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Jamie makes a big decision

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Everyone was still in shock, Jamie had just discovered everyone’s cover.

“How. . .how did she find out?” Richard asked, everyone slowly turned and faced Gar.

“Dude, it was not me!” he said as he waved his arms in defense.

“Yeah, just like the time you didn’t tell Starfire about her surprise party” Rachel said with one eyebrow raised.

“Yes the surprise was disappointing but the party was glorious! Especially the pinning of the tail on the donkey” Kori gushed. Everyone was shouting at Gar but Bruce and Alfred.

“He didn’t tell her,” Bruce said. Everyone fell quiet and turned to Bruce.

“She found out on her own,” he stated, “follow me and I’ll show you” everyone followed in curiosity, excited that they would soon find out the way Jamie knew.


---Jamie’s room---

Jamie crashed on her bed as soon as she got to her room. She felt so many emotions running through her at once, she knew that she shouldn’t be angry, they were probably trying just to protect her, but part of her felt that they just did not trust her enough to tell. She sighed as she stared at the ceiling and tried to sort her thoughts. A smile crept upon her face and she began to think of last nights events. Her thoughts were interrupted with a knock on the door.

“Go away,” she said not really wanting to talk to Bruce or Richard right now.

“But Jamie it is I, Starfire and I have brought Raven here to talk with you. Please let us in” she pleaded with the door; the gang had just watched the video and were pretty impressed with Jamie sleuthing skills.

“Fine” Jamie said as she got up and opened the door. Starfire and Raven came in the room quickly closing the door behind them; they did not want to risk Jamie changing her mind at the last moment. They looked around her room, red walls with black and yellow curtains, and a black and green polka dotted bedspread; there was also a yellow desk. The room reminded them strangely of Robin’s.

“They are more a like then they know,” Raven thought as she continued to look around the room.

“Are you mad at us?” Starfire asked hoping that the answer was no.

“No,” she said with a sigh “Just a little hurt, I know that I shouldn’t be but I can’t help it, I know you guys were probably just protecting me but I feel like you didn’t trust me enough to tell me.”

“Jamie, we were just trying to protect you,” Raven stated wishing to help the young girl.

“I know, I am not really hurt by you guys, I mean we are close but we did just meet a week ago, mostly by Richard” she said looking out the window.

“Then perhaps, you should talk to Richard” Starfire suggested, Starfire prayed that Jamie was not as stubborn as Richard and talk to him.

“I think you guys are right,” she said as she got up, “thanks.” Jamie walked out the room and began looking for Richard.

“Hmmm if I was Richard were would I be?”



Richard stared at the sky wondering how things had gotten so bad.

“She reminds me so much of my parents,” he said out loud, “I don’t want to lose.”

“You won’t” Jamie appeared behind him, “Can we talk?”

“Yeah of course” she took a seat next to and looked at her legs dangle from the roof before beginning

“Look, I am sorry for worrying you last night. It’s just I was really freaked out, I mean learning that I have a bunch of friends as superheroes is weird enough but you and Bruce just kind of pushed that over the edge. I had to get out and have some fun.”

“Jamie I understand, I am sorry I didn’t tell you but Bruce just wanted you to have a semi-normal life. A family that is super heroes really doesn’t fit into that category of normal. Plus what if someone found out that you were connected to Batman and Robin, every villain we ever fought would be after you.”

“I know but I wanted to know that you trust me enough to keep this secret, it hurt thinking that you didn’t trust me”

“Jamie, I trust you with my life and I should have told you instead of you finding out the way you did. Do you forgive me?” he said as he looked to her.

“Yes,” she said as she looked into his eyes, “promise we won’t keep anymore secrets from each other?”

“I promise” the two embraced in a hug, both happy that their family was stronger then ever.

“Now, I have two questions Jamie” Richard said as they parted from their hug

“Ok shoot”

“One, would you like to move to Jump with me and my team? I have already talked to Bruce and he is fine with whatever you want” Richard eyed his sister carefully trying to find some hint of an answer. Finally she spoke,

“I would love too!” she said as she pulled him into yet another hug.

“Ok,” he chuckled, “question two: what were you doing last night?”

“Umm, I should go pack now” she started to get up but Richard pulled her down again. She sighed before answering. “Fine I was with a friend” Richard could tell she was not comfortable telling him anymore and not wanting to push the subject anymore, afraid he might anger her again, he said:

“Thanks for the answer, now why don’t I help you start to pack a little, we leave tomorrow afternoon.” The pair walked off the roof and began towards Jamie’s room.


---A few hours later---

“Miss Jamie and Master Richard lunch is served” Alfred yelled from downstairs. The two perked their ears up they had been packing Jamie’s things, to get ready for the move tomorrow, and completely lost track of time. Growl! The two looked down at their growling stomachs and laughed as they ran down the stairs. Once they reach the dinning room they seat in their seats. Jamie was surprised everyone was at the dinner including Bruce.

“What did you make for lunch Alfred?” Jamie asked praying that it would not be the green gooey soup again.

“Well I have gotten your favorite Miss Jamie because this will be your last lunch here.” Alfred said trying not to cry.

“Oh, Alfred don’t be sad I’ll visit!” Jamie could not bear to see the old butler, who was more like a second father cry.

“I know Miss, so I have bought Chinese food for lunch.” Alfred began bringing the boxes of Chinese food out. Once he was finished Alfred left to eat his meals in the kitchen as he always did, unless Bruce was away and Jamie was alone then they shared their meals together in the kitchen.

“Where are you going Alfred?” Jamie asked as she watched him head for the kitchen door.

“To eat Miss”

“The table is this way” Jamie said hoping the man would get the hint.

“Miss it is not proper to eat with you and besides there is no room” Alfred said with his back still facing the table.

“Pssh, forget proper Alfred,” Jamie said as the butler turned around “there is always room for you here.” and with that she revealed an extra spot. Alfred looked as if he could cry right there but he held his tears in as he sat next to Jamie and began eating with everyone.


---Night out---

After dinner Bruce agreed to let Jamie spend the night out, giving her a curfew of midnight (the man felt bad after all the girl was going to move to a new city tomorrow and leave everything familiar behind) though, unknown to her, she was to have chaperones. Raven, BB, Star, and Robin were all going to be watching from a far, disguised as two couples (Raven & BB, Star & Robin) going on a double date. Star was excited and though she let no one know Raven was a little excited also.

Jamie was up in her room getting ready. She put her hair up in a bun with a few loose curls falling down and of course, her bangs still covering part of her left eye. She wore light pink eye shadow with a bit of mascara and eyeliner making her blue eyes really pop. She applied a little red lipstick to her lips and a dab of gloss. With her make up down she moved to her closet and picked the perfect dress, a red dress, with a heart neck line (A/N it basically outlines the top half of her boobs, giving her cleavage. ex: top of poison ivy’s costume) the dress ended just above her knees. She slipped on a pair of red ½ heels, making sure that they were comfortable enough to dance. She put on diamond stud earrings and her J necklace and was ready to go. She grabbed her small clutch purse, which contained her cell phone and some money, and made her way out of her room.

She hoped that she could avoid both Richard and Bruce, who would surely freak and just walk out the door. Jamie was steps away from the door in home stretch when,

“You look nice” a voice called out. Jamie turned to see Vic standing behind.

“Oh thank god it’s just you I thought you were Richard,” she said as she let out a breath of air.

“Nope and don’t worry I won’t freak out like Richard” Victor chuckled

“Thanks I mean I am 16, not five but Richard would totally freak I would end up wearing a turtle neck and pair of dress slacks with no make up”

“Yeah I would never do something so extreme,” he said as a evil grin appeared on his face.

“Why are you smiling like that?” suddenly Jamie became very nervous.



A motorcycle stopped in front of Wayne Manor. The boy took off his helmet revealing none other then Roy, who was looking quite handsome in a dress shirt with a pair of black pants, holding a pink roses and a red rose bud for his date’s hair. His eyes adjusted to the light and instead of seeing Jamie wearing something sexy, he saw Jamie sporting a trench coat that touched the ground.

“Jamie, making a fashion statement?” Roy mused.

“Shut up, Roy” she said still a little fuming over what Vic made her wear, “I could not leave the house without this over and if you say anything else about this coat it stays on the whole date.” She walked towards Roy swaying her hips with each step, she leaned in and whispered, “And you won’t ever get to see what’s under this,” she said with a smirk.

“Here I brought these for you,” he said, hoping that giving her the flowers would help get the coat off.

“Oh, Roy you shouldn’t have” she gently placed the red rose bud in her hair and held on to the pink rose. Roy handed her the helmet.

“Ok on the count of three, gun it out of here” she said as she carefully slide on the helmet.

“One” Roy was confused as Jamie jumped on the back of the motorcycle.

“Two” She grabbed the edges of her coat, Roy now had a better idea of what was going on and he liked it.

“Three” she threw off the coat as Roy gunned it, she was thrown forward and held on to Roy’s waist.


---White Rose---

Roy hoped off the motorcycle, he could not wait to see how Jamie looked, it was the only thing on his mind for the entire ride. He took off his helmet and turned around to see his date. Jamie took off her helmet,

“I must have helmet hair,” she thought, trying to find a reason why Roy was staring at her, “I’ll just let my hair down.” She released her hair from the bun that it once was in. She shook her head as her hair fell to her shoulders. Roy’s mouth dropped, his date look drop dead gorgeous in her red dress. Roy snapped his mouth back and offered his arm to Jamie.

“Off we go!” Roy led Jamie into the restaurant and could not help but feel overprotective as all the men stopped and stared at her as she walked.

Roy walked up to the hostess, “Reservation for Harper”

“Good to have you with today Mr. Harper please follow me” the hostess showed the couple to their seats. “Your waiter will be with you in a moment” Roy pulled out Jamie’s chair for her.

“Such a gentleman,” she said with a smirk.

“So,” Roy began as he sat into his own chair, “solve your problems?”

“Yeah, everything is all good. I wanted to thank you again for last night, it meant a lot to me”

“I would do anything for you Jamie, remember that.”

Soon their waiter came, the two placed their orders but Roy could not help but noticed that the waiter was all over Jamie.

“I am going to powder my nose. I’ll be back” Jamie said as she left the table. The waiter soon returned after Jamie left, with their food.

“Excuse me” Roy said getting the attention of the waiter.

“Yes, sir”

“I see you flirt with my date one more time and I swear I’ll pound your face got it?

“Yes” the waiter was sweating now.


Jamie returned, the waiter barely looked up the rest of the night. Roy and Jamie spent the rest of dinner talking and laughing to every person in the restaurant thought they were a cute couple, well almost every person.


--- A table in White Rose---

Richard clenched his fist as he watched Roy stroke Jamie’s arm.

“That’s it, I am going over there” Richard growled as he tried to leave the table but an arm pulled him back.

“Please Richard let her be, I think the boy is being romantic” Kori said as she tried to calm Richard.

“Besides,” Rachel added, “she’ll be in Jump tomorrow and she probably won’t see him again”

“ But, every guy in Jump will flirt with her” Gar said before thinking. Both Kori and Rachel slapped him on the head

“OW” he shouted causing several people to turn.

“I am sending her to a convent!” Richard declared as he pouted in his seat.


---Jamie and Roy---

Jamie scanned the restaurant as Roy decided what to have for dessert, everything seemed normal until Jamie spotted Richard’s table, there she could see her brother fuming, Kori trying to calm him, and then there was Rachel and Gar flirting. She was angry, “ Didn’t they trust me?” she thought furiously. Then her anger disappeared, “I can have fun with this” she began to smile. Jamie leaned over the table and began to kiss Roy like there was no tomorrow, when she finished she sat back down in her seat.

“Was that a sweet enough dessert?” Jamie asked in a flirtatious tone.

“Check, check” Roy managed to croak out but his voice was still cracked.

Roy paid for dinner and the two left the restaurant with a very furious Richard following behind.


---La Salsa---

Roy, with some persuading with Jamie, took her to a dance club. The two had been dancing with Richard ready to punch Roy at any moment but it was a good thing Kori was there to somewhat calm him. Jamie flowed with the music, every move so graceful. Roy followed Jamie; the two were in perfect harmony.

“Hey let’s head back to my place, I’m tired” Roy whispered, she turned to him.

“Ok, but we need to sneak away from them,” she said as she point to over to Richard.

“I’ve got an idea,” Roy snuck over to the fire alarm and pulled it. Richard and everyone else were so caught up in all the chaos they didn’t notice Jamie and Roy leaving the club.


---Roy’s apartment---

The two had been making out for half an hour. Roy could tell something was wrong, she usually only made out this long if something was wrong and she didn’t want to talk about it. Roy stopped the kiss.

“What’s wrong Roy?” she asked confused.

“I should be asking you that question” he said as she stared right into Jamie’s eyes.

“I’m moving” she said in a whisper




“Jump” Roy began to chuckle

“Why are you laughing?”

“You had me worried, I thought you were moving far away, Jamie I live in Steel City that’s only an hour away from Jump.”

“So we can see each other more?” she said as she smiled.

“You bet” he said as he leaned in to start kissing again, Jamie went to return the kiss when she saw the clock 11:50.

“Oh man,” she said as she jumped up causing Roy, who was still leaning in for the kiss, kiss the couch.

“What?” he asked a little embarrassed that he had just kissed the couch.

“I have to get home!”

“Come on,” he said as grabbed his helmet and keys, “let’s get you home.”


---Outside Manor---

Roy had gotten Jamie home at 11:59 with one minute to spare.

“Thanks Roy” she tossed him his helmet and he took off his.

“No problem” Jamie kissed Roy, catching him off guard, the two enjoyed the good bye kiss until,

“Jamie it is late, come on we have to move tomorrow” Richard bellowed from the doorway, the two quickly parted.

“Coming” she turned and gave Roy one last peck on the check and began to walk inside.

“Call Me,” she said over her shoulder, Roy threw on his helmet and quickly rode away, no way was he going to risk getting hurt by Richard.
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