that’s them then, Robin must be. . .Richard” she thought as her eyes became big, she then watched both Batman and Robin took off their mask revealing Bruce and Richard.

“Get some sleep Richard, don’t worry too much Jamie will be fine” Bruce reassured Richard as they both went up the stairs. Jamie stayed behind the wall for a few minutes, “I can’t believe I thought Robin was hot. . .he’s my brother. EWWW GROSS,” she thought but she quickly began to feel hurt and betrayed.

“How could they not tell me?” she thought “I need to clear my mind” Jamie began to look for her cell phone, which she found in her pocket(A/n remember she is still wearing what she wore to the circus).

“Oh please let him answer” she prayed as she began to dial a number and walk to find another way out of the cave.

“Hello” a tired voice answered

“Roy, it’s me” (A/N that’s right Roy/speedy returns.)

“Jamie are you ok?” his voice was laced with concern

“I need to get away, can you pick me up?” she asked hoping his reply would be yes, secretly she already knew the answer, truth was she had most men wrapped around her finger.

“You know I could never say no to you. Where should I pick you?” she had found the secret exit and was now outside the manor.

“Outside my house”

“Ok, I’ll be there in a few minutes just hold tight”

“Ok, thanks Roy” she said as she hung up the phone. She stood in the darkness hoping that no one would notice she was gone, besides she would call in the morning to tell them she was ok.


--- A few minutes later---

Jamie looked up and down the street looking for Roy’s car, each minute passing she became nervous that Bruce or Richard would find her any minute. Suddenly a red and yellow motorcycle came down the street.

“Oh god,” she thought “Richard is going to kill me” but when the motorcycle stopped and the boy took off his helmet, she did not see spikey hair and sunglasses instead she saw a pair of green eyes looking at her.

“Hey Jamie” Roy’s voice made Jamie feel warm again, he could always make her feel better.

“Hi, when did you get a motorcycle?” Jamie asked as Roy handed her a helmet and she began to get on the back of the motorcycle.

“Oh, this old thing, I have always had it” he said smoothly as he started up the motorcycle and drove away. Secretly Roy had bought it after the fourth time they broke up, he knew that she loved motorcycles and hoped to win her back with it. They drove until they reached an apartment.

“So this is where you live?” she asked as she hopped off the motorcycle and tossed him the helmet.

“No, you know my dad Oliver Queen, this is one of the many apartments he has” he explained as he caught her helmet.

“Oh” she said as she eyed the building, nothing too special about it.

“Come on” he said as he began walking towards the front doors but he stopped when Jamie caught up with him and grabbed his hand. He turned and smiled at her, and continued to lead the way to the elevators. Once they got in the elevator he pressed the top floor button and they began to raise.

“Roy” Jamie whispered

“Yeah?” he asked as he turned to her and saw that Jamie had her eyes focused on the ground noting looking up at him, Roy knew something was wrong.

“ I am sorry for putting you through all this trouble” she said in a soft voice. Roy chuckled as he lifted her chin with his free hand.

“Jamie, you never are any trouble. I love you” he said as their eyes locked, blue looking into green.

“I love you too” she said as she leaned into the kiss. Roy leaned in and the two were locked in a passionate kiss when the elevator rang, meaning they had reached their floor, but neither wanted the kiss to end so Roy picked Jamie up as they continued to kiss and carried her to his room. Once they reached his door, the two parted satisfied with their romantic kiss. He got out his keys and opened the door, revealing his apartment, a medium sized kitchen with a large T.V room, that had a plasma T.V and all the DVDs you could imagine plus a fireplace. The apartment also featured a master bedroom with complete bathroom and two guestrooms each complete with half a bath.

“Nice pad” Jamie commented as she walk into the apartment, Roy turned on the lights and his eyes found their way to Jamie’s butt as she walked towards the kitchen.

“Mind if I get something to eat?” she asked as she pointed towards the fridge. Roy snapped back to reality.

“How about I make us a special treat,” he said as he flicked a switch the fireplace turned on, “and you make yourself warm by the fire”

“Oh, Roy you are too good for me. How will I ever repay you?” she said playfully as a smirk appeared on her face

“I could think of a few ways,” he said as he began to pull things out of the fridge.

Jamie was sitting by the fire relaxing when Roy came holding a big bowl.

“I think with the day you have had, a hot fudge sundae with whip cream and a cherry on top, is a perfect treat,” he said as he handed Jamie a spoon “but this is a treat made for two” he said as he revealed yet another spoon. Jamie giggled and begun to dig in with Roy.

The two had almost finished the ice cream; all that was left was the cherry and some whip cream. That is when Jamie got an idea.

“Roy, you have been so nice to me and I want to repay you somehow. So close your eyes and you’ll get a surprise,” she said with a smile. Roy got excited and closed his eyes. Jamie popped the cherry in her mouth and picked up some whip cream. She looked at the whip cream and then Roy. Roy could not wait for his surprise and then PLOP! He felt something cold on his face. He opened his eyes to see a giggling Jamie with the remains of whip cream in her hand. Roy chuckled as an idea came to his mind.

“Oh, Jamie thank you so much, you know whip cream really helps your pores,” he said as he got up and picked up the bowl and spoons leaving a very confused Jamie sitting on the couch. He put the tings in the sink and wiped off his face and grabbed something from the counter that Jamie could not see, he hid it behind his back as he walked back to Jamie, who was still very confused.

“And I don’t think my pores deserve to be the only ones treated,” a mischievous grin grew on his face as he whipped the can of whip cream from behind his back and began to squirt Jamie. Jamie jumped and began running and laughing. Finally, Roy had run out of whip cream and Jamie was covered in it.

“Now I am all sticky,” she said with a fake pout.

“I can fix that,” Roy said as he walk towards her and began licking some of the whip cream off.

She began giggling, “Roy I had a better idea,” Roy stopped licking her and looked up at her confused. She sighed and leaned into whisper something into his ear. His ears perked up and he picked Jamie up bridal style.

“To the shower” he shouted as he ran to the master bath.


---At the Manor---

Richard had just finished his midnight snack; he worked up quite an appetite after the meeting with Bruce. He was worried about Jamie but knew that he needed to relax. He saw that Jamie could take care of herself, especially after today. The more and more he thought about it Jamie coming to Jump sounded better and better but how would he explain to her that he was a superhero and for all he know Jamie might be in more danger, after all villains would love to get revenge on Robin by taking Jamie.

“But maybe,” he thought, “Jamie being my sister could stay a secret” after all no one knew he was Richard Grayson, so maybe this could work.

“Oh,” he sighed, “I need some rest.” He walked up the stairs to his room but not before checking on Jamie. He quietly opened Jamie’s door and he walk towards Jamie’s bed but he felt that something was wrong.

“Jamie, Jamie” he whispered but saw that no one was moving in the bed

“Jamie” he said at his normal tone, still no one moved. Richard grabbed the covers and threw them off the bed to reveal a empty bed.

“Everyone wake up!” he shouted as he ran into the hall.

“Dude, I need my beauty sleep” Beast Boy said as he rubbed his eyes.

“Yes and everyone knows Beast Boy needs extra sleep” Raven said sarcastically.

“Jamie is gone!”

“What?” everyone shouted.

“Team split up and look for her!” the teen quickly changed back into their uniforms and got ready to search Gotham. Bruce and Alfred opted to stay back and review security videos. Robin jumped on his motorcycle, he was going to find Jamie no matter what.


---Roy’s Apartment---

Jamie was sleeping with her head on Roy’s head. Roy had fallen asleep also but he had the biggest smile on his face. He never knew a shower could be so much fun. He woke up due to his vibrating communicator. He carefully moved from the bed making sure not to wake Jamie and flipped open his communicator

“What do you want Bee?” he said with a yawn, “It’s like 4 in the morning and I am on vacation remember?”

“Yeah, I remember Speedy but this is important.”

“Ok what?”

“Are you in Gotham?”

“Yeah why?”

“I just got a call from Sparky, the Titans are there and they are looking for a missing girl. I told him you would help.”

“Fine who’s the girl?” Roy figured he could find the girl and be back before Jamie even woke up.

“Jamie Grayson, I am sending you a picture now. Bee out”

“Well this is going to be an easy mission” he thought.

“Roy who are you talking to?” Jamie asked with a yawn, she was wearing one of Roy’s shirts and her hair was really wavy, basically Roy was really turned on but he had to focus now.

“Um no one,” he lied, “Jamie, if you don’t mind me asking why did you come here in the first place?”

She shivered a little, “No I should have told you first but I got distracted” she said with a grin. Roy flicked on the switch and turned the fireplace back on.

“Come on, let’s warm up. While you tell me the story,” he said as he pointed to the couch. Jamie walked over and sat next to Roy.

“Well today Richard surprised me with a trip to the circus where we grew up but these men attacked, you should have seen it I totally kicked butt, any way. . . .”


---With Batman---

Bruce sat in the Batcave reviewing the tapes from that night. The tapes showed no one going into Jamie’s room but it did show Jamie leaving her room near midnight. Bruce was shocked as he watched the tape showing Jamie going into the Batcave. He continued to watch as the girl saw everyone’s secret identities. That was the last time the girl showed up on the tapes but Bruce later saw a motorcycle stop in front of the Manor and pick her up. Bruce could not identify the motorcycle, whoever was riding it was smart.

“Man I really wished I paid more attention to her friends,” he thought.



In the worst part of Gotham a man flew into a wall, no far behind him was Robin as he grabbed the man and had him in a chokehold.

“Have you seen her,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Noo” the man whimpered, the man was ready to cry.

“Man, let him go,” Cyborg said as Robin loosened his grip and the man scurried off.

“Dear Robin, we know you are worried but you must calm down, you will hurt someone that is innocent,” Starfire said as she tried to calm the boy wonder.

“I know, but I made a promise and I have to find her.” he said as he looked towards the stars.


---Roy’s Apartment---

“So basically your family and new friends are a bunch of super heroes and it is not safe for you to be in Gotham anymore” Roy said hoping he summarized everything that Jamie had just said.

“Yes” she said with a sigh. “Man,” she thought “I have had one weird week” Roy knew that he had to tell her. He could not bear to have Jamie hurt with him too.

“Jamie I need to tell you something,” he said as she looked up and he took a deep breath, “I am a superhero” There was a long silence, so many things were racing through his mind.

“Are you mad?” he whispered.

“No, you trusted me enough to tell me. Plus I always knew you were special Speedy” she said with a smirk.

“Yeah. . . .wait I didn’t tell you my name, how did you know?”

“Roy you shouldn’t have so many posters and newspaper clippings of yourself.” she said with an eye roll

“Oh” he said as he scratched the back of his head. Jamie laughed and kissed him.

“Jamie, you have to tell them you are ok, they are searching the city for you”

“Ok,” she said as an idea came to mind, “but you are going to get in trouble with Richard when he finds out I was with you.” Roy’s eyes got big, he never thought of that. “But if Speedy found me, Roy would never get in trouble.” she said flashing her smile.



Robin’s communicator began to ring.

“Hello” he said.

“Robin, it’s Speedy, I found Jamie, she is ok just went for a walk. I am bring her back to Wayne Manor”

“Ok thanks Speedy”

“No prob man, Speedy out.”

Robin quickly called the other informing them that Jamie was found as he raced back to the manor.



“Thanks again Speedy” Jamie said as she hopped off the motorcycle in front of the Manor, where everyone was waiting.

“Your welcome, just don’t be too mad at them ok. They really care about you”

“Ok. bye” she said as she walked away but not before turning around and giving Speedy a kiss. Everyone watching was stunned and Richard was being held back by Vic, so that he would not hurt Speedy.

“Call me” Jamie said as she looked over her shoulder, Speedy stilling blushing from the kiss put on his helmet and rode off.

“Jamie where have you been?” questioned Richard who pushed his anger to the back of his mind.

“Hmph” she said as she tried to walk inside but Richard grabbed her arm and spun her back around so that she was facing everyone.

“Answer me” he said, as some anger flickered in his eyes but was unknown to everyone due to his sunglasses.

“I don’t have to tell you anything” she said trying to wiggle free of his grip

“I am your older brother, you shouldn’t keep anything from me. You had us all worried, we care about you, we have a right to know.”

“Well Richard or should I say Robin,” she said as she began to point to everyone, “and batman, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire.” everyone was shocked, well except Bruce who already knew. “ I was out” and with that she stormed up to her room.
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